What to learn about Winnipeg before moving

    Are you considering moving from Toronto to Winnipeg? In that is the case, you most likely have lots of questions. What can you do when you arrive? What can you expect after moving? Winnipeg is located in Manitoba. This is one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces. It has many beautiful lakes, mountains, and rivers. Also, it’s a good place to live as well as start a family. We’ve made an overview of everything you need to learn about Winnipeg before moving.

    There are many things you should learn about Winnipeg before moving

    Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is a very thriving city. With over 750,000 people living in Winnipeg, it’s home to more than half of the population of Manitoba. It’s also a big research and development center. For this reason, it’s appealing to companies like Bristol Aerospace and Boeing. Because of that, it provides amazing employment opportunities. Also, it’s a very reasonable city when it comes to housing. So, before you hire cross country moving companies Canada to help you move here, let’s see what you should learn about Winnipeg before moving.

    Winnipeg, Canada

    Keep reading to learn about Winnipeg before moving.

    What is living in Winnipeg like?

    Winnipeg is one of Canada’s most culturally-rich cities. It is home to many attractions such as Centennial Concert Hall, the newly opened Canadian Museum for Human Rights, as well as Winnipeg Folk Festival. When it comes to sport, living here means you will be sharing a city with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2019 CFL champions. Also, Winnipeg Jets showcase the city and wider region in the NHL. If you’re a food lover, you can try the culinary delights. You can find them in immigrant communities in Japanese, Indian, Filipino, and Scandanavian restaurants. But let’s see what else you need to learn about Winnipeg before moving and hiring long distance moving companies Winnipeg.

    Weather is extreme

    This might be obvious, however, you should consider it. In the winter, temperatures can go to frigid degrees. If you are planning on moving to Winnipeg, you will have to prepare for these cold temperatures. This means purchasing good snow gear, such as a set of gloves, jackets, coats, scarves, as well as insulated boots. Boots are very important. In addition, you will need to equip your car with winter tires in the cold months; otherwise, you will be sliding all over the road.

    In contrast, the summer temperatures can be quite high. Winnipeg is one of Canada’s sunniest places. It can be very hot for a place that is known for its cold weather. People here live on both extreme ends of the weather. This means you will get to enjoy all four distinct seasons. Also, you’ll always see snow during the Christmas holidays, and relax in the sunshine during the summer.

    Woman holding a mug of coffee

    Winter temperatures in Winnipeg can be very cold so make sure you are prepared.


    If you are a Canadian permanent citizen or resident who lives in Winnipeg, you are eligible for publicly-funded health care that is available in the provincial government’s Manitoba Health program. You can apply for a Manitoba Health card when you come to Winnipeg. However, this is a very important thing to learn about Winnipeg before moving. The health coverage will start on the first day of the third month after you arrive in Manitoba. That is why you need to find alternative options while you’re not covered through private health insurance or a company health plan.

    There are many attractions and destinations

    Winnipeg has lots of unique tourist spots. One of them is Assiniboine Park Zoo. This is a polar bear exhibit, where you can walk in an underwater tunnel and look at animals swimming above the surface. Also, there’s a Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It shows important points in the world’s history and it’s a landmark for society’s progress. This is an architectural achievement and a beautiful attraction from almost any place in Winnipeg. Also, there’s WAG, the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Exhibits get changed every season, so there’s always new and unique art to see in the core of downtown.

    It has good employment opportunities

    Winnipeg has good employment opportunities and an amazing job market. This is because of its population growth and strong economy. Since March 2022, the unemployment rate is only 5.3%. There are many industries offering employment. These are IT, advanced manufacturing, financial services, aerospace, life sciences, agribusiness, and more. Winnipeg’s top employers include Boeing Canada, GE Aviation, Manitoba Hydro, and Goose.

    person giving other person papers to learn about Winnipeg before moving

    Because of its population growth and strong economy, Winnipeg has outstanding employment opportunities.

    Protein Industries Supercluster also provides employment opportunities. Protein Industries Supercluster was launched to respond to the demand for plant-based protein. If you’re in need of a job, make sure to reach out to Manitoba Start. This is a not-for-profit organization that connects the workforce to the businesses and it’s Manitoba’s main recruiter for newcomers.

    There are various cultures in Winnipeg

    You’ll find a wide variety of cultures in Winnipeg. Annual art shows and festivals display these cultures The Folk Festival happens at Birds Hill Provincial Park. This is a celebration of music and culture. It has a various lineup of musicians every year and provides lots of shopping items and different food options. You can go there for a day or buy a camping pass. With it, you get to set up at the campsite for a weekend. Also, there’s Folklorama. This is a celebration of cultural diversity. It showcases various ethnocultural communities in Winnipeg. It showcases activities, performances, and souvenirs.

    Final words

    As you can see, there are lots of reasons why people are choosing to move to Winnipeg from other parts of Canada. So, if you also make a decision of moving to Winnipeg, make sure to hire one of the moving companies Canada to help you with your move. The moving crew can also help you learn about Winnipeg before moving if you get in touch with them well in advance! Good luck with your move!


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