How to move a flat screen TV

    We usually think that moving very heavy or bulky things such as couches, tables, appliances, etc is the hardest task. However, there is one more item that is very difficult to move. Transporting a flat screen TV is something that requires caution as it can easily be dropped or damaged during the move. Also, it will cost a lot to repair or replace your TV if something happens to it. Here you will find some basic tips on how to move a flat screen TV successfully to your new home. Also, if you are in need of relocation companies Canada, Centennial Moving is at your disposal.

    How to safely pack your flat screen TV?

    First and foremost, you should use a box to pack your flat screen TV as the box provides protection and support during transport. It will be great if you saved the original box for your TV, but if not, don’t worry. You can buy a special sturdy box for your flat screen. In case you need professional help, Centennial Moving provides various Canadian moving services. Keep reading to learn how to safely move your flat screen TV by following basic packing steps first.

    flat screen TV on a room wall

    You should pack your flat screen in a sturdy box

    Remove all power cords and cables

    Before you pack your flat screen, you should first remove all cords and cables from the TV. You can take a picture of the back of your TV with all the wiring attached. This way you will know how to plug them in again later. Then, proceed with removing all of them, rolling them up, securing them with a twist tie, and packing them away.

    Remove the screws and bases

    It’s more convenient to transport a flat screen TV when it’s not connected to its base. You can store the screws in a labelled baggie and secure it to the TV mount with tape. This way, they will stay in one place. Also, you will want to learn more on how to remove a TV from a wall mount.

    Box your TV up

    Most boxes for flat screens come with pieces used to protect the corners of your TV and keep it from moving around during transport. After you put the foam pieces on, wrap the TV in a plastic stretch wrap to keep them in place and provide extra protection. Then, gently place your TV inside the box and fill in the gaps with soft padding.

    How to move a flat screen TV in a truck?

    If you lay your TV down, you risk incurring cracks that might disable your flat screen immediately or later on. That’s why your best option is propping it up instead. You should prop it up in the moving van by placing it between mattresses or other kind of soft, heavy furniture items. If you do all this right, you don’t need to worry about your TV during long distance moving.

    man in coverall standing at the back of a van and thinking how to move a flat screen TV

    Place your TV upright in between furniture

    Don’t hesitate to hire professionals

    We hope these tips on how to move a flat screen TV will help you relocate it without any issues. However, if you are still wary of doing it on your own, don’t hesitate to hire professionals to take care of it for you. We offer cross Canada moving solutions and will happily transport your TV to your new home while you sit back and relax.



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