How to pack for your Ottawa move in a week?

    Another relocation is upon you but this time you must pack for your Ottawa move in a week. But do not worry for a second, it might sound impossible but it is entirely doable. You will still organize, pack, and find one of the relocation companies Canada to assist you. Let us assemble an efficient and comprehensive guide to speed up things a bit.

    Don’t worry, you have enough time to pack for your Ottawa move in a week

    Before you even begin with your plans to pack for your Ottawa move in a week, you must create a small guide. A small but comprehensive and to-the-point guide is all we need here. It will be one hectic week for sure but we can make it.

    a person writing a checklist on how to pack for your Ottawa move in a week
    First things first! Make a checklist so you don’t forget something important.

    Create a moving checklist by covering the crucial following steps:

    • Inspect the environment and realize the complexity of the move
    • Calculate cost and dedicate budget
    • Declutter and downsize
    • Find movers
    • Pack

    After you realize the complexity of the move and have all other requirements on paper, you can call your movers and communicate further. Then, they will create the best moving plan and advise on additional relocation services Canada that might make your life easier.

    Realize the complexity of the move

    Now, you must quickly inspect all the rooms in your home, including the garage, attic, backyard, shed, basement, etc. Ensure all those places are safe to work in and inspect all your furniture and belongings you have. This way you’ll know how many times you must pack and you will know how many packing materials you need. It is a simple but time-consuming process. Although, once you are done, you will cover packing and save yourself a lot of trouble when packing and decluttering. You’ll see, you will pack for your Ottawa move in a week if you know how much stuff you must pack.

    Calculate costs

    As soon as you realize you must move, you should calculate your costs. And because this is a last-minute move, you weren’t ready for it obviously. Hopefully, you’ll have enough to cover all the moving costs, moving services, packing supplies, errands, fees, and personal needs. Remember to include costs on your checklist and be ready for it. Ensure you have a stretching budget as well because sometimes there are hidden fees and unpleasant surprises that might occur and you should be ready for it.

    woman on the phone
    Before packing, contact reliable Ottawa movers and book a moving date

    Pack for your Ottawa move in a week but find reliable movers first

    Ok, probably the biggest fear is the question if you are going to find a good moving company in such a short time? We would say yes, you will. Go online and start searching for the long distance movers Canada and in a couple of minutes you’ll have many choices. Narrow your search down by comparing prices, services, and reviews. Eventually, guided by your personal need and your current situation, you’ll find a match. Then, check if they are legit by checking their website. They should have a company logo, contact info, and a physical address displayed. Also, they must be licensed and permitted to work within the moving industry.

    Once you confirm the legitimacy of your moving crew, then you will give them a call to confirm a few things.

    Confirm they have all the tools and equipment to perform the task ahead. For example, if you are moving a business, you’ll need commercial or business movers. If you are moving a vehicle, you’ll need car movers Canada. And so on. There are hundreds of different situations and your local movers are ready for it. The most important thing is that they are licensed, they have the tools, equipment, and properly sized vehicle for the job. Of course, enough knowledgeable manpower as well.

    Declutter a bit

    Yes, you are time-limited. But you will shuffle through all your things anyway and this would be an amazing time to declutter and downsize a bit. If you do it right, you will make your relocation cheaper, easier, and hoard free. So, while inspecting your home, set aside all those items you do not need anymore. It doesn’t matter the nature of the item, just make a pile of it and you will deal with it later. Learn to dispose of hazardous waste and for the rest, you will donate, give away, sell online, or simply throw away. So, all those broken electronics, old TV, old washing machine, etc. should be dealt with.

    The less you have the easier it gets. As you know movers charge by the hour and by the weight of your cargo. So if you remove your hoard, you’ll even earn some money in the process. Or should we say, you’ll save a lot? So, declutter like a pro and make your relocation cost-efficient. And in case if you want to keep it all, check one of the storage solutions Canada and rent a storage unit where you’ll keep all your stuff. Then, later decide what to do with it.

    a family with moving boxes
    The less possessions you have, the packing process will be faster and easier

    No matter how much time you have, you still must pack safely

    Once you figure out how much stuff you have and declutter a bit, you’ll know how many packing materials is needed. You’ll need probably around 30 cardboard moving boxes to cover the whole relocation, or even more depending on the size of the move. Then, you’ll need blister packs, packing tape, and labels. Obtain everything from your movers, buy online, or get it from the nearest hardware store. Once everything is in front of you, start packing room by room. Take a box, put bubble wrap or a blanket at the bottom as a cushion, and place items inside.

    Fill gaps with crumpled paper and close your box. Of course, wrap fragile items and dedicate a box for such items. Once your box is full, tape it down and repeat the process for each box. You’ll be packed in no time. And remember, you can either pack in two days or pack gradually over the week. Your choice entirely.

    Now you know how to pack for your Ottawa move in a week. It is the same process for any regular relocation but you’ll need to speed yourself up. Pick whatever you need yourself to avoid delayed deliveries and schedule a moving company on time. Rest is up to you. At least now you have a guide to follow. Good luck.

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