How to prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto

    As if moving isn’t difficult by itself. So many things to consider, prepare and organize. Still, this is not the end. What about your kids? You mustn’t neglect the importance of your children’s feelings. Thus, prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto. Choose together the best relocation companies Canada. Also, start preparing early. Your kids need some time to adjust to the new idea. If you do everything properly, negative emotions won’t take place. Therefore, start by talking to your kids. No matter how small, they need to know the truth. You’ll be surprised how kids can listen.

    Talk to your children about the move as soon as possible

    First and foremost, don’t postpone the moment of truth. Tell your children everything about your plans to move. This is the first step in preparing your children for a family relocation to Toronto. Present your new place and details of the move. Make them aware that moving companies Ontario will provide help with the relocation. Give them time to adjust to the bare idea of moving. Of course, expect the question word ‘Why’. You are to provide an explanation.

    prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto like this mother and daughter lying in bed looking at something in the laptop and talking to each other

    Prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto. Choose the best opportunity and talk to them. Show them what to expect from the new place.

    Let them be upset

    Be prepared for crying and shouting. Still, it’s an expected reaction. It’s hard to understand big changes immediately. To tell the truth, some experts say that children need about 6 months to adjust to the new place and lifestyle. Therefore, don’t worry. Just give your kids some time.

    Prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto by including them in the whole process

    Children like to be involved in everything. Thus, let them make some decisions. However small, they can be of great help. Long distance movers Canada and your kids can be your allies. For instance, they can pack their own stuff. Certainly, you’ll be surprised how grown up and responsible they can be.

    Organize a goodbye party

    One of the reasons kids are sad because of the move is saying goodbye to friends. Thus, make a party for the kids. Of course, at least a week or two prior to the move. After all, you have so much work to do.

    Explain to your kids they can stay in touch with their friends

    Fortunately, social media and technology provide enormous opportunities for successful communication. Thus, they’ll talk to friends anytime they want. Also, video chats are an option. They will exchange photos. Who knows? Maybe one day they can visit their hometown.

    a girl talking to someone via laptop

    Your kids will be able to stay connected to their friends. Introduce all the possibilities.

    Allow them to visualize Toronto

    In case you can, visit Toronto beforehand. Still, sometimes this isn’t possible. In that case, show them photos of the city. Tell them some interesting facts about living in it. Get them familiar with the new school. Moreover, show them your new home. They could start planning the new looks of their bedroom. Let them know that one of the relocation services Canada is packing and unpacking. Thus, they don’t need to worry about their stuff. Certainly, they’ll enjoy more than 300 sunny days a year. More than 1600 beautiful parks are something your kids will simply adore. Not to mention all the delightful places to visit.

    Choose the new school and after school activities together

    Search the internet. Search for the best school. If possible, the school should be close to the new home. As a matter of fact, it won’t be too difficult in Toronto. All their schools are great. Moreover, children should get involved in a variety of activities. For instance, art classes, sports activities, hobbies, whatever they like. These activities are a great opportunity for children to socialize and make new friendships. Talk to them. Maybe they want to continue with their old activities. On the other hand, check their interests. See what new they would like. Moreover, sign them up for certain activities in advance. Thus, they’ll make friends faster. Their adaptation will start immediately.

    a boy playing tennis

    Present all the activities they can enjoy in Toronto. There’s a wide range of possibilities.

    The age of the kid makes quite a difference

    By all means, their age, and maturity mean a lot when moving. Thus, have this in mind when you talk to your kids about a family move to Toronto. There are three main differences.

    • small children under the age of 6
    • schoolchildren
    • teens

    Moving with toddlers and pre-school kids

    To tell the truth, it’s easiest to move with them. They will adapt more smoothly to the new environment. All you need to do is to prepare them well in a simple way. Explain everything clearly. Moreover, use a story or toys to explain what they should expect. Also, be careful when packing their toys. Clarify you won’t throw them away.

    Moving with school-aged kids

    Expect a bit more difficulties. Still, nothing that a good talk can’t solve. Also, we suggest you opt for the summer move. Disruption of the school year isn’t a good idea.

    Moving with teens

    Well, here are the most problematic kids when it comes to big changes. Still, try to understand them. Their whole life changes. Moving with kids to a new home means a new school, neighborhood, friends. Therefore, expect rebellion. However, show them respect. Even if it sounds like they don’t listen, it’s not like that. Don’t give up.

    Enjoy life in Toronto with your kids

    All in all, if you prepare your kids for a family move to Toronto, it will become a great experience. Therefore, talk to your kids. No matter how old they are. Just find the right words and the right approach. Eventually, they’ll accept the idea of moving. Furthermore, you can expect help from your kids. Hence, start introducing facts about Toronto. Help them realize the reasons for the move. Let them be active participants in the process of relocation.

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