Is weekday or weekend moving better

    One of the most important parts of the move is picking out the perfect date. Although to many inexperienced people, such things may sound like a joke or even unimportant, true professionals understand the importance of timing. That’s also the case for the best long distance moving companies Canada has to offer. Is weekday or weekend moving better, is a common question. And the answer can be different from person to person!

    Is weekday or weekend moving better for you?

    Many people all around the world move. And although not all of them have their mind set on a specific date, they usually have some ideas. When it comes to timing a move you can look at a few aspects. First is the time of the year(seasons). Of course, all relocation services Canada residents recommend, have their peak and low seasons.

    The peak season is summer and spring, and the low seasons are fall and winter. And both have certain advantages and disadvantages. As for the second time you should consider, it is a weekday or weekend! Both have their pros and cons, and we will gladly tell you about them.

    A calender to check Is weekday or weekend moving better

    Is weekday or weekend moving better for you is easy to check!

    Pros of moving on weekdays

    Moving during weekdays is often cheaper. Some people even find that the cost difference between weekdays and weekends is enough to fill the gap of one or two days they will lose at work. On another hand, if you took a day off for the move you can invest the saved money on some extra services.

    Let others do the heavy lifting

    Is then anything better than relaxing and hiring a packing service? Among all of our cross Canada moving solutions, this one is the best. If you have kids they can be in school(if you are staying in town), or go out with them a little and relax taking your mind off the move for a while.

    Cons of moving on weekdays

    Of course, where there are pros there are cons as well. Although you calculated the estimate, did you also calculate that you will lose working hours? If you can’t take paid leave this is potentially a loss of money. If the move is out of state, kids will lose school days as well. And in cases of DIY moves, you will have fewer people help you due to their responsibilities.

    Boxes waiting to be moved

    Moving help is always welcomed, at any time.

    Pros of moving on weekends

    Moving during the weekends means you won’t have to miss work or school! Every Canada moving company will agree that this also means less traffic! As there are no people going to and off of work, and no kids going to school!

    Cons of moving on weekends

    This is the period when many companies are busy, and that can influence the price. So moving during this time is more expensive. And if you manage to find one you will have less time to unpack and get ready for school and work on Monday! Although there are some people that don’t mind boxes. Is weekday or weekend moving better for you?


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