What Is The Coldest City In Canada?

    When people decide to move to a new location, they are usually interested in all kinds of things. Some of them wish to know about the people who live there, others are interested in job opportunities, and some want to know everything about the weather. Considering that Canada can be pretty cold, a lot of newcomers wish to know what is the coldest city in Canada. We did our research and we bring you the most accurate answer!

    Welcome to White River, the coldest city in Canada

    If you are getting ready to hire the best relocation company in Canada and start a new chapter in life, you will have to get to know the place you will be calling home. And if your wish is to find or avoid the coldest place in Canada, then you should learn more about the White River.

    According to the official statistics, this place recorded temperatures as low as −58 °C (−72 °F). Considering how low this is, White River is not a place for everyone.

    frozen berry on the tree

    While some people wish to stay away from cold places, others are way more interested in checking them out

    On the other hand, White River has a population of 645 people which pretty much speaks for itself. Locals are already used to harsh weather conditions and are very proud of their homes. Even though it is a very small place, it is not such a bad idea to visit it.

    You will get to know a lovely community and learn some interesting facts about the place. White River is the birthplace of the real bear “Winnie-The-Pooh” which later became an inspiration for A.A. Milne to create the most beloved character in the world.

    Other extremely cold cities in Canada

    In case you love cold places but the White River is not an option, you will have other options. Long distance movers Canada can carry out your relocation anywhere, and some of these places could be exactly what you are looking for. Here are the rest of the cities that we must mention:

    • Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Saguenay, Quebec
    • Regina, Saskatchewan
    • Thunder Bay, Ontario

    With the right Canadian moving services, you will not have to worry about your items even in the coldest weather. And since everything will be protected, your only job will be to enjoy all that cold.

    Pack a lot of warm clothes, and get ready to buy even more once the temperatures go down. It will take some time to adapt to life in White River, but for a lot of people, that right there is the point.

    woman holding a cup of coffee

    Visiting the coldest city in Canada can be a wonderful experience

    You know where to go

    But if living in the coldest city in Canada is not your plan, then you will know what places to avoid. Cross Canada moving solutions should then take you to a place with a nicer climate where you can enjoy this country the way you want. However, if you ever wish to feel the real cold on your skin, you will know exactly where to go!




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