How to make your Ontario move eco-friendly

    People all over the world move at least once in their life. Furthermore, most of them use the same moving method and every move includes a packing process. Packing is, of course, something every move has to involve. Not only that, but every move has some “standard must haves” when it comes to materials used in its process. But of course, not everyone will agree with the materials used. So if you are wondering how to make your Ontario move eco-friendly, you will be happy to know there is a way. And most of it you can do alone before the movers from moving companies Ontario come to relocate your belongings.

    Why is being eco-friendly important?

    Eco-friendly items do not harm the atmosphere or nature during their making, use, or disposal. It is usually made of biological products. But of course, even if the basic materials are natural we still need to take care of where we dispose of them. Using eco-friendly products is needed in this day and age. With all of the pollution and global warming, there are more and more people and companies don’t their best to help. In order to make your Ontario move eco-friendly there are some things you can do. And they are not that hard as well! Actually, over the years many of the top movers Canada has on offer have developed different types of eco-friendly services.

    person holding a plastic bottle

    Some homemade cleaning supplies will be a big help make your Ontario move eco-friendly

    No paper and bubble wrap

    Not only is this process zero-waste, but it’s even a clever way to pack delicate material things like towels, coverings, and linens. Assemble piles for all of your fragile things that require more protection before you place them in the containers. Such items are dishes, glassware, art, and so on. Collect all of the soft fabrics you have. You can use them for wrapping.  If by chance you notice that you will still need a newspaper for smaller items opt for re-using old newspaper or recycled paper. Sometimes using paper is just a waste. But it’s not the worst option you can pick as it can be recycled. On the other hand, bubble wrap speaks for itself. Actually, many of the relocation services Canada have worked hard on their Eco-friendly sectors over the years, in order to make your Ontario move eco-friendly.

    Moving Boxes

    A lot of money is spent on moving boxes. Among them, many end up being thrown away. Not to mention they in most cases never get used again. Boxes are some of the most important moving supplies. You can’t move without containers for your items. But containers also produce a lot of waste afterward. Finding boxes to pack all of your items can be a boring and time-consuming task. Luckily, there are great companies that present box rental choices as a great alternative.

    Both offer pick-up and drop-up benefits once you finish your move and unpack. You don’t have to stress about bringing the containers back to them.  Just by asking around, you might find additional companies working in similar fields, or even offers of similar services. So you can prepare beforehand. Deciding not to use single-use cardboard boxes for a move is a good way to make your Ontario move eco-friendly.

    a couple holding moving boxes

    Sometimes a little helping hand is all you need


    If you’ve used all of your towels, bedding, and clothes for packing, there is an eco-friendly and biodegradable solution to replace bubble wrap or newspaper. This wrap is created to work just like bubble wrap. But it’s biodegradable. That means it’s compostable and recyclable. Make sure to do your research and stock up on any eco-friendly packing supplies you may need well before the moving day.

    There are many alternative options that can substitute traditional packaging supplies. For example, before you buy traditional packing peanuts, check out the biodegradable versions found at U-Haul and regional vendors like Walmart, which are created from potato starch and cornstarch rather than styrofoam.

    Declutter and donate

    Actually, a lot of effort, time, and materials get used and wasted when moving. Although some things like car shipping companies Canada offers are quite useful, there are some things you should do alone. And one of those things is to declutter. No matter how you look at it it is better to get rid of items on time in order to make your Ontario move eco-friendly. Moving unnecessary items can make the move expensive, or results in needing more trips in order to move.

    So making a yard sale is a good idea. This way you get rid of unnecessary items, save money and make others happy as well. Even big items such as beds and wardrobes can be donated to The Furniture Bank. At the end of the day, you can also store them in storage units, if you wish to keep them.

    A woman holding a donation box, representing a way to make your Ontario move eco-friendly

    Donations are a nice way to get rid of unmercenary items.

    Throw away unwanted food

    A lot of food gets tossed away when moving. Food is easy to go bad so people often decide to use everything they have stored. On the other hand, there are foods like sauces and canned goods that you might want to think about donating to local shelters. Find unopened goods that you don’t want to bring to your next home, and do your research about the best place to donate them instead of throwing them away.

    In conclusion

    If you want to make your Ontario move eco-friendly you will need to pay attention to specific materials and companies. Not to mention that your movers know what they’re doing. Although some people don’t have access to many eco-friendly films or materials there are still ways to be nature friendly. And even if your Ontario move is not fully eco-friendly it will still be a plus. But if you hire movers and want eco-friendly packers make sure they first have them listed among services.


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