7 of the most common items found in storage units

    These days, having a storage unit is almost a necessity. It provides us with extra room to store our belongings and to avoid cluttering our homes. Usually, you will be able to rent a storage unit from one of the relocation companies Canada has on offer, in a variety of locations. But what should be stored inside? What are the most common items found in storage units? This is what we are going to answer in this article and provide you with some tips on preparing them for their stay in storage.

    Most common items found in storage units – Top 7

    Here are the top 7 most commonly stored items:

    • Seasonal items
    • Papers
    • Old furniture
    • Books
    • Old appliances
    • Antiques
    • Electronics

    Other common item types that usually find their way to the storage unit are clothes and vehicles. Clothes are easy to prepare for storage but you might want to check in with car movers Canada when it comes to your vehicle. Most storage units have prerequisites that you need to fulfill before you can safely store your car or a motorboat. That said, let’s take a look at the most common “residents” of storage units around the world, starting with:

    Seasonal items

    This is an item category that is, by far, most commonly stored. For example, Christmas and other important holidays come but once a year and people like to celebrate them properly, with plenty of props. Those props ultimately end up within a storage unit for most of their days. You will want to box small items and use a variety of different box sizes. Appliance boxes, shoe boxes, all have a use. You can use egg cartons for very small ornaments, and large boxes for garlands. Try not to entangle lights when you pack them, wrap them around paper tubes instead. You can also utilize one of the storage solutions Canada has, having them pack and organize your decorations. It may cost a bit more, but it is a great way to save time and energy.

    one of the most common items found in storage units - clothes

    Most people store their seasonal clothing.

    One of the most common items found in storage units – Papers

    In almost every storage unit, you will find at least one stack of papers. When it comes to residential storage, most people choose to store some of their documents to get more space, security, or accessibility. Or simply to keep them safe. Additionally, many businesses are required to keep archives of their data but want the operating space in the office. Thus, the archives go to the storage unit.

    The most important thing to know when preparing documents for storage is to be wary of humidity levels. It can cause mildew if it’s too high, and wreak havoc with your documents. Always keep your papers in a unit where the temperature is constant and moderate (such as in a climate-controlled unit), and keep them in boxes that are off the floor. You may also want to invest in some document shelves or protective cabinets. If you have a lot of papers, figure out a labeling system, as well as a filing system. This will make it easier to find an important piece of paper when you need it.

    Old furniture

    Next up, we have old furniture. The main reason for storing furniture in a storage unit is that the owner is going through a relocation process. Most people downsize when they relocate, and the extra furniture needs to go somewhere. In fact, most long-distance relocation services Canada has on offer include a storage unit. Whether you are in a middle of a relocation process, cleaning out your office, or taking an extended vacation, having a storage unit to store your old furniture is always a good idea.

    an old sofa

    Save your old furniture until you need it again or decide to sell it.

    When preparing furniture for storage, you will want to place wooden pallets or plastic bedding beneath the pieces. This will prevent any moisture and mold from creeping in. Disassemble overly large items, and apply wax to wooden furniture. Use lacquer for bronze or copper and polish metallic parts to prevent oxidation.


    Books have always been considered to be quite valuable. With the advent of electronic media, they have become even more so. Therefore, most people choose to preserve and store them instead of throwing them away. You will want to store the books in boxes, using proper labels, so that you have an easier time retrieving them. You might also want to add a few bookshelves to your storage unit, as it will make the process even faster and easier. Cover your books with light material in order to prevent dust from accumulating.

    Old appliances

    In the second half of our “common items found in storage units” list, we have old appliances. Most people have appliances that are working perfectly fine but they are not using them at the moment. Or they have a newer version but they want to keep the old one, just in case. Either way, when storing appliances, you will want to thoroughly wash and clean before storing them. This will help you avoid any rot, pests, or rust while inside the storage unit. Keep your appliances upright at all times, preferably against the wall. You may need some help from long distance movers Canada for some of the larger items. Wrap the cords, and drain water from any tanks, hoses, or tubing. Any moisture left can cause mildew damage, or even freeze! 

    Antiques are one of the most common items found in storage units

    Nearing the end now, let’s take a look at antique items. These find their way to storage units due to their extreme value. You want to keep these belongings safe from harm, and storing them is the best option. The perfect storage unit for these items is a climate-controlled one, as humidity control is extremely important. Try to keep the artwork from direct contact with the ground, roll up your rugs, use boxes for smaller items, use wax paper for paintings, and always consult a professional when storing such valuable items. You will also want to appraise and insure your collection before leaving it inside a storage unit.

    antique drinking set

    Valuable antiques need careful preparation.


    The last group of common items found in storage units is electronic in nature. When storing your computers, TVs, and other electronic machines, you need to take extra precautions. Otherwise, they might not even work when you take them out. Try to put them in their original boxes, if possible, alongside all the accessories and original packing material. Do not mix up the parts, as that might make it difficult to figure out what’s what later on. If you are planning on stacking boxes one on top of another, make sure to pad the empty spaces and keep the boxes as sturdy as possible.

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