Guide to Moving from Manitoba to Ontario

    Changing your location will take with it a lot of changes in your lifestyle. That’s why it’s best to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. Especially if you have a big move like moving from Manitoba to Ontario. Thankfully, with Centennial Moving Canada you will get the right support for the relocation process. However, how much will this move influence your overall lifestyle? Let’s take a better look at certain details to provide you with a better picture.

    How much impact will moving from Manitoba to Ontario have on you?

    Moving will always have an impact on your life. However, it’s necessary to talk about the main differences you’ll encounter after this move. Both Ontario and Manitoba have their own specifics that we’ll get into in the next chapters of the article. And open of the main ones is that usually, it’s the people moving from Winnipeg to Ottawa that will take on this relocation. But for many, the city of Toronto is also among the top destinations. Whilst Manitoba has one big city center and other smaller and more rural areas, Ottawa has more big cities like Toronto and Ottawa we mentioned. Here are some main differences this relocation can bring with it:

    1. Change in housing costs
    2. Taxes
    3. Food and groceries
    4. Utilities
    5. Average salary

    These things are important to consider in order to prepare for change effectively.

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    Prepare for the move and the transition will be much easier for you

    Housing costs are going to be different from one province to another

    The cost of housing is a huge detail when you’re moving from one point to another. And in order to give you a bigger picture of the differences between the two provinces, and their biggest cities, Toronto and Winnipeg. For that reason, before you call the province to province movers you might want to look at this information. For example, in Manitoba an average home costs around $350,000, while in Ontario it’s about $750,000. On the other hand, the cost of a home in Winnipeg is around $325,000, and rent is about $1,300. While for Toronto the price of a home is around $800,000 and rent is above $2,000.

    Keep the change in taxes in mind when moving from Manitoba to Ontario

    There are several taxes around Canada that you need to think about. Among them are personal income tax, sales tax, and certain provincial taxes that will vary. Of course, there’s a distinct difference between taxes in Manitoba and Ontario. It’s good to know how you’ll need to calculate your taxes before you contact one of our long distance moving companies Winnipeg team. Manitoba has a federal goods and services tax that is around 5%, and add to it a provincial sales tax of 8%. On top of that, there are brackets for personal income tax. Up to $38,000 it’s about 10.8%, from 38,000 to $68,000 it’s 12,75%, while above $68,000 it’s 17,4%. For Ontario, the total of the sales and provincial taxes is also 13% similar to Manitoba. While your personal income tax can be from 5.05% to 13.16% depending on your income.

    Food and groceries seem small but will be a significant change to your budget

    The price of food and other essential groceries will be much different after moving from Manitoba to Ontario. And in order to give you a much better picture we will again compare the biggest cities in both provinces, Winnipeg and Toronto. Overall, the difference between the states is 40%, while the difference is around 25%. Generally, you can be sure that Ontario is a much more expensive province. Here are some examples to show that when it comes to groceries:

    • Milk – Manitoba – C$ 1.75/ Ontario – C$ 3.65
    • Cheese – Manitoba – C$ 19 / Ontario – C$ 10  
    • 1kg of Beef – Manitoba – C$ 12 / Ontario – C$ 21 
    • Oranges – Manitoba – C$ 2.2  / Ontario – C$ 4.45 
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    Get to know the change in prices

    How much will the price of utilities change for you?

    Utilities are a big part of your overall costs. And in order to budget for your new move, it’s necessary to get all the right information. What are the utilities that are the most important when it comes to overall price? Among them are electricity, gas, water, cooling, internet access, and other important utilities. So how much have you paid in Manitoba? On average people pay around 138 Canadian dollars monthly. On the other hand, in Ontario, the average will be around 135 Canadian dollars when you combine all your utilities so there won’t be too big of a difference.

    Relocating from Manitoba to Ontario you need to know about the average salary

    For many, moving from one point to another will be because it will change their financial situation. And after relocating from Manitoba to Ontario you will have a noticeable change when it comes to your salary. An average salary in Winnipeg for example will be around $48,000. And you can expect a rise of around 40% if you move to the big cities of Ontario like Toronto. To be precise you can expect an average salary of around $68,000.

    Enjoy Ontario and all the beauty it has to offer

    In the end, if you opt for this type of relocation from Manitoba to Ontario, it’s important to know that you can relax and enjoy the state. Thankfully, there are many places to check out and visit whether you like enjoying the outdoors or life in the big city. Overall, there will be a lot of great things to do in the province of Ontario be it that you move to it with your family, a partner, or on your own. Here are some of the main points of interest that are worth checking out in the province:

    • CN Tower
    • Niagara Falls
    • Art Gallery Ontario
    • Royal Ontario Museum

    All of these beauties hide the natural treasure for your to find.

    A boat besides the Niagara Falls

    Moving from Manitoba to Ontario will mean that you will have a lot of amazing places to check out

    Moving from Manitoba to Ontario will ensure that certain things will change in your life. However, with our help, we’re sure that you’ll find it much easier to adjust to the changes that will come in your life. Manitoba and Ontario are somewhat different as one is more based on agriculture while the other is a more urban area. However you look about your decision to move, we invite you to check our blog and find out more information about Ontario and other provinces of Canada.





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