How To Spot Fake Moving Reviews

    Relying on other persons opinion sometimes matters a lot. On the other hand, when that opinion is wrong, let alone fake, things can become complicated quickly. This is even more serious for some important events, like moving. If you are moving for the first time getting false information can spoil the entire moving experience for you and that is the last thing you need. To help you out here is how to spot fake moving reviews!

    Most common fake moving reviews

    With the popularity of the Internet, fake news is all around. They could be related to celebrity, lifestyle, and a world situation regarding some serious matters. Of course, moving is no exception, and a lot of people suffer every year from false moving information. Professional moving companies like Centennial Moving Canada are successfully avoiding this issue by making sure their websites are updated and monitored all the time. Nevertheless, there is always a chance a false moving review will pop up.

    person browsing the internet as that is how to spot fake moving reviews

    To know how to spot fake moving reviews you should first know why people write them

    The client is too aggressive without providing useful details

    When you come across a moving review that is filled with bad words and without details that describe the exact situation, that could be a false one. The exact reasons for this can vary, but what matters is that a lot of people will believe it to be true. And since this is a huge issue, especially for a good moving company and people without experience, they are pretty easy to isolate. Just focus on finding the exact relocation services in Canada and their descriptions from clients.

    You are seeing the same review over and over again

    Those who plan on long distance moving will probably do full research before choosing a moving company. If you come across reviews that are the same and circle from one company to another, it is a false one. In reviews, people are usually very honest and will describe the exact situation regarding the moving company they hired. Saying the same things for a bunch of companies simply doesn’t work and you shouldn’t pay attention to it. 

    How to spot fake moving reviews when they praise the company

    When going through bad moving reviews, you will probably see some of them that are true. Movers can also make a mistake even though that doesn’t happen that often. But even if the reviews that are good and positive could be fake ones. Just pay close attention to what the person is saying and whether are they doing it for other companies as well. If the review is happening on social media, the profile of the user will tell you a lot. You will be able to even see a difference between people living in Canada and those who don’t.

    two girls throwing moving boxes at each other

    You should enjoy your relocation to the fullest so you should consult movers on dilemmas that you have

    In conclusion

    Once you learn how to spot fake moving reviews, make sure to apply that knowledge to some other matters as well. If you are moving and need a car shipping company in Canada, you will have to go tough more reviews regarding both events!


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