Top places for young professionals in Canada

    The recent pandemic has changed many things. Among them is the way of how people want to live. It has also changed the priorities of young professionals. They spent almost a year indoors due to pandemics. So, all the time they were working from home. Thus, many have changed their focus. This has also changed their preferences about the places for young professionals in Canada. Many realized that they wish different lifestyles. And that they can have better living conditions in other cities. According to Centennial Moving statistics, many millennials are moving to warmer places. And to the places where the housing prices are more affordable.

    places for young professionals in Canada - park with benches and people sitting and watching the buildinggs over the water.

    Many young people are looking for a living-work balance.

    What are the criteria for choosing places for young professionals in Canada?

    Many young professionals are ready to start families. So, one of their priorities is to spend more time with their families. They don’t want to spend endless hours at work. They could do it when they had no other obligations. Now, they want to have a better work-living balance. There are also other factors that decide how to choose places for young professionals in Canada:

    • Real estate prices – they are more affordable in some places
    • Average income – it also differs from place to place
    • Unemployment rate – in some places it is very low
    • Healthcare possibilities – it is good to have good healthcare in your town
    • Work-living balance – is a very important factor for young families
    • The crime rate – very important for families with kids
    • Climate – the wormer climate is attractive

    According to moving companies Kamloops, many young professionals have recently moved to British Columbia. There, the weather is nice and wormer. Also, the lifestyle is more relaxed. So, they can have more rest. And they can enjoy the outdoor activities.

    Where the young Canadian people would like to live these days?

    Besides moving to British Columbia, there are other attractive destinations for young professionals. According to some research, many are recently moving to Québec City. The place is also having a milder climate. Besides, the median house prices are low. The place is calm, with a low crime rate. Also, the income is high. So, the millennials can afford nice living conditions for their families. And safe places for their children. Thus, we can see that four of the presented factors have the strongest influence. In general, the millennials are giving priority to housing affordability and employment opportunities. Besides, they also want to have a better living-work balance. And they are moving to places with better weather.

    Which are the most attractive places for young professionals in Canada?

    Which place you are going to choose depends on many factors. And every person has different priorities. However, most people are looking for better living and working conditions. So, here is the list of the most popular places for young professionals in Canada:

    Trois-Rivières, QC is one of the best places for young professionals

    Trois-Rivières is a riverfront city in Quebec. It has the most affordable real estate prices. The median house price is $174,000. Besides, it has the best healthcare system. Also, the unemployment rate is very low. The crime rate is low as well. And it offers a more relaxed lifestyle.  So, this is an excellent place for young couples with kids.

    Waterloo, ON is considered a good place for living

    This city has the biggest millennial population. It also has the highest number of highly educated people. It is also offering many lifestyle amenities. That is making it attractive to many young people.

    Boat house with boats and sheds and water.

    The weather in British Columbia is very nice.

    Why young professionals move to Victoria, BCVictoria has the second biggest millennial population. Besides, it has a nice climate. So, many sun-lovers are looking for jobs there. Also, they can purchase houses at very affordable prices. As well, Victoria has the highest employment rate in the country. So, moving to Victoria, you know that you will easily find a job.

    Young professionals living in Levis, QC

    Levis QC is a place with the most affordable median housing prices. It also has the highest median income. And the unemployment rate is. Also, the place is safe, with a very low crime rate. Besides, it has excellent lifestyle amenities. All this is making it the most attractive place in eastern Quebec.

    New Westminster, BC is a good place for young professionals

    Besides the nice climate, New Westminster also has an excellent healthcare system. The place offers various career opportunities. These are the reasons why so many millennials moved there. Also, the unemployment rate is very low. If you decide to join them, the moving companies Red Deer are an excellent choice for your relocation.

    St. John’s, NL is an attractive place for young Canadians

    This Newfoundland city is very attractive to young professionals. And especially for those looking for like-minded individuals. The median income is high. At the same time, the housing is very affordable. Overall, it is considered the 4th best place in the country for young professionals.

    Halifax, NS is a place with affordable housing prices

    Halifax is known as one of the biggest ports for sea freight forwarding. It is also the capital of Nova Scotia’s district. The job market is good, with a low unemployment rate. Also, it has high housing affordability. The median home price is just about $181,800. Due to all this, it is high on the list for millennials looking for a new job.  And a new home.

    Kingston, ON with the largest millennial population in Eastern Ontario

    This picturesque place is located in eastern Ontario. It is home to a large millennial population. The incomes in Kingston are high. Also, the unemployment rate in Kingston is very low.  Overall, this is a very attractive place for young Canadian professionals.

    Ottawa, ON is the desirable city for millennials

    Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is one of the highly desirable places for millennials. It has a stable and ever-growing job market. Also, the income is high above the state average.

    Quebec City, QC an excellent place for millennials to start a family

    As we already pointed out, this is one of the most desirable cities for millennials. It has a stable job market and high incomes. With affordable housing prices and low crime rates, it is also one of the places where young professionals are moving. They consider it as one of the best places to start a family.

    Ottawa skyline with greenery, buildings and water.

    Canada’s capital ranks high on the list of desirable cities for young professionals.

    Top places for young professionals in Canada who want to start up their own businessWhen we are looking from this standpoint, the situation is a bit different. To choose the places good for startups, you have to apply different criteria. Thus, the places that are good for entrepreneurs are different. So, which are the best places in Canada for young entrepreneurs? Most of the Canadian cities have a well-educated workforce. So, whatever place you choose, you will easily find employees. Also, Canada has a lot of natural resources. As well, it has a very developed technology industry. And, when choosing the place to move to, you will check which one is the best for your business. Once you decide, the long-distance moving company will relocate you easily to a place of your choice.

    What cities in Canada are the most attractive for young entrepreneurs?

    The places ranked as the best places for entrepreneurs in Canada are:

    • Vancouver – is is known as home to major technological industries
    • Edmonton – located in Alberta. It is the synonym of the oil and manufacturing industries
    • Toronto – is a well-known city in the business world
    • Montreal – it has plenty of opportunities for those who are starting their businesses
    • Collingwood – has an entrepreneurial community and is an employment center for the South Georgian Bay region
    • Waterloo – is considered the young tech entrepreneurs paradise

    What is the best place for young professionals to live in Canada?

    As we could see, it depends a lot on your occupation. And of your expectations. Those starting their businesses are having different criteria. They are not opting for places for young professionals in Canada. What they need is the workforce, infrastructure, and resources. So, depending on your occupation, you will decide about where to live in Canada. Whatever place you choose, we hope it will be the right choice for you. And we are sure that you will be satisfied with your choice.




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