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    If you are about to be moving from Toronto to Montreal, you may want an experienced and trustworthy moving company by your side. By working with great movers, you will be able to optimize your relocation experience as well as reduce stress to the minimum. When it comes to relocation companies Canada has to offer, you need to look no further than Centennial Moving Canada. We are fully capable of providing you with an extraordinary moving process, at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us, request a free estimate, and we will help you relocate with a smile on your face!

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    Our team will help you relocate with a smile on your face!

    We will help you make moving from Toronto to Montreal enjoyable!

    Our team can make moving to Montreal from Toronto look easy. We are specialized in providing customized moving services, as we look upon each relocation as a truly unique experience. This means that we will work with you to learn about your specific needs and create a relocation process that will satisfy them to the fullest. Our staff is highly trained and extremely experienced and is ready to create a relocation process you will enjoy! But if you want to know more about us, or about what makes us one of the best movers in Canada, feel free to get in touch with our representatives. They will happily answer any of your moving-related questions. Centennial Moving is always there for you, even before the relocation process!

    Our movers utilize the latest, industry-certified, equipment, and our company’s policy ensures that we update it regularly as well. This allows us to provide you with a guarantee of satisfaction and make every move easier.

    We offer extraordinary customer support

    But there is more to a great mover than amazing movers and great equipment. We can also provide you with impeccable customer support throughout the process. When relocating from Toronto to Montreal, we will provide you with all the information you might need to create the best plans or adjust them on the fly. Our team will also provide you with any moving tips you may require for a smoother process. Lastly, we are counted as one of the most efficient long distance moving companies due to the strict time management and professionalism of our staff. We incorporate the latest technology in our operations, ensuring that the entire process runs like clockwork. We do everything we can to attain our goal of 100% customer satisfaction!

    Consider packing services for maximum convenience

    Speaking of satisfaction, you might want to make your relocation as convenient and easy as possible. The best way to accomplish this, when moving from Toronto to Montreal, is to utilize our packing services. Our packers work extremely fast and will bring all the necessary supplies right to your doorstep. We also provide partial packing services, as well as last-minute packing services. You can leave everything, or just the more difficult pieces, to us! With Centennial Moving, you always have several options at your disposal. No matter what your relocation might need, we will usually be able to provide it!

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    We will have your items ready to go before you know it!

    We can help you disassemble and assemble your furniture when moving from Toronto to Montreal

    When moving to Montreal from Toronto, you may wonder what to do with your large furniture items. If you are not in a position to schedule an in-home estimate, you might want to use our handy furniture weight calculator for estimating the weight of your belongings. But when it comes to relocating these items, it is usually a lot better if you disassemble your furniture first. That is why we provide expert disassembly/assembly services where our movers will do all of that work for you. Our team will have all of your bulky items disassembled and ready to go before you know it! Of course, we will assemble them right back once they are in their new home!

    Our range of storage services leaves nothing to be desired

    But, sometimes, you may want to delay bringing your belongings to their final destination straight away. Perhaps you want to delay your trip when relocating from Toronto to Montreal. Or you may need to renovate or remodel your place before you bring in the rest of your items. Either way, having a storage unit handy will enable all that, and more. You will also have extra storage space which might come really handy if you are downsizing. Our range of storage services is quite extensive and we have solutions for almost any situation. The best thing is to get in touch with us and we will help you find a perfect unit for your purposes.

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    Our storage facilities come with additional amenities!

    But we have a service for every occasion

    Relocating to Montreal from Toronto is not the only thing we can help you with. As a full-service moving company, we can offer a range of services to our customers. Here are some of the services that we offer:

    But that is not the full extent of our capabilities, of course. We can usually help you with any moving conundrum, no matter how complicated it might be. We have enough knowledge, experience, and resources to find a solution to any moving issue. Even if you don’t see a service that you need on the list, chances are we can either provide it or find a satisfactory solution. Furthermore, we partner with several companies in our pursuit to provide our customers with everything they might need. At the very least, we will be able to point you in the right direction. But for the most part, you don’t need to worry, Centennial Moving will be able to assist you!

    Get in touch with us and make relocating from Toronto to Montreal easier!

    If you want to be moving from Toronto to Montreal without any worries, stress-free, and in a smooth fashion, all you need to do is get in touch with Centennial Moving Canada. We will create a relocation process that you will be able to enjoy from start to finish! Contact us today for an extraordinary moving experience!

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