Guide to the cheapest rental in Ontario

    Moving to Ontario can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. If you want to move to one of the most livable places in the world, you won’t be disappointed with any Ontario city. However, if you want to skip Toronto’s high cost of living and expensive rents, you should know there are other excellent options in this Canadian province. When you hire reputable movers Canada offers, you will ensure you have a stress-free moving experience. To help you decide on the perfect place for you to move to, we’ve compiled a list of the cities where housing prices are most affordable. Don’t miss out on moving to this beautiful province because you’re on a budget, we are sharing a guide to finding the cheapest rental in Ontario.

    Why move to Ontario

    If you’re still debating whether or not to move to Ontario in the first place, we say go for it. Ontario has been voted as one of the best places for living in the world, and for a good reason. One of the most popular Canadian provinces has a good reputation due to its remarkable landscapes, among other reasons. The picturesque nature you will enjoy if you move to Ontario with the best cross Canada movers will take your breath away. Another thing that makes the province appealing is the always booming job market. The tech industry is where most openings can be found, but far be it from there not being employment opportunities in other branches. On the contrary, you can find your dream job or start a business in Ontario with ease.

    Moreover, the entertainment options in Ontario are the best in Canada. Whether you like museums, concerts, or exciting nightlife, Ontario will not disappoint. Even if you choose one of the more affordable cities to live in, Toronto will always be just a short drive away. And if you’re a theater fan, you will want to visit often. Toronto is one of the cities that host the most theater shows yearly in the world. Another advantage of living in Ontario is the top-notch education which is free for all Canadians. Elementary schools, high schools, and universities alike offer impressive opportunities to all students. So, if you are ready to experience all the perks of Ontario, let’s choose the ideal place for you in this multicultural paradise.


    One of the perks of living in Ontario is the breathtaking views.

    The places where you can find the cheapest rental in Ontario

    Living in Ontario if you’re on a budget is not difficult. If you are not set on moving to Toronto, you will find plenty of affordable options where the cost of living is not as high. Long distance moving to another city might seem scary if you worry about your finances and finding an apartment to rent that will fit your budget, but Ontario has excellent solutions for everyone. Here are the places where you can find the most affordable rental in Ontario:

    • Kingston
    • London
    • Hamilton
    • Thunder Bay
    • Windsor
    • Rainy River
    • Deep River
    • North Bay
    • Peterborough
    • Sarnia


    Home to 117,000 people, Kingston is one of the most beautiful and affordable places you for life in Ontario, and Canada in general. The average rent price is approximately $1,000 cheaper than in Toronto, which is an astounding difference. Whether you are moving alone or as a family, Kingston is a city that boasts the title of one of the places with the most spectacular nature in Canada. Laying on the shores of Lake Ontario, you can revel in scenic landscapes and picturesque views every single day and not get tired of them. For any nature-lover on a budget, Kingston is a true Canadian gem. You won’t regret moving here with the moving companies Kingston ON offers. Your children will have access to world-renowned schools and universities, and you will be able to enjoy living in a place packed full of history and beautiful nature.

    Kingston is a place where you can find the cheapest rental in Ontario

    In addition to finding the cheapest rental in Ontario, you will also enjoy the beautiful nature in Kingston.


    Similar in size to Hamilton, but slightly more expensive is London. If you want to live in some of the very best neighborhoods in Canada, you can’t go wrong with moving here with movers London ON has at its disposal. Woodfield, Wortley Village, and Old East Village have all been either nominated or awarded the best neighborhoods in the country. With an average rent price of $1,213, rentals in London are significantly cheaper than in Toronto. All of Canada is rich in nature, but London is called the Forest City for a reason. You will not have difficulties immersing in fairytale-like woodland trails whenever you like. If you prefer water-based activities such as canoeing or fishing, hit up the river or numerous ponds you can find in London.


    One of the most inexpensive places in Ontario you can move to is definitely Hamilton. With average rent prices around $900 for a one-bedroom apartment, it’s clear why so many people choose to commute to larger cities for work and live in Hamilton. The best part is that the city has easy access to several highways making it effortless to drive to another city for work or some additional entertainment. With a population of around 536,000, Hamilton is considered to be a larger city. However, the community is close-knit and welcoming regardless.

    Hamilton is also a place where you can see beautiful waterfalls. If you love outdoor activities, you could hike or take a short bike ride, but most places are also accessible by car as well. Don’t miss out on visiting spectacular places such as Bruce Falls, Tiffany Falls, or Albion Falls after your successful relocation with some of the finest moving companies Hamilton offers. Bring your camera and capture all the extraordinary nature and scenic landscapes you’ll get to see living in Hamilton.

    Hamilton - one of the places with the cheapest rental in Ontario

    Enjoy the vibrant and bustling Hamilton along with the perks of affordable rent prices.

    Thunder Bay

    The city with possibly the most affordable rent on our list is the small and charming Thunder Bay. Home to around 108,000 people, Thunder Bay is a city near the Canadian border ideal for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful place to live. With an average rent of only $763 for a two-bedroom apartment, you can find the perfect place for yourself easily without spending all your hard-earned money on rent. However, if you need to be close to Toronto for work, Thunder Bay may not be the best option. The city is a long 16-hour drive away from the Ontario capital. On the other hand, if living in a secluded, lovable city surrounded by scenic nature and picturesque landscapes has always been your dream, moving Toronto to Thunder Bay will be a decision you won’t regret.

    You will find everything you need and more in this adorable city, and all at an affordable price.


    With a population of just over 200,000, Windsor is another city in Ontario with an appealing cost of living. The biggest perk of Windsor is its proximity to Detroit. You can experience both American and Canadian culture in the city, which is no wonder considering the fact that you can be in Detroit with only a short 10-minute drive. The average rent for a one-bedroom in Windsor is $1645 which is considerably lower than in Toronto. Another advantage is that both Toronto and Chicago are around a 4-hour drive away. This gives you the flexibility to visit major US and Canadian cities for additional entertainment and still live in one of the places with the cheapest rental in Ontario. However, Windsor is not at all boring. On the contrary, there are ample entertainment options in this charming city.

    Rainy River

    The smallest place on our list is the adorable Rainy River. This small town has only 814 residents, but don’t let that throw you away. Rainy River is ideal for young families looking for a low-crime city to raise their children in. The town is extremely safe and clean, and its amicable community will welcome you with open hands. However, considering its size, there are no apartments for rent in Rainy River. Most residents own their homes, and housing prices are quite affordable if that’s an option for you. The median home price is around $330,000 which is significantly below the Canadian average.

    Deep River

    Another small town for those who want to get away from the city rush is Deep River. You can revel in magnificent nature, enjoy the river and give your children the opportunity to attend excellent schools. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1400. The city of Deep River has around 4,000 residents, and it’s considered to be a practically ideal place for life. The crime and unemployment rates are virtually non-existent and life is picture-perfect. This doesn’t mean that Deep River is boring. The nightlife in the city is vibrant and exciting. A fun fact about Deep River is that it’s home to the world’s most powerful nuclear research station.


    Life is affordable, serene, and quiet in Deep River.

    North Bay

    One of the best places for life in Ontario is North Bay. Home to 52,000 residents the city offers affordable housing prices and cost of living, as well as much more. In addition to the exceptional nature and plenty of opportunities for activities on the river, you can also explore the countless entertainment options in North Bay. The average rent price is $1,000 which is quite cheap considering the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Toronto is over $2,000. There are many small local businesses in North Bay. Employment opportunities shouldn’t be a problem, neither should starting your own local business if that’s your dream. The community in North Bay is welcoming and warm, and will happily help you settle in this charming city.


    If you are dreaming of moving to a serene and scenic city, Peterborough should be your go-to. Looking for the cheapest rental in Ontario, you shouldn’t miss out on Peterborough. the average rent price in this city of 81,000 residents is around $1500. In addition to affordable rent, the low cost of living and the abundance of extraordinary nature make the city one of the most appealing places to live in both Ontario and Canada. Living in Petersborough is also favorable for its proximity to the Kawarthas Lakes. The chain of lakes is world-famous for its beauty, and you will be able to visit them regularly if you choose to move to Petersborough.


    Similar in size to Petersborough, but yet different and slightly cheaper is Sarnia. The city has a population of 74,000 and the average rent for a one-bedroom will cost you $1,200. Sarnia is connected to Lake Huron. This makes it appealing to every outdoor activities fan. Whether you like water sports or simply chilling by the lake, you will enjoy Sarnia. You will also have access to the finest, free healthcare and excellent schools. Both primary and secondary education facilities are top-notch in Sarnia. Detroit and London are just a short drive away, as well as Toronto.

    Finding a place with the cheapest rental in Ontario and moving will be easier with experienced movers by your side

    Most people dread their relocation, especially if they are moving long-distance to another province. You don’t have to fear your move to the province of Ontario. With reliable movers by your side and a list of places with the cheapest rental in Ontario, your relocation will be seamless and enjoyable. Moving experts will handle your relocation from start to finish, so all that’s left for you to do is relax and enjoy the new phase of your life that’s about to begin. If full-service movers don’t fit your budget, don’t stress about it. You can still hire packers only or labor only to help you with your move. Even the smallest part of professional help means a lot when it comes to something as important and life-changing as moving to Ontario.

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