Best places to live in Canada

    Thinking about moving and you are not sure which place is the best for you and your family? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to the best places to live in Canada. All you have to do is to read about every single one of them. And then make your choice based on your needs. Whether you are looking for a new job opportunity or a place that has some of the greatest schools for your children, you will be able to narrow down the places if you think about your and your family’s needs. And if you have been thinking about what kind of help you will need, there is a solution for that too. Hire one of the best moving companies in Canada called Centennial Moving and get ready for the stressful, smooth, and easy relocation.

    How to narrow down the list of places where you think of moving?

    If you are stuck and have trouble choosing the right place for you, you will have to sit down and write the list on the paper. Write down the places that you like. The next thing is to write the purpose of your relocation. There are a few things looking for in a place where you want to live. And those are:

    • Better job opportunities than in your current place,
    • Better schools and educational system,
    • Costs of living,
    • family-oriented neighborhoods.

    But you should know that no matter what is the reason for your relocation, you can always rely on moving companies Kingston ON has. The reliable and professional movers will give you a hand and help you relocate.

    man putting money in piggy jar

    If you are looking for the best places to live in Canada, pay attention to the costs of living.

    List of best places to live in Canada

    If you have decided what is the priority for you and why should you move to another place, we can get started on choosing the best places to live in Canada. If you have chosen long distance relocation looking for more affordable places, where the livings cost is not high, choose among these few cities.

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    This lovely place is voted to be the most affordable place in massive Canada. This means that living costs are on the average or below-average level. It will give you a chance to earn more savings. With an appropriate job and good organization when it comes to shopping, you will be able to have a quite normal life here. If you have wondered what do we mean when we say normal life, it means that you will be having enough money to pay your bills and still shop for clothes, groceries and even make savings for traveling. The pros of this place, except low costs of living, are that this place has a really interesting history and many beaches. Most people here enjoy fishing and spending time outdoors. But the biggest con for this place is that it knows to be very cold. One thing you should know is that movers London ON has will give their best to relocate you here no matter what the weather is like.

    Montreal, Quebec

    Montreal is maybe among some of the best economic centers in the whole of Canada. Some of the major industries are electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. Among these, it has one of the best universities in the country, the University of Montreal. So by choosing this place, you can combine two of your needs, a good school and a low cost of living. So, when you think about hiring professionals for moving from Toronto to Montreal, think about its pros. The low costs of living, nice bars and restaurants, and very high population of younger people. Maybe the biggest con about his lovely place is that it is usually under contractions. There are always some projects waiting to be done and it might cause some serious traffic jams.

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    Think about the costs of living when you are applying for a job

    Looking for places with great schools?

    The reason for your relocation can be to provide your kids with some of the best education. That is why choosing the greatest schools in Canada is your priority. And knowing how massive Canada is, there are a lot of places that can offer you great schools.

    Edmonton, Alberta

    Moving with your family here will have nothing but benefits. With some of the exceptional educational systems, Edmond has really good-ranked schools. Kids here show outstanding results when it comes to math and science projects. Some of the winners from the national competitions in math have come from this place. So moving from Toronto to Edmonton is the best choice if you want your kids to grow up in the best city. Another pro of this place is that here you can find plenty of film and music festivals. So you will be having so many outdoor activities that you can spend together with your family. And one of the best things here is this massive mall that is suitable for kids of all ages.

    Ottawa is one of the best places to live in Canada when looking for a great education

    If you have thought of going to some of the greatest colleges in Canada, you will be happy to hear that one of the best places to live in Canada for students is the place called Ottawa. Not only that here you can get into world-class educational institutions, such as the University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University, Carleton University, and Dominican University College. After leaving some of these institutions, you will have some of the greatest job opportunities right after college. So do not hesitate to arrange for your cross country move and relocate here. And the best part about Otawwa and going o college here is that the cost of education is on an average level, around CAD 8000 to CAD 300.000 per year.

    kids in school

    Choose the best education for your kids.

    Best places to live in Canada that have great job opportunities

    When you are looking for your dream job, it usually gets ready hard. Not everyone gets a chance to have their dream job and still enough money to pay the bills and earn some savings. But what will happen if we tell you that in some places in Canada it is possible to have both?


    Everyone is thinking that Toronto is the capital of Canada. The main reason for that is that here there is no shortage of business. You can find a job on almost every step. You will have a great chance to find your dream job to be paid enough. Do not let yourself down if your search for a job takes a little longer. Take your time to explore Toronto. There are some great museums and exhibitions. And a lot of outdoor activities for you to explore and visit while you are in search of a perfect job opportunity. There are just two flaws about Toronto. One of them is that it can be really expensive for a living if you do not get a job right away. But if you find a moving company that has some reasonable prices for your moving from Ottawa to Toronto and you organize well with your savings, you will not have a problem. The other flaw of this place is that the quality of there is not good.

    Brantford, Ontario

    In this place in the last two months, there has been a 17.3% of employment increase. This is a good indicator that Brantford is a place that is growing and rising. You will be able to find so many job opportunities. In other numbers, you will be happy to hear that the unemployment rate is 3.6%. Which is, we can say, nothing. So, if you have still wondered where to search for a new job opportunity or here to starts and expand your business, this place may be the right for you. And besides all of these facts about how good the opportunities are, you can find so many activities. The weather is not so cold, so you can take a lot of walks and still breathe some of the freshest air in the whole of Canada. These are the pros of Brantford and if you like it, contact the moving company that you have chosen and set your moving date.

    air pollution

    Think about the air pollution in big cities.

    The best places to live in Canada if you are retired

    When you retire, you will realize that you will have plenty of free time to do whatever you like. No more looking for ob opportunities, no more searching for places that are suitable for kids. There are your needs only. And you can choose between the two best places in the whole of Canada to spend your golden age.


    This place is also called “the jewel of Vancouver Island“. It has Mediterranean weather and the lifestyle here is casual. But one of the most interesting facts about his place is not the weather and the lifestyle. Here you can be part of the Parksville Beachfest Event. This even includes a sandcastle building that has been held every summer since the 80s. It is number one when it comes to retirement destinations. There are a lot of activities you will enjoy. Parksville is known for its sandy beaches. So, you can just get up n the morning, have a cup of coffee, and spend the rest of your day on the beach. You can even participate in a golf event, which is also been held in January. That is how good the climate is.

    Calgary, AB

    Calgary, called Canada’s sunniest city is maybe one of the best places to live in Canada after you retire. According to some studies, it is the most livable place in the whole of Canada. On top of that, it is voted several times to be in the top 5 cities in quality of life. It is a cultural destination. Besides that, there are major sports teams, if you are a sports fan. Seniors love moving here because the neighborhood is very polite and people are very friendly. Even if you move here without knowing anyone, you will never feel alone. There are so many indoor and outdoor activities that you can do and visit. There are even senior clubs in which you can join and have some fun. This is a perfect way to find friends with the same interest and meet someone new. You never know if you might even fall in love back again. SO give this pace a chance and enjoy your life.

    seniors talking about best places to live in Canada

    Whichever choice you make, you will not regret it.

    Deal with homesickness after moving to some of the best places to live in Canada

    Where ever you decide to move, you might be homesick. It is important for you to know that this feeling will fade away. Finding the best activities, new people,  having a new routine will help a lot. So, for example, if you are moving because you have found a great job opportunity, make sure you explore and find some places that you might like to visit. Find a restaurant nearby with the food you like and have a meal or a coffee there on your way to work. It will help you deal with homesickness. And the most important part of that is that you will have some new place where you will be safe and secure. Do not give yourself some timeline on dealing with homesickness. Cope with it on your time and everything will be alright.

    books on a table

    Make some new routines and try to enjoy yourself in your new home.

    No matter which one of the best places to live in Canada you choose, you will have no regrets. Every single one of these places has something to offer. You can have to dig deep down and find out what is the most important for you. Do not forget t put on paper the needs of your family too. If you are locating with someone, do not be selfish. Make some compromise. And when you do, you will realize that whichever place you choose, you will truly be happy.


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