How to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family?

    There are situations that can make relocations even more complicated than they usually are. One of them is when you have to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family. Logically, you will make it easier by hiring the best cross Canada movers you can find but you will still have a lot of work and research ahead of you. In order to help you as much as we can, here are some very important tips as well as useful information that will make this relocation easier for you.

    About Toronto

    If you’ve been living in Toronto for a while, you must know all the benefits and drawbacks of living there. Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario. It has almost 2.8 million residents as of 2021, which makes it the most populated city in Canada. Toronto Metropolitan University even did a study back in 2019, which showed that Toronto is the fastest-growing city in North America. For that reason, you can notice people with different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. However, all of them are living in peace. Another benefit of living in Toronto is that although it’s a big urban city, it still has a lot of green spaces. You can take your time and relax in parks and be close to nature. These are the reasons why one must want to hire long distance movers Toronto has to offer and come to this beautiful place.

    The buildings near a body of water.

    Living in Toronto has both advantages and disadvantages

    Disadvantages of living in Toronto

    As much as Toronto seems like a nice place to live, there are also some cons to living in Toronto. To begin with, it is very expensive. If you wish to rent a one-bedroom apartment, you should know that the average cost is around CAD 1,800. Not to mention that you need to pay utilities, internet, and other day-to-day expenses. We already talked about Toronto’s population. The disadvantage of so many people living in the same city is, of course, traffic jams. Buses, subways, and other forms of transportation are overcrowded most of the time. Wherever you need to go, you need to set off much earlier. Else you wouldn’t make it. Next, winters in Toronto can be quite unpredictable. They can be long, which is not too common but is still something you need to prepare for. All of this can lead to people thinking about moving from Toronto to Winnipeg.

    What should you know before you move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family?

    First of all, you should know that Toronto and Winnipeg are separated by over 2000 km. By car, it would take you about 21 hours to travel this distance. If you decide to relocate your family by car, we must warn you that it is a long road that will leave you very tired. It is much better to move by plane and endure a two-and-a-half-hour flight and let car movers Canada handle your vehicle. Think about it long and hard before you come to a decision. That is the first thing. The second one is the fact that Winnipeg is voted a better place for living than Toronto because of various different factors.

    The road that you have to take to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family

    It will take you around 21 hours without any stops to travel with your family to Winnipeg from Toronto

    Even though you are moving within Canada, you can expect to feel a difference that is as grand as the one you would feel if you were moving from Canada to USA.

    The difference in the cost of living

    The first thing that people usually want to know is how much is the cost of living. Well, Toronto is more expensive than Winnipeg, that is for sure. Even though it is not more expensive by a lot, it is more expensive in every way. Here you can find a list of pretty much everything and the prices both in Toronto and in Winnipeg. Living in Winnipeg will be much cheaper for you. Especially since you have a family and in the long run too.

    A stack of coins.

    The biggest difference between Toronto and Winnipeg is the cost of living

    The benefits of living in Winnipeg

    This city is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Its population counts around 750,000 citizens and more while Toronto counts almost 2.8 million. That is quite the difference. Therefore, if you were looking to relocate to a smaller place where you might have more peace then Winnipeg is definitely a great choice. Even though it is smaller, it does not offer any less than Toronto. The real estate market is great and thriving and you will be able to find affordable housing solutions. The economy is strong and stable as well, making it a reliable city to build a life in. You can expect your lifestyle to be up to your standards. If you’re satisfied with what we’ve mentioned, hire the most reliable movers Canada has, and start your new life in Winnipeg.

    Educational institutions in Winnipeg are above average

    You will be pleased to know that the University of Winnipeg ranks as one of the best in Canada. It is known for its campus diversity and academic excellence. Elementary schools and high schools are also highly ranked and you can be certain that your child is getting a good education that will prepare it for life later on. Considering this fact, it is a very wise and logical decision to relocate your family to Winnipeg.

    Graduates throwing their hats in the air

    Winnipeg offers a great education for your children

    Interesting facts about Winnipeg

    If you’re still not sure whether you should move to Winnipeg, here are some interesting facts about this location and compelling attractions and things you can do and see here.

    • The Forks is one of the longest skating rinks in the world, located in Winnipeg, Canada. If you’re a fan of skating, this would be like a paradise for you. Even if you don’t like or know how to skate, just walking along the snow-covered path will take your breath away. This spectacular scenery would make many want to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family.
    • Winnipeg also has a ballet company that has been continuously operating for the longest time in North America. Its name is The Royal Winnipeg Ballet.
    • Maybe you’re already familiar with this fact, but the 911 emergency number was created for the first time exactly in Winnipeg.
    • Winnipeg was called many names throughout the years. ‘Gateway to the West’, ‘Chicago of the North’, and ‘Windy City’ are only some of them.
    Ice river in Winnipeg might make you want to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family.

    One of the biggest ice rinks in the world might be the reason one would want to move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family

    How to handle the relocation from Toronto to Winnipeg with family

    Just like any other relocation, this one requires serious preparation and assistance as well. Relocation services Canada are most definitely recommended. Besides that, you will have your work cut out for you and you should start by organizing your time in advance. This is especially important since you have a family. It does not matter whether your children are all grown up or are very small. You still need to organize everything, with or without their help. Making a list is definitely one of the first things you should do because a list will help you avoid forgetting something. When moving over such a long distance, and with a family nonetheless, it is very easy to do so.

    Make sure that your children are prepared for the move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family

    Again, regardless of whether your children are big or small, they will need your help to prepare, relocate, and adapt to the change. You are not moving down the street so you should take their emotional state seriously. Even though you are staying on the same continent, you are still moving far away from Toronto, Ontario. Everything and everyone you and your children know will now be too far to see every day or even whenever you want. You, as an adult, will handle everything much better. They might have a hard time adjusting and that is why you need to be patient and help them realize how fun and great Winnipeg really is. Help them see the opportunities and the future that is ahead of you all. 

    four people hugging and getting ready for the move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family

    You and your family will love living in Winnipeg, just make sure that your children are prepared for such a big change

    Time to adjust

    Everyone needs some time to adjust to a new environment. Even when you’re done with your move, it doesn’t mean that everything is resolved. This is especially the case when you’re relocating from Toronto to Winnipeg with family. Children and teenagers will need some time to get used to their surroundings and find new friends and the things they enjoy doing. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help them out as much as you can. Once you move to your new home, unpack their room first. Next, keep their schedule as it used to be. Changing it too much can have a negative impact. Help your child stay in contact with friends and family in their old place. Finally, research all the fun activities in Winnipeg and suggest them to your child. You can go there as a family and help them overcome their homesickness.

    Final thoughts

    Moving is a big change and moving from Toronto to Winnipeg with family can be a very big one. Not to say that it will not be a good one. We believe that it will be a great one and that you will enjoy your new life in Winnipeg much more than you anticipate. In that name, we hope that we have helped you make your move from Toronto to Winnipeg with family just a little bit easier and that everything goes according to your plan. Make sure you’ve hired trustworthy long distance movers Canada has to offer, and you’re good to go. Good luck!


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