Unique things you can experience in Newfoundland

    Exploring Newfoundland is certainly something you will enjoy doing. The rugged topography and maritime culture of this Canadian province make it popular with travelers seeking to brave exciting challenges. Offering visitors many adventures, Newfoundland seduces with its unique flair. Meet friendly locals, whose warm hospitality is one of the island’s attractions. Feel free to start doing this as soon as you relocate. Rely on Centennial Moving to complete moving tasks while you are learning more about your new hometown. Basically, Newfoundland is a treasure trove for unique encounters that reveal the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this extraordinary place. Learn more about the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland and think about which to see first.

    Iceberg viewing will take your breath away

    Newfoundland’s iceberg viewing is a truly awesome experience. Every year, huge icebergs float past Newfoundland’s shore to put on a natural wonder show. The best time of year to see them is the late spring and early summer (April until June) when these icy giants travel from the Arctic. Areas along the northern and eastern coasts, such as Twillingate or St. John’s provide some of the best viewpoints.

    Iceberg viewing is another one of the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland

    One of the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland is iceberg viewing

    Standing on the shore, you will gaze with fascination at their vast proportions and unusual shapes. This brings to mind images of the crisp, clean air and crackling ice in Newfoundland. No wonder that it has become a special treat for people everywhere who love nature and travel alike. So, wait no longer – hire long distance movers to Newfoundland and enjoy iceberg viewing.

    Signal Hill National Historic Site has a lot to offer

    A trip to the Signal Hill National Historic Site is a voyage through history with dazzling panoramas. The site itself is a landmark with huge historical value, for this is where Marconi made his first successful transatlantic wireless signal in 1901. Along the way to this peak, you will be walking in early explorers’ footsteps and signal officers’ footprints. At that point, your efforts are richly rewarded, because you can look out across the city to see almost all of the Atlantic Ocean. This mixture of history and nature gives visitors a glimpse into Newfoundland’s past, as well as an opportunity to appreciate its beautiful coastal landscape. In order to get here with no great effort, province to province movers will help you.

    Puffin watching is something you should not miss

    In Newfoundland, watching puffins is a wonderfully colorful experience. Witless Bay Ecological Reserve is one of the best places to see these delightful seabirds. In addition to Atlantic puffins, known affectionately as the ‘clowns of the sea‘, one can also see these birds in their natural habitat here. With their bright orange beaks and gaudy plumage, they are a source of unending amusement as these birds perform twists and springs on the surface waters around the islands.

    A group of puffins

    Puffin watching is one of the most rewarding experiences

    The reserve is most active in the summer, from May to August when puffins come ashore to breed. That sort of up-close encounter with these charming birds is hard to come by. This is why puffin watching in Newfoundland really qualifies as a wildlife experience not to be missed. Rely on one of the finest moving companies Ontario to Newfoundland and you can come here anytime you want.

    Different kinds of festivals will be at your disposal

    In Newfoundland, folk festivals are colorful arenas of song and storytelling for cultural preservation. The most important include the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival, where musicians from all over the province perform. In fact, the St. John’s Storytelling Festival is all about bringing tales to life and passing along the oral traditions of this region. There is also the Beothuk Interpretation Centre and Powwow in Boyd’s Cove that affords a glimpse into Newfoundland’s Indigenous heritage. Through common stories, songs, and practices these festivals bring people together. The narratives of destiny intertwined with fate make this a special province: truly blessed by the hand that is kindness itself!

    Make sure you go whale-watching

    Whale watching in Newfoundland is a thrilling adventure offering memories of rare chance meetings with marine giants. Participating in a whale-watching tour can give visitors the chance to see humpback, orca, and minke whales. When cutting through the clear water offshore, be on watch for the startling throws made by humpbacks and graceful slaps of their tail fins.


    You will enjoy whale watching

    Look also for stealthy orcas lazily careening along underwater, as well as elegant minke whales gliding quietly in pairs or schools. In fact, the best time to see whales is from June through September. During this period, they follow the bountiful feeding grounds into this region. For nature lovers and adventurers alike, moving to Newfoundland is an opportunity to observe these outstanding sea creatures against Newfoundland’s beautiful coastal scenery is an experience not to be forgotten.

    Visiting Fogo Island is one of the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland

    Taking the ferry to Fogo Island is an adventure in and of itself. Famous for its art scene, bold vistas, and the famous Fogo Island Inn this distant island will leave you with a lifetime of memories. You board the ferry and sail along with stunning sights of the North Atlantic, occasionally accompanied by rare icebergs or sea animals. Fogo Island is also a paradise for artists, whose creativity flourishes amid rugged beauty. As soon as you set foot on the island, it makes itself known to any creative person’s senses. The Fogo Island Inn is an architectural wonder that fuses the building’s contemporary design with traditional ideas about island culture. Whether you’re into art, appreciate nature, or just need to relax for a while, Fogo Island offers an absorbing and distinctive experience that will surely make footprints on the heart.

    Nightlife in St. John offers great adventures

    When visitors first arrive in a new place, sometimes they make the mistake of staying close to home for the most part. Do not make the same mistake because St. John’s is a different kind of place after dark. Here is what to do to explore St. John’s after moving from Toronto. In lively pubs, you can hear the heartfelt strains of traditional Irish music and enjoy a warm atmosphere. Yet that isn’t the end of it – George Street Festival should not be missed. It is a raucous celebration where roving lights and sounds bring food along with music and dancing. Basically, St. John’s nightlife has it all, from a quiet evening of melodies to pumping festivals.

    The Viking Trail is worth visiting

    The Viking history of Newfoundland is an interesting journey into the past, and a must-see place during your visit should be L’Anse aux Meadows. With meticulous attention to historical detail, this UNESCO World Heritage Site reconstructs an entire Viking settlement. It is the closest you can come to real life to see how Norsemen explored North America more than 100 years ago.

    Viking settlement

    You will enjoy your visit since you will learn more about the way Vikings lived

    Through these historic grounds, you can feel the vibrations of Viking life and their continuing relationship with this rock-hewn land. Amidst this wealth of history, cyclists along the Newfoundland biking trail also have a special opportunity to ride through time. Exploring the traces of Viking culture in this beautiful coastal landscape offers an experience rich with all types of scenery. Visit it and you will see why it is one of the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland.

    Get a taste of local cuisine – try toutons and Jigg’s dinner

    Munching on toutons and Jigg’s dinner is something purely local, an experience that can only be enjoyed in Newfoundland. Pan-fried bread dough is a suitably warm and hearty way to begin your meal. But Jigg’s dinner is a wholesome meal of boiled salt beef, root vegetables, and pease pudding. Jigg’s name comes from the vigorous jiggling of the pot, which seeps rich flavors into its contents. This staple of traditional Newfoundland cuisine symbolizes the history and invigorating nourishment provided by this land. Just let some of the finest long distance movers Ontario offers to help you complete the moving process and have a nice meal in the meantime. These delectable dishes are not to be missed because they represent a taste of Newfoundland’s culture.

    Nature enthusiasts will enjoy at Gros Morne National Park

    Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park is a geological playground. It has been blessed with rugged beauty and unique features such as the otherworldliness of Tablelands where the earth’s mantle is on view. The dramatic fjords of the park cut across ancient rocks, offering superb views. The tough climb to the top of Gros Morne Mountain is rewarded by views covering it all for those with an adventurous spirit.

    Gros Morne National Park

    Gros Morne National Park may become your favorite place

    Besides bearing witness to the history of the earth, this UNESCO World Heritage site also encourages you to stop for a moment and admire this natural wonder. Gros Morne National Park combines the allure of tall mountains, soaring cliffs, and long beaches with world-class geological formations and a variety of outdoor activities–a dream Newfoundland destination for many.

    You will love Mummers Festival

    Attending the Mummers Festival in St. John’s reveals a fascinating Newfoundland custom. A special holiday activity that has survived on the island is famed as ‘mummering,’ where people dress in various whimsical attire, from masks to mismatched clothes, and call upon their neighbors. What could be more delightful than an anonymous merriment that invites surprise and cheer in the festive season? St. John’s Mummers Festival is one of Newfoundland’s most popular annual festivals which celebrates the tradition in a rousing but colorful style. You can also observe the happy spirit of mummery, attend workshops, and enjoy the lively parades for yourself. To get a feel for Newfoundland’s traditional culture unable to miss this event.

    You will enjoy the dialect of Newfoundland

    One of the interesting facts about life in Newfoundland is that its special dialect is a linguistic joy. Part of the region’s history and character, this form of English also features many colorful expressions or phrases. It is quite charming to hear the use of phrases such as ‘you’re some good’ with the meaning of ‘exceptionally talented’.

    A group of people talking

    You are going to love the dialect – find a group of friends, and they will help you master it

    From the familiar ‘b’y’ to greet a friend or acquaintance, to the screech-in done at welcoming newcomers, it is lovely Newfoundlandese – a delightful mix of Irish-, Scottish-, and West Country English. It lends a friendly, familiar taste to dialogue and every encounter is an opportunity for the connoisseur of concerned provincial culture.

    Another of the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland is visiting haunted sites

    Haunted sites with chilling tales of the past are hidden away in Newfoundland. According to rumor, the Commissariat House in St. John’s is haunted by ghostly figures and footsteps dimly echoing through its empty halls at night. Tales of spectral encounters intertwine with the province’s rich heritage at this creepy colonial-era building, where even brave souls will feel a bit uneasy as they explore its eerie history. Ghostly legends also abound at Signal Hill, with its centuries-long military history. These haunted sites offer a spine-tingling dip into an enigmatic, sometimes unsettling past – whether you’re more of the skeptical or believing type. They leave their own intriguing layer upon Newfoundland’s culture.

    Newfoundland is a treasure trove of special experiences that engage the senses and touch the heart. Home to the breathtaking vistas of Gros Morne National Park, as well as its lively traditions and haunting tales, Newfoundland welcomes people from around the world to experience in person all that this culturally rich land has to offer. From poring over the map while following rugged coastlines to enjoying a connoisseur’s fare, or reading street signs in the local dialect, Newfoundland makes for an exquisite place of residence full of sincerity and quirkiness. These are the unique things you can experience in Newfoundland, making it a destination unlike any other. And with every experience comes another glimpse of its remarkable character.

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