What kind of moving companies to avoid when relocating to Prince Edward Island

    When you decide to move from one place to another, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Moving can be hard so one of the smartest solutions is to find respectable movers. When we say respectable, we mean movers that have experience, knowledge, equipment and a good word from previous clients. Sometimes that can be hard to find because a lot of rogue movers try to literally rob clients. That is why you need to take care and see what moving companies to avoid when relocating to Prince Edward Island. That is why u can take Centennial Moving company as one of the best in the business and see what a moving company needs to have to be respectable. Be smart and avoid rogue movers.

    Rogue movers

    As we said, these are the kind of movers that have only one goal in mind. They want to trick you and take money from you. You will not get high quality service from them and it is possible that you will not get service at all. If they request you to pay upfront, that is a possible red flag! Reputable movers will not demand cash or deposit before moving you! The only thing that you will get from them is a moving quote. And the only thing that they will request from you before moving is to be precise about your move. Destination, stuff, any special things like piano or car. Movers Prince Edward Island are capable of carrying a special load.

    Woman calculating the costs of moving

    Rogue movers will take more money from you

    Movers must provide the federally required information

    By law, companies need to provide information about their business. Everything has to be legal. They need to have an address, phone, work time, and all other necessary information. If you notice that companies change names often or address, it is a possible red flag. Be aware of scams! Long distance moving is also possible with the right movers!

    The blank contract

    Some companies can give you a blank contract to sign. You should avoid these moving companies when moving to Prince Edward Island. No matter how much you like the mover, never sign a piece of paper that doesn’t have anything on it. Your estimate and contract need to contain things like costs, fees, pickup, and delivery dates. Read your contract from top to bottom. This is very important! Cross country movers Canada can provide information about this, and they will always send a contract that is filled with the right information!

    Man signing a cotract

    Never sign a blank document

    The mover claims all your stuff is covered by their insurance but won’t explain how

    Two different levels of liability are there. You should be aware of the charges and the amount of protection.

    • Full (replacement) value protection –  Your shipment will be transported under your mover’s full (replacement) value level of liability
    • The alternative level of liability – The released value of 60 cents per pound is the most economical protection available. This option provides only minimal protection for you.


    Be aware that there are a lot of moving companies to avoid when relocating to Prince Edward Island. Be smart and minimize the risks. Request moving quotes and compare them with others. Prince Edward Island is a magical place with a lot of opportunities and you don’t want that ruined because of bad movers. And remember never to sign a black document with them!


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