Toronto vs Vancouver: tips for international students

    Canada is one of the most attractive countries when it comes to international education. Canadian diploma is revered across the globe and allows students to stay in the country for up to 3 years once they graduate so they can gain relevant experience. Aside from these two facts, Canadian diplomas are also very affordable to students. Therefore, it is no wonder that the trend of studying in Canada is more and more popular among international students. The only trick is deciding between the two most popular cities. If your dilemma is Toronto vs Vancouver, continue reading and maybe you will find your answer.

    Toronto vs Vancouver – what to choose

    As already said, Canada is a country that offers a lot of opportunities in terms of education but also the quality of living, and job opportunities. This makes the country very attractive to foreign students. The two top cities here are Toronto and Vancouver. Both cities offer a lot of opportunities when it comes to education. You will find here some useful information that will help you decide, but it is important to define what is important to you so you can estimate which city suits you the best. Take into consideration:

    • Cost of living – Toronto vs Vancouver
    • Lifestyle
    • Education
    • Job opportunities

    Besides deciding which city to choose you will need skilled movers Toronto to Vancouver operating, to help you organize the transportation of your belongings. You will have a lot of additional tasks to do and documentation to gather, so it is best to let professionals handle the relocation. 

    canadian flag

    If you are considering moving to Canada for education, it is an excellent choice and opportunity.

    Education in Vancouver

    Vancouver is a great choice for international students. It has a lot of recognized and notable institutions, and British Columbia contributes a lot to this reputation. British Columbia offers a lot of possibilities – government-funded education, independent schools, and homeschooling. It offers education in English and/or French. Some other top universities are also located in Vancouver, such as University Canada West, Capilano University, and Emily Carr University. Also, there are some of the reputed colleges in Vancouver for undergraduate studies like Langara College, Vancouver Community College, Simon Fraser University, Columbia College, and Regent College.

    students at the tables

    Both, Vancouver and Toronto are very attractive to international students.

    You should know that British Columbia provides free education in most of its public schools and they provide all of the learning materials to their students. There are 92 public elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 18 secondary schools in the Vancouver school system. Independent schools have a better approach and equipped facilities, unlike some public schools.

    If there are children that are interested in the homeschooling system, they can register with a Ministry-approved school and the classes will be conducted at home. Also, children with special needs are catered to in the public and private schooling systems. 

    Education in Toronto

    Toronto is ranked high among the top cities around the globe for international students. The University of Toronto is ranked 1st in Canada and 26th in the world according to the QS World University Rankings. The entire school system in Toronto operates at a high standard and is able to accommodate children who don’t speak any of the primary languages – English or French.

    When it comes to public schools, the level of the education system is high in general. Some schools are better than others, but that is not anything new and it is common anywhere in the world. In Toronto, children can register for a school in their neighborhood or for a school out of their residential area.

    girl at the table with laptop

    Homeschooling is one of many options in the Canadian education system.

    Private/independent schools in Toronto are expensive and there is a possibility to choose international schools and boarding schools. These schools offer scholarships for gifted students. they are entirely different from public schools. For children with special needs, the educational system here ensures inclusion and equality. School boards are supposed to create an Individual Education Plan for each exceptional student with all details and action plans. These plans are regularly reviewed to ensure that student’s needs are being met.

    In Toronto and Canada education in general, there are possibilities for tutors. This is a great solution for children if they struggle with a particular subject. Also, it is a good solution for children educated abroad, to bridge the gap between the two different schooling systems. 

    Toronto vs Vancouver – Cost of living

    Both of these cities are preferred by international students. As already mentioned, they offer a lot of education and job opportunities, and they are both expensive in terms of cost of living – rent, food, and transportation. But, Vancouver is more expensive, to be exact, 12% more expensive than Toronto. Food, accommodation, and rent are more expensive in Vancouver. But for students, the cost of living is more affordable in Vancouver than in Toronto. Clubs and restaurants in Vancouver are more affordable in Vancouver as well.

    girl with coffee and laptop

    You should check the cost of living before moving to Toronto or Vancouver.

    When we speak about expenses, when checking the cost of living in your future new home, temporary at least, you should think about moving costs. Discuss with your parents and set the budget to cover moving expenses. Do your research and hire one of the best moving companies Canada offers. You will be needing help to prepare everything for your international relocation. 

    Lifestyle in these two cities

    If you are moving to any of these two cities to pursue your education, that is great. But, you will want to have some free time, meet your new country and socialize. Luckily, Canada is a culturally rich country, with diverse cities, nature, and lifestyle. If you need to choose between Toronto and Vancouver, here is what you should know.

    Vancouver is a big city but it is very relaxed and offers a better work-life balance. You can enjoy here in a peaceful work environment but also development is at a slow pace and that reflects on job opportunities and salaries. The city offers a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and running. On the other side, it is a vibrant city that offers a lot of clubs, restaurants, and shopping options. Also, there are a lot of festivals and art galleries for true fans. So, a city has a lot to offer but in a more relaxed way. Public transportation is well-defined and connected.

    young people sitting together deciding Toronto vs Vancouver

    Toronto vs Vancouver – If choosing between two cities, Vancouver offers a better life-work balance but Toronto offers the highest-paying jobs.

    On the other hand, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is a city with an excellent education system, development, and job opportunities, but also a multicultural city that hosts different festivals and entertaining activities. Toronto residents have the highest-paying jobs in entire Canada. The job market is wide and offers a lot to students. It has incredible food stations, and shopping options and is an example of real metropolitan culture. That’s why Toronto is often the choice for many students.

    Job opportunities

    Once you graduate, you will be needing a job. As previously mentioned, Toronto is the largest city in Canada with a lot of job opportunities, hosts reputable companies, and offers high salaries to its residents. Some of the companies are Accenture, Bayer, CIBC, Ford Motor Company, Proctor & Gamble, Oracle, Salesforce, Xerox, Royal bank of Canada, etc.

    On the other side, Vancouver is developing slowly and it doesn’t offer the highest-paying jobs. But still, Vancouver as well is home to a lot of reputable companies. Some of the top employers here are Best Buy Canada, HSBC Bank Canada, BC Hydro, Nintendo, etc. In the end, it all depends on your affinities. Both cities offer certain job opportunities but development goes at a different pace. Whichever city you choose make sure you hire long distance movers Toronto residents highly recommend. Save yourself the trouble and let professionals take care of your relocation.

    Prepare for the move

    When all pros and cons are put on paper you should start thinking about moving to Canada. So, you will be needing the best Canadian moving services to help you transport your stuff. You should start with setting a budget, as we previously mentioned. Once that is done, you should decide what to pack and take with you, gather the important documentation, and check what you will be needing in your new home. It is normal for you to want to take everything with you, your clothes, your pet, your bedding, sports equipment, etc. But maybe that will not be possible. So, check it first.

    Make a list of the clothes you want to take and the underwear that you will be needing. Put on your list underwear, socks, undershirts, long and short-sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jeans, shirts, belts, pajamas, swimsuits, and coats – winters can be pretty severe in Canada. Then you can add some shareware flip flops, sandals, sneakers, boots, rain boots, and elegant shoes as well. Then a list of toiletries – shampoo, toothbrush/ toothpaste, soap, deodorant, brush, razors, makeup, medicines, tissues, and toilet paper. You can add some bedding and a favorite blanket so you can feel comfortable. Then you come to the most important items for your college – books, laptops, iPads, pencils, notebooks, etc. 

    couple packing and discussing which city is better, Toronto vs Vancouver

    When moving to college, make sure you pack all the necessary and important things.

    Once you make a list, it is time to pack. You will need a lot of packing materials – packing paper, bubble bags, packing tape, moving blankets, and a lot of moving boxes. Packing takes too much time and energy, so maybe it would be best to hire one of the long distance moving companies Vancouver residents usually recommend.

    Hire experienced movers to help you

    There are a lot of companies who can help you with your relocation. It all depends on your needs and of course budget. There are a lot of long distance movers Ontario offers. You just need to find a moving company that suits your needs. International relocation is challenging because of the distance and all the documentation. So, you can focus on preparing your clothes and learning materials while professional movers organize and prepare everything for a safe move. Professional movers have the right skills and packing materials to provide you with the safe relocation of your belongings.

    When it comes to choosing the company, do the research first. Visit some forums, ask for recommendations, and visit some of the trusted websites to find reputable movers. Once you find one, check everything, and ask the right questions. Keep in mind that everything agreed must be put in writing and be in your contract. All the reliable moving companies will offer you insurance so you will not have to worry about your belongings. If they get damaged, lost, or stolen your insurance will cover it. Depending on your agreement with the moving company, your belongings will be repaired, or replaced or your money will be reimbursed.

    If you are moving across the country or to another country you don’t want to travel by bus or car for 15-20 hours or more. You can book a flight and go by plane, but do it on time. You can buy the ticket even before you find some of the long distance moving companies Victoria BC offers. But, wherever you go, you should start preparing for your relocation on time.

    Explore your new city

    As you can see, both Toronto and Vancouver can offer a lot of amusements. Your college is a priority but you don’t need to be a stranger in a city where you will be spending several years. Go out, meet people, visit museums, galleries, and cafes. Going to a vibrant, multicultural city like this is a great opportunity for a young person.

    Toronto vs Vancouver – pursue your education abroad

    Both cities are popular with international students. They have an exceptional education system and offer a lot of job opportunities, entertainment activities, and life in a multicultural environment. The only slight difference is the fact that most of the population In Vancouver is European. But, overall, both cities are very safe and have a lot to offer. When you need to choose Toronto vs Vancouver it is ultimately up to you. You will not make a mistake no matter what you choose.


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