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    Canada is the county of choice for many people who are moving. Apart from being one of the biggest counties territory-wise, it is also a leading world economy. The abundance of job opportunities, good life quality, and friendly people in Canada attract foreigners from all over the world. These pros are so good that people even ignore the brutal winter that befalls Canada every year. If you are looking for a maritime climate in Canada, look no further than Moncton. It might still get snow during the winter, but it is not as cold as most of the county. Many other benefits can be enjoyed living in this city. All you have to do is hire a reliable movers Canada team and make the transition. Now it is up to us to give you insightful information and tips – which you can find in this Moncton moving guide.

    Why is Canada so popular among foreigners?

    Canada is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world, mostly thanks to so many people migrating to it with the help of reputable Canadian moving services. In 2022, when many people decided to uproot, Canada was their destination of choice. So much so that its population grew by 0.9% between July and October 2022. But why? Canada was always popular among foreigners, but now its shines thanks to:

    • A low crime rate – safety is a major concern nowadays, and most Canadian cities excel at keeping their streets safe
    • Its progress – Canada is one of the leading worlds economies, offering many job opportunities and educational opportunities for young people
    • The overall quality of life – the work and life balance in this country is good, and people can afford a comfortable lifestyle thanks to their payments. The abundance of natural attractions also helps the residents feel at peace and connected to nature.

    But even though the entire country is a popular moving destination, the Greater Moncton Area is without a doubt the fastest growing area in Canada. With a population growth of 5.3%, it is visible that there is something about Moncton that people love. Our Moncton moving guide will explain just that.

    Picture of a couple deciding to move after reading a Moncton moving guide

    Many foreigners decide to make Canada their home

    Moncton is the Hub City for a reason

    When a city is a hub, it means that it is the central, important location in an area – and so does Moncton in the GMA. Its importance dates back to its beginnings when it was a railroad and land transportation hub. The Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island) use to greatly depend on this city, and it still does to this day. Its location is also of big importance, in the center of the Maritime provinces – which naturally leads to it being an entertainment and business hub in this part of Canada. If you also want to be part of it, our high ranking Moncton movers can take you there – after you learn the pros of living in this beautiful city.

    The affordable cost of living makes a difference

    The prices increased tremendously after the pandemic, on a global level. Housing prices were not immune to this, as they grew by 13.8% percent compared to 2020. And as we all know, housing costs make up 30% of the monthly budget, so it is an important consideration. But still, Moncton remains affordable compared to other highly developed areas, in every aspect, including housing. Rent per month ranges from 950C$ to 2,000C$, greatly depending on the size and location of the apartments. You can expect to pay as little as 5,700C$ per square meter when buying a property in Moncton, compared to 13,000C$ in other Canadian cities. Utilities are also considerably cheaper, by approximately 100C$ less. On average, a single person living in Moncton would need 1,350C$ (without rent). Taking into consideration the average net salary of 3,250C$, moving from Calgary to Moncton is not a bad idea.

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    If you are going to take away just one thing from our Moncton moving guide, let it be that it has affordable costs of living

    Moncton is great for doing business

    For a young entrepreneur looking for a market to conquer, Moncton is a great choice. This city has been ranked among the top best cities in Canada for doing business, for 5 consecutive years. Many factors contribute to this, such as:

    • The city’s positive, bilingual population
    • The low cost of business infrastructure
    • The business encourages government policies

    Whether you are moving a business or starting a completely new one, know that it won’t be easy. You will have many things to take care of, but your car shouldn’t be one of them. Our car movers Canada team will deal with that so that you can focus on decisions that will greatly impact your and your business’s future.

    Our Moncton moving guide is honest

    Like every place, Moncton also has bad sides to it. Even though the economy is growing, unemployment is a problem, with a rate of 8.7%, compared to the national average of 5.5%. But unlike in most places, Moncton is not facing this problem due to the lack of vacant positions. The population is growing so fast, thanks to immigrants who cannot get a job fast in a new country. They have to regulate permits and licenses, which makes the process of getting a job more time-consuming. Apart from this, we also have to mention the cold winter temperatures in our Moncton moving guide. Winters might not be as cold as in Winnipeg, but they are colder than in most home countries of the people coming to Moncton.

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    Moncton has a higher-than-average unemployment rate

    Put this Moncton moving guide to good use

    As you can see, no city is perfect. But our Moncton moving guide covers many things that can be helpful before your move. If you move during the right time, you can even get to see some events and festivals – another thing that Moncton is famous for. There are many good ones, but a favorite is The Sound Of Music. We hope that you will enjoy your move and your new life in Moncton. Good luck!



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