Cross country moving trends in Canada

    Have you decided to move cross country? Don’t know what to expect? Wonder where to start preparing for the move? Check out the latest cross country moving trends in Canada and organize your relocation from start to finish to the slightest detail. And don’t forget to hire professional moving assistance. By hiring Centennial Moving, one of the best moving companies Canada has to offer you will ensure a safe, smooth, and stress-free relocation. Now let’s make your moving plan. Enjoy the ride.

    Prepare for a cross-country move: consider the following factors

    Moving across the country? Here’s what you need to know. Moving is always a big deal, no matter the distance and complexity. There are many challenges to face, especially when moving cross-country. That’s why it is important to know where to start and what to pay attention to. One wrong step may lead to a disaster and additional expenses. Luckily, you’ve landed on the right address. Look into the main factors to consider when moving cross-country and prepare for the move like a pro:

    • Investigate what kind of documents you need to obtain
    • Plan your moving budget
    • Get quotes from moving companies
    • Choose the necessary moving services
    • Make a packing plan based on your inventory list
    • Decide upon the moving date and make a moving timeline based on it
    • Look into customs regulations
    • Obtain the necessary packing supplies
    • Declutter as much as you can
    • Use storage containers
    • Last but not least – find out what is the best season to move
    A couple searching the net for the latest cross country moving trends in Canada

    If you follow the latest moving trends, your cross country move will be a smooth and enjoyable experience.

    Things to consider before the move

    Whether you are moving from Alberta to Ontario or any other destination, pre-move preparation is the key to a successful relocation. In fact, it is a must when it comes to a cross-country move. There are many things to pay attention to, and it’s almost impossible to predict everything. However, if you organize well, you’ll be able to have most of the things under control.

    First and foremost, you have to obtain the necessary paperwork, such as personal documents, moving permissions, moving contract, car documentation, and any other type of documents that are required for a cross-country move. Then, you need to cancel your monthly subscriptions such as internet, cable, etc. Don’t forget to call your utility providers on time. After that, you need to obtain the medical documentation. Another thing you should research is the right school for your children so that you ensure they get the best education possible.

    And finally, you need to find a suitable moving company that will meet your moving requirements. And whom better to hire than Centennial Moving? We’ll provide you with the best cross Canada moving solutions catered to your needs.

    Cross country moving trends in Canada

    Why do Canadians move cross-country? The reasons are many. Besides the common ones related to the living standards, there is some cross country moving trends in Canada that have a huge impact on making a decision to move. These are:

    • Affordability
    • Work and life balance
    • Job market
    • Living in a bigger place
    • Remote work
    • Great housing options
    • Entrepreneur moving trends
    A family moving boxes

    Moving has become so frequent thanks to the moving trend expansion

    Life-wok balance is one of the most common cross country moving trends in Canada

    Living in a fast-world society, being surrounded by numerous pieces of information, and having productivity pressure are all factors that affect our lives. It seems that nowadays, it is hard to separate private life from a career. That’s why more and more people choose to move. Whether you are moving from Ontario to Quebec or another location, moving will make your life better. It leads to other moving trends in Canada, such as moving due to remote work.

    Working remotely is the main reason for moving

    After the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely became our reality. It has become one of the main reasons for cross country moving trends in Canada. People don’t want to be in one place anymore. They are eager for changes and dynamic lifestyles. Working remotely gives you the opportunity to move wherever you want. For example, moving from Saskatoon to Ontario may be a great solution, since the job market is thriving and there are many opportunities for a remote job.

    Moving business has become one of the most common cross country trends in Canada

    The Digital era leads to the expansion of entrepreneurs. Most people don’t want to work for big companies anymore. Career priorities have changed a lot, especially after the pandemic. Most people started their own businesses, whether start-up companies or handmade production. One thing is certain – entrepreneurship leads to the moving trend since the job market is large and there are many opportunities to seize in different cities. Moving a business in Canada has become so frequent that such moves are perfected to the slightest detail. Canadian are careful when it comes to their businesses, they choose innovative solutions that can improve their businesses.

    They mostly tend to keep running with work during relocation. That’s why moving companies developed commercial moving services that cater to different types of needs. So, if you want to move your business to another province and run your business without any interruptions,  get in touch with our province to province movers and ensure a seamless relocation.

    Everybody wants to live in a place that offers a variety of life opportunities

    The biggest reason for the expansion of moving trends in Canada is definitely the quality of life. People are eager to have a rich life full of opportunities. That’s why they decide to relocate. Besides, people nowadays are used to testing their limits and exploring new things, which leads to a decision to move. Spreading your horizons, besides being very popular nowadays, is considered a must. And when one place does not have anything to offer to you anymore, the logical course of events is that you’ll decide to move to a place with more life opportunities.

    A family packing boxes based on the latest cross country moving trends in Canada

    Relocation has become common thanks to a changing lifestyle

    Cross country Moving trends in Canada: how do Canadians move?

    Moving techniques and methods change rapidly since the moving industry improves every day. Canadian seem to follow the latest trends, such as:

    • Using a variety of moving services, from packing, furniture disassembling/reassembling, junk removal, and others.
    • Using the innovative packing materials
    • Renting storage units during the transition period while living in a temporary house, thus protecting their belongings
    • Organizing garage sales, giveaways, or auctions

    Packing trends in Canada

    Packing is one of the most overwhelming and time-consuming moving processes. There are numerous techniques and methods on how to pack properly. And Canadians have found a way to pack like a pro. The key to successful packing is to use effective packing services and customize packing supplies. For example, the latest trend in packing clothes is to use boxes specially designed to imitate a wardrobe. The secret is that those boxes have hangers inside, so you can just shift the clothes from your closet to the boxes.

    A mover packing

    There are numerous packing techniques you can use for your upcoming cross country move

    Another trend is to use your furniture as boxes. For example, you can pack unbreakable things into drawers that you’ll later secure from opening. Next, Canadians tend to use cushioning, such as their pillows instead of buying cushioning. There are other witty solutions that they use. However, they don’t do it without the permission of their movers.

    Cross country moving trends in Canada: car shipping

    Moving a car is a demanding process. There are many things to pay attention to, from obtaining the necessary paperwork, and having your car serviced and cleaned, to meeting all the moving regulations. One of the main cross country moving trends in Canada when it comes to moving a car is booking a shipping container or entrusting the whole moving process to the hands of car shipping companies Canada (which is the safest and most affordable solution).

    A woman sitting on a car and thinking of cross country moving trends in Canada

    Shipping a car when moving cross country requires certain rules.

    Storage trends

    When it comes to storing your belongings, the newest trend is to book additional space, no matter whether you are moving or not. Canadians tend to renovate their homes frequently. So, the best way to keep their belongings safe is to rent storage space during a home renovation. Another reason they frequently rent storage is the need to declutter things until they decide what to do with them. However, concerning the type of storage, Canadians mostly choose climate-controlled storage units, especially when moving cross country, since the items are cataloged, secured, and monitored.

    The trendiest places in Canada to move to

    Canada offers something for everyone. However, some cities stand out from others due to the living opportunities they offer. Some of the most popular destinations in Canada are Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec, and others. Here are some of the main things that make these cities so appealing to move to:

    • Ontario – a number one destination due to a thriving economy and booming job market. However, it is one of the most expensive places to live.
    • Alberta – is well known for its beautiful landscapes and lower cost of living.
    • British Columbia – is famous for its tech industry, meaning it’s perfect for IT professionals.
    • Manitoba – is famous for its lowest unemployment rate and lower cost of living. Sounds like a paradise.
    • Quebec – It is most appealing for newcomers due to its affordable options.

    One thing is certain – wherever you move, you won’t regret it.

    How to prepare for a cross country move?

    Now that you are familiar with cross country moving trends in Canada, you can start preparing for the move according to those trends. First and foremost, make a tailored moving plan which will serve you as a guide during the whole move. You’ll achieve this by always thinking one step ahead. Following are some of the cross country moving tips based on the newest trends that will save your sanity. Keep in mind the factors mentioned previously:

    • Leave the most difficult tasks to moving professionals
    • Consider renting a portable storage container
    • Document the condition of your items by taking photos or labeling the boxes
    • Purchase moving insurance
    • Spend some quality time with your family and friends
    • Entertain the kids so you can finish the tasks on time
    • Find a suitable moving company. Choose one of the best moving companies from Ontario to Newfoundland, for example.

    Should you follow the cross country moving trends in Canada

    There’s no universal answer to this. Whether you are going to follow the trends or not is up to you. If you like those mentioned above, you can follow them. However, do not follow them blindly. Use those to your advantage. Take the best out of them and adapt them to your moving requirements. Let those trends be s hint of how to or not to move. All in all, the choice is always yours.

    Movers lifting a sofa

    Our professional movers follow the newest cross country moving trends in Canada

    Contact us today and move according to the latest cross country moving trends in Canada

    There’s no better way to have a safe cross country move, than to rely on moving professionals such as Centennial Moving. Our movers and packers are skilled, devoted, and professional. They will handle your furniture and boxes as if they were their own, paying attention to details. Besides, our moving services constantly upgrade following the latest cross country moving trends in Canada. Nothing can miss our eyes. We are ready to keep up with your requirements and meet all your expectations. All in all, your wish is our command. So, don’t wait long. Contact us, get your moving quote, and let our movers handle the whole cross country move without inconvenience. You’ll even enjoy the process!


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