Items to remove before your open house

    Preparing for an open house? First impressions matter a lot, and they can make a significant difference. Potential buyers should be able to picture themselves in the space. Clutter or personal items can distract them. So, what should you clear out? In this blog post, we’ll delve into 10 items to remove before your open house. Movers in Canada can help you clear out these items from the house. Let’s ensure your home shines and leaves a lasting impression.

    Personal photos

    Personal photos tell your story. However, during an open house, they are a distraction. It’s essential to create a neutral environment in order for potential buyers to picture their own lives in the space. By removing family photos and personal keepsakes, you make space for their imagination.

    This simple step can make the difference between landing a sale or not. It transforms your home into an empty living space, ready for new memories. So, before the next showing, ensure those personal items are stored away. Let buyers visualize exactly what they want in your open house.

    Bold Artwork

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Bold artwork can be a conversation starter, but not everyone is going to like it. During an open house, remaining neutral is key. Strong or dividing themes in art can discourage some buyers. Instead, choose pieces that everyone will like.

    Strong pieces of artwork are some items to remove before your open house

    Need help moving your prized artworks? Canada relocation services are here to assist. Replacing bold pieces with milder ones can create a serene environment. This change allows potential buyers to focus on the space, not the art. Aim to create a backdrop where every visitor feels at home, and your artwork complements, not dominates.

    Excessive clutter

    Items like these can add personality to homes. But, in the event of an open house, less is more. Excessive decorative items, figurines, and trinkets can overwhelm a space. They provide a distraction from the home’s true potential. You should instead aim for a clean and polished look. This allows potential buyers to focus on the house’s features.

    If you’re relocating your excessive items, consider long distance moving companies in Canada for assistance. After decluttering, you present a home that’s empty and ready for a new set of decorations and ornaments. Simplicity is often the key to a successful open house. And this way, you’re allowing the buyers to create exactly what they want in their new home.

    Political or religious items

    Open houses require being neutral. Political or religious items can be divisive and spark arguments. Keep in mind that diversity in beliefs is vast. Your goal is to ensure every visitor feels comfortable, so avoid potentially alienating buyers with different views. Store away these items during an open house. By doing so, you create an inclusive environment. This approach focuses on the selling point, the home’s features, not personal affiliations. You should make every potential buyer feel welcomed and at ease. After all, a home is a place for unity, not difference of opinion.

    Excess furniture

    Space is a luxury, and excess furniture can often reduce this feature. Rooms should have enough space and not feel crammed. Furniture that blocks moving through the room or doesn’t fit into a room needs to go. Perhaps you should remove these pieces temporarily. If you don’t know how to transport them, cross country movers Canada can be your solution. By removing excess furniture, you emphasize the room’s size and potential. Aim for an open layout that invites buyers in. Let them visualize their own furniture – a spacious home is more appealing and memorable, after all.

    A sofa in a room with a cat on top

    It is important to leave space in the room

    Personal collections

    Personal collections tell a lot about someone. Whether it’s dolls, action figures, or other treasures, they show great passion. However, during home showings, they are a bit unnecessary. These collections might distract potential buyers. The solution is to pack them away temporarily. If you need storage, province to province movers can provide this service. By doing this, you create a more universal space. The focus remains on the home’s features, not personal hobbies. Let buyers imagine their own collections in the space. It’s all about creating a blank space for all kinds of hobbies.

    Day-to-day consumables and items to remove before your open house

    Leaving these on display during an open house will only bring about bad impressions. These items are unnecessary and are a signal that someone is or has been living in this house before. Buyers like spaces that are tidied up and show no signs of previous owners. Here are some of the items you should consider storing away.

    Clothing and shoes

    Closets speak volumes to potential buyers. If you have excess clothing and shoes it’s time to donate some clothes. A tidy storage space nets only positives and shows its true capacity. Reduce items on display and organize what remains neatly. This simple act improves appeal by promoting minimalism. Buyers value organized spaces.

    A person grabbing clothing items to remove before your open house

    Make sure to free up the closets so potential buyers can see the full potential

    Pet accessories

    Pets are family, but their accessories can be distracting. Hide bowls, toys, and litter boxes during showings. The reality is that not every buyer adores pets. Create a neutral atmosphere that caters to a wider variety of people. A clean environment is inviting, and first impressions matter. Ensure a good one by being pet-accessory-free and welcoming.


    Bathrooms should be the cleanest place in the house. When preparing for potential buyers, here are some bathroom items to remove before your open house:

    • Toothbrushes
    • Soap
    • Cosmetics
    • Dental floss

    Store them in cabinets or drawers. By doing so, you improve the bathroom’s appeal. Buyers appreciate a tidy, neutral space. They should be able to see themselves using the bathroom as a part of the house. A decluttered bathroom always leaves a lasting impression. Prioritize this simple but beneficial change.

    Excessive electronics

    Electronics are a modern necessity, but they can deter attention from what matters. Minimize visible cords and devices and tuck away cables diligently. Store away gaming consoles and computer equipment. A default space speaks volumes. Buyers focus on the home’s potential, not addable and removable features. Instead, highlight the available space for future buyers to install their own electronics.

    Open house success

    Preparing your home for potential buyers is something that requires attention. Every detail matters. By considering the items to remove before your open house, you improve the look of your space. A blank, neutral environment makes buyers imagine their future in your home. First impressions often make or break the deal, so you should be really careful when preparing your house. Ready to make your home different from the rest? Start tidying up today and watch the offers roll in.

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