Why Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024

    While there are numerous cities in Nova Scotia that offer a high quality of living, there is none like Halifax. It is the capital and largest municipality of this Canadian province and the largest municipality in Atlantic Canada. There are numerous reasons why Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024, and we’re here to tell you all about them. The thriving cultural scene, growing job market, urban convenience, and natural beauty are just some of its qualities. With the information you find here and our professional relocation services Canada, you will have a clear vision of what Halifax represents as a city, and most importantly, how to move here effortlessly. Join Centennial Moving Canada as we explore the benefits of living in Halifax.

    A glimpse into Nova Scotia’s lively capital

    Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia, located on Canada’s east coast. It’s famous for its big natural harbor, one of the largest in the world, making it an important spot for ships and trade. The city is a mix of city life and nature, with hills, water views, and buildings close to each other.

    The Halifax Town Clock in Nova Scotia

    Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 since it’s a beautiful and friendly place, and great for families.

    The story of Halifax goes back to 1749. It has been important in many historical events, like big military happenings in the past, and helping out a lot after the big Halifax Explosion in 1917. Today, Halifax is more than just history. It’s a lively city with a lot of art, famous schools like Dalhousie University, and new tech businesses. This mix of old stories and new ideas further makes Halifax a great place to visit or live.

    Enjoying life in Halifax

    Halifax offers a great quality of life for its residents. Here’s a simple look at what makes living there so good:

    • Safety: Halifax is known for being a safe city. People feel secure walking around, and the crime rate is generally low.
    • Healthcare: There are good hospitals and clinics here. Residents have access to quality medical care when they need it.
    • Education: From schools to universities like Dalhousie University, Halifax offers excellent education options. It’s great for families and students.
    • Well-Being: People in Halifax enjoy a balanced lifestyle. There’s less stress, lots of green spaces, and friendly communities. This all adds up to a happier, healthier life for the people who live here.

    Overall, Halifax is a place where you can feel safe, stay healthy, learn a lot, and just be happy.

    Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 due to its robust job market

    Halifax’s job market is on the rise, making it an attractive city for those seeking employment. The city has a growing economy with diverse job opportunities suitable for a range of skills and interests. However, it’s important to note that the job market in Halifax isn’t as robust as Ontario’s. Despite this, Halifax offers a more relaxed pace of life, scenic ocean views, and a warm community feel. So, moving to Halifax from Ontario is an attractive option for those seeking a quieter environment, with its friendly neighborhoods and growing opportunities in certain sectors.

    IT experts in an office discussing if Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024

    In Halifax, you can find good jobs, especially in tech and sea-related work.

    Growing industries

    Some of the fastest-growing industries in Halifax include technology, healthcare, and ocean-related sectors. The tech scene here is booming with startups and established companies. Healthcare is also always in demand, providing stable jobs. And, thanks to its location, ocean-related industries like shipping and marine research are big here.

    Employment opportunities and the local economy

    There are plenty of job openings in Halifax, especially in education, government services, and the hospitality sector. Universities and schools are often looking for staff, while government jobs offer stability. The hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants, is also a major employer, thanks to the city’s popularity with tourists. Halifax’s economy is not dependent on just one sector, which means there’s a healthier job market. The city’s economy benefits from its port, universities, and also from its growing tech industry, making it a resilient place to work and live.

    A guide to schools and universities in Halifax

    Halifax is famous for its strong educational system, providing quality learning from kindergarten to higher education. This is what makes it stand out from other cities in its vicinity, like Charlottetown PEI for example. These two towns are similar in many ways, but moving from Charlottetown PEI to Halifax NS is a smart choice for those seeking better educational opportunities.

    three students talking about why Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024

    Schools and universities in Halifax, like Dalhousie, are really good for learning.

    Public sector

    In the public sector, Halifax has numerous schools that offer quality education for free. These schools are well-equipped and have experienced teachers. They follow a curriculum set by the province, ensuring a consistent standard of education. Halifax also hosts several well-known universities and colleges, like Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University, which are public and offer a wide range of programs and degrees.

    Private sector

    For those interested in private education, Halifax has several private schools, including options for both primary and secondary education. These schools often have smaller class sizes and special programs. In terms of higher education, there are private colleges that focus on specific areas like art, technology, and business, offering specialized training and education.

    Halifax’s culture and fun

    Halifax is a city full of diverse cultures and lots of things to do for fun. Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 just for these reasons alone. Here’s a simple look at its cultural and recreational offerings:

    • Cultural diversity: Halifax is home to a mix of cultures. You’ll find festivals, food, and events from different parts of the world, showing off the city’s multicultural vibe.
    • Museums: The city has interesting museums like the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, where you can learn about the sea and ships, and the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, which tells the story of people who came to Canada.
    • Theaters: For theater lovers, there are places like Neptune Theatre, where you can watch plays and shows.
    • Parks: Halifax has beautiful parks like the Halifax Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park, perfect for walks, picnics, and just relaxing.
    • Outdoor Activities: If you love being outdoors, there’s lots to do. You can go sailing, hiking, or enjoy the beaches in summer. In winter, there’s skating and other fun snow activities.

    In Halifax, you can enjoy a mix of different cultures, learn new things in museums, watch plays, relax in parks, and have fun outdoors all year round.

    Real estate market

    Halifax’s real estate market offers a variety of housing options, suitable for different needs and budgets. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, you’ll find everything from apartments in the city center to larger homes in the suburbs. The average house price in Halifax is $509,300. For people looking to buy a house here, checking out the guide for first-time home buyers in Halifax would be an excellent idea.

    In areas like Downtown and the South End, there are plenty of modern apartments and condos. What’s more, they are ideal for those who want to be close to the action. Families or those seeking more space should check out neighborhoods like Spryfield and also Bedford.

    Halifax Skyline at Night

    You can find different types of homes in Halifax that aren’t too expensive. Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 if you’re looking for an affordable and lively city in East Canada.

    When it comes to rental availability, the city has a good mix of options. Renting is popular in Halifax among students and young professionals, especially near universities and the downtown area. In recent years, there’s been a trend towards building more rental properties to meet this demand. Here is a brief overview of the average rent for apartments in the area, based on the number of bedrooms:

    • 1 bedroom – $1,950
    • 2 bedroom – $2,730
    • 3 bedroom – $3,158
    • studio – $1,755

    Property trends in Halifax show a growing market, with increasing interest from both local and out-of-province buyers. Prices have been rising, but they’re still more affordable compared to larger Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Therefore, it’s no wonder why many people are moving from Ontario to Halifax.

    Exploring the city’s unique areas

    Halifax is made up of several neighborhoods, each with its own charm and offerings.

    • Downtown Halifax is the heart of the city, known for its waterfront, shops, and restaurants. It’s a bustling area where you can find historic sites like the Halifax Citadel and plenty of entertainment options.
    • The North End is known for its creativity and diversity, with cool coffee shops, art galleries, and a vibrant community spirit.
    • Other neighborhoods include the South End, popular among students and young professionals thanks to its proximity to universities and lively atmosphere.
    • Then there’s Spryfield, a family-friendly area with parks and community centers.

    Each of these neighborhoods offers its own unique lifestyle and amenities, making Halifax a city with diverse living options to suit different preferences and needs.

    Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 since there are movers you can count on

    Moving to Halifax in 2024 is made significantly easier thanks to the services of long distance movers Canada, a subsidiary of Centennial Moving Canada. Their expertise in handling moves over great distances ensures that your belongings are transported safely and efficiently. This is particularly reassuring for those relocating from far-off regions, as the professional team takes care of all the logistics, providing peace of mind and a smooth transition to your new home in Halifax.

    a mover thinking about why Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024

    Moving to Halifax is easy with helpful moving companies that can take you there.

    Additionally, the ease of moving within the province is greatly enhanced by the province to province movers, another subsidiary of Centennial Moving Canada. These movers specialize in inter-provincial relocations, understanding the nuances of such moves. Their local knowledge and experience in navigating between provinces make the entire moving process seamless. This service is ideal for those relocating from another part of Canada to Halifax, ensuring that the journey to your new home is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

    Easy transportation options

    Halifax offers various transportation options, making it easy to get around the city and beyond. Public transit is a popular choice for many people. The city has a good bus system that covers most areas, so it makes it convenient to travel without a car. These buses run regularly and connect different neighborhoods, including routes to major places like shopping centers, universities, and hospitals. There’s also a ferry service that takes you across the harbor, offering a unique and scenic way to travel.

    For those who prefer driving, Halifax has well-maintained highways and roads. The city is connected to major routes like the Trans-Canada Highway, making it easy to travel to other parts of Nova Scotia and beyond. And if you’re looking to travel further away, the Halifax Stanfield International Airport is closeby. It’s a major airport with flights to various destinations in Canada, the United States, and other countries.

    Ferry on Water

    Getting around Halifax is easy with buses and ferries.

    Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024 for several good reasons

    Considering all these factors, it’s clear why Halifax should be your next moving destination in 2024. From its friendly communities and excellent educational institutions to its diverse job market and convenient transportation options, Halifax offers a complete package. Furthermore, with its beautiful neighborhoods and stress-free moving services, settling in becomes an easy and enjoyable journey. Therefore, whether you’re moving for education, work, or just a change of scenery, the City of Halifax promises a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. So, ultimately, making the move to Halifax is not just a relocation, it’s a step towards a brighter, more vibrant future.



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