How to expand your business from Ottawa to Toronto?

    Have you outgrown the location of the business you have created? It’s time for a new location! But don’t be fooled thinking that it’s going to be easy. People and their needs are different from place to place. What works in Ottawa might not work that well in Toronto. Furthermore, just thinking about moving the entire office material from one place to another can be stressful. Luckily moving companies Canada are experienced in moving business and fragile material. When hiring a pro moving company, you can concentrate on other important things, like expanding your business and leave all the heavy lifting to them. So, how to expand your business from Ottawa to Toronto successfully?  Keep on reading and get some ideas on how to make it work.

    People working on how to expand your business from Ottawa to Toronto.

    A great management team is important if you want to expand your business from Ottawa to Toronto.

    Choosing the right location is an important criterion when expanding your business from Ottawa to Toronto

    It goes without saying, but before announcing a business move, it is imperative to have chosen the future premises in advance. Make a list of everything you need: the size of premises, number of offices, location, and of course budget. Select a few possible addresses and visit them before you decide. The city of Toronto is a great place for your business expansion. Moreover, the professional working culture from Ottawa is similar to Toronto. It is a city with a lot to offer. You have endless choices when it comes to finding your new premises. However, the choice of your location deserves a lot of attention. Moreover, a mistake in the location choice can lead to the failure of the business.

    Your location should be easily accessible for your customers and suppliers. For example, a wholesale trade activity cannot be located in a pedestrian street. Ask yourself:

    • Is there road access?
    • Can you access it by public transport?
    • What are the parking possibilities?
    • Can your premises be easily spotted?

    Your premises should ideally be in an attractive area. Like this, your customers can reach you easily. Furthermore, another factor you should look at is the configuration of the premises. Where the premises are located can be important. A store may have difficulty operating if it is located along a street where no parking is provided. Also, the location chosen must allow you to comply with all the rules applicable to businesses. Finally, when you visit premises located in an area where there are many other available locations, you should be careful and investigate the reason.

    Develop a strong management team for your new location

    Are you going to relocate some of your employees from Ottawa to Toronto? Or are you going to hire a whole new team? Bringing some people from the Ottawa offices will save you a lot of time preparing your Toronto team. Bringing two people who already know the way you like to handle your business will make your life easier. They will be your ears and eyes on this new location. You will have time to focus on more important things in your company. Moreover, you will spend way less time flying in and out of Toronto. However, being present is important.

    You have to give as much attention to your old location as you give to the new one. Keep your employees motivated! Praise both teams equally. This way you will avoid the unnecessary “us versus them” mindset. In order for your business to work smoothly, they need to feel like one team. Use video conferences to stay in touch with both teams. Organize weekly meetings to share each other’s results and goals.

    low angle view of office building against sky

    The location of your business is important for getting new customers.

    Create a local network and check your competition

    It is important to do your research on the new location. You should identify new potential target markets, and measure the strength of existing demand. Furthermore, create a local network. It is essential to be quickly identified in your new region of the establishment. By your local customers, by the public authorities, local businesses, and entrepreneurs. They can often give you a helping hand, and more importantly, integrate you! A few simple ideas: join an entrepreneurs’ club, attend professional events and meet people outside the professional framework. The success of your business also depends on this!

    Another key factor you should think about when moving from Ottawa to Toronto in order to expand your business is competition. Who are your direct competitors? It can be difficult to successfully develop your business by setting up in an area where there are already many competitors. However, for some activities, this may be an essential criterion. Certain specialist service providers may also have an interest in finding a location with their potential customers if they are grouped together in zones, like industrial zones for example.

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    Weekly meetings with both locations will bring teams closer.

    Celebrate your business expansion to Toronto with your staff

    Once you decide on your new premises you will have to furnish them. Are you planning on bringing some things from your Ottawa offices to Toronto? If so leave packing and transportation of your fragile material to Canadian moving services. Packing and relocating the material needs to be your least worry. With a professional company, you can concentrate on other things.

    To get off to a good start at your new address, there’s nothing like a small party or a half-day of team building. For you to expand your business from Ottawa to Toronto is a big deal. Why not enjoy yourself and celebrate it? While you celebrate the long distance movers can handle any heavy lifting for you. After all, you deserve to have some fun before the big moving day. Also, why not invite your customers to participate? In particular, when the reason for your move is an expansion, they are delighted to see you also prospering in a brand-new office!


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