Why are people moving to Vancouver?

    Currently, one of the most popular places for relocation in Canada is Vancouver. But, why are people moving to Vancouver exactly? Well, if this is your question, and you are searching for an answer, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the main reasons people are relocating to Vancouver. Furthermore, if you are in the process of preparing for your move, we will explain the vital role of reliable movers Canada has in the relocation process.

    Excellent outdoor lifestyle and a ton of things to do

    If you are getting tired of your city lifestyle and you want to spend more time outdoors, Vancouver might be the right place for you. Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada when it comes to what it has to offer in terms of outside activities and outdoor life. There are so many different destinations that are only a short drive away from the city where you can:

    • Trail,
    • Hike,
    • Surf,
    • Cycle,
    • Rock climb,
    • Take a stroll in nature,
    • Snowboard.

    Overall, those who enjoy spending time outside are definitely going to like what Vancouver has to offer. If you are already packing your bags and getting ready for moving from Ottawa to Vancouver, ensure that you have the right movers by your side.

    one of the reasons why are people moving to Vancouver - stunning views

    Why are people moving to Vancouver? An excellent outdoor lifestyle is one clear answer!

    Great weather all around

    Not every part of Canada has excellent weather. We all know that Canada can get quite cold and rainy at times. So, what about Vancouver and its surrounding area? Vancouver itself gets very little snow throughout the year. Toronto or Calgary winters for example are notoriously cold. However, things are quite different in Vancouver. When compared to those areas, winters in Vancouver are quite mild. The temperature rarely dips below freezing. Keep in mind though that the weather in Vancouver does get rainy. Expect rainy and overcast days throughout the winter months. Get in touch with trusted Calgary to Vancouver movers by your side when you start your relocation process.

    A ton of great neighborhoods to choose from

    The exact area you’ll live in Vancouver will depend on several different factors including your job, size of your inventory, whether you are moving on your own or with a family, finances, and tons of additional things as well. However, the good news is that in Vancouver, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to your potential neighborhood. Some of the most popular locations are Yaletown, Kitsilano, Coal Harbour, West End, etc. Of course, it is important that you do the right research before relocating and finding the right place for you and your family.

    Getting around Vancouver is pretty easy

    One thing you might want to look into if you are wondering when relocating to a new area knowing you will have to commute is the transit and how well-connected the city is. Luckily, there are plenty of good methods of getting around Vancouver. Buses, to begin with, go over the entire city. Of course, in the downtown area, it is usually faster to walk than take the bus. Seabus is also an option. It is a pedestrian ferry that goes from Downtown to North Vancouver. There are smaller ferries that cross False Creek. These are Aquabus and False Creek Ferries. They present a convenient way to go between Yaletown and Granville Island and Kitsilano. There is also the Sky train. It connects Vancouver proper with the suburbs around Vancouver. Last but not least, there is also good uber coverage. You will likely notice better commute times when moving from Montreal to Vancouver.

    A bridge in Vancouver.

    The city of Vancouver has good public transit and commute times.

    Housing costs and employment rates are good compared to cities such as Toronto

    Is it pricey to live in Vancouver? This depends on where you are relocating from. However, when compared to Toronto for example, the cost of housing is lower. What about trying to find a job here? Although Vancouver isn’t really home to many head offices, Vancouver is an attractive place to work if you’re in something related to forestry, mining, environmental consulting, or construction for example. The internet is your friend in this case and there are plenty of job-hunting websites where you can check the stats and do additional research if you are relocating to Vancouver in pursuit of a new job.

    The logistics behind your upcoming Vancouver move – How to relocate properly

    Now that we have gone over some of the main reasons people are relocating to Vancouver, let’s briefly mention the importance of preparing for your relocation. Give yourself at least 3 months before the relocation date to prepare properly. Always start by making a good plan for the move. Put all of the important elements in it such as your budget, costs of your move, size of your inventory, distance, date of your move, and so on. Consider the packing process as well. Get the right tools and materials for it on time. Do not be afraid to call your friends or family members to help you pack.

    Couple moving.

    Relocate safely and successfully to Vancouver by making a good plan for the move and enlisting the help of trusted movers in Canada.

    Relocate safely with the right movers in Canada by your side

    To conclude, after answering your question about why are people moving to Vancouver, it is also important to mention the crucial role movers play in the relocation process. If you are preparing for your move to Vancouver right now, make sure you do your research and enlist the help of only reliable and experienced Canadian movers. With the right movers by your side, you will get to enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer in no time!


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