Tips for young couples moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay

    So, it’s time to move with your lovely significant other to start a new chapter in your life. The city of Thunder Bay located on the beautiful Lake Superior is the perfect place for you if you’re searching for a place far away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. It is still close enough to many other cities, but also a little paradise on its own. The community life in Thunder Bay is very tight-knit, so if this is something you’re searching for, our movers Canada are here with some tips for your moving process! We hope you’ll find our tips for young couples moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay useful.

    Moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay?

    You might not realize it yet, but moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay is a long-distance move. That means it will need some time and effort to be organized precisely. You’ll want to check all of your options to ensure the most cost-effective move. Our relocation services Canada are up to the task! We’ve done quite a few relocations from Toronto to Thunder Bay, and our trained professionals know how to execute them with minimal issues. Be sure to contact us for a stress-free moving process.

    A woman standing with the Canadian flag contemplating moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay

    Moving can be a great chance and opportunity for you.

    Our tip is to go over all of your options. A good way to assess different moving companies is by comparing estimated moving costs. Another great benefit for you is if some of your family or friends have already relocated to Thunder Bay. As a rule of thumb, recommendations are always the way to go! 

    We’d just like to point out how important it is to choose carefully. You need someone trustworthy, and someone who will be able to do everything as you imagine it. Also, do it in time! It might sound like a lot of requirements, but in reality, it is just all that you need.

    Decide on the services you’ll need

    Depending on how much money you’ve saved for your relocation, employing someone to do almost everything in your place might be the right way for you to go. Movers offer amazing packing and unpacking services. If you decide on some additional services, you will have no problem moving. This will leave you with more time to enjoy each other’s company or to focus on your work. Hiring additional services is definitely something to consider!

    A picture of a trusted moving company

    Letting professionals take care of the moving process is a guaranteed success.

    How to avoid stressing out?

    Moving is one of the more stressful things we all go through. It can be quite hard to balance your frustration and not take it out on your partner. The biggest advice we can give couples moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay here is communication, communication, communication!

    Instead of blowing up on your partner, sit down, make a cup of tea or coffee and start talking about what’s on your mind. Being really stressed out, you might have the urge to really blow up and start a huge fight. We urge you to always try to collect yourself and settle on a civilized conversation. Sometimes, your frustration will be caused by the move itself, but sometimes you might feel your partner has neglected some of your needs due to their own stress. This is why communication during the moving process is vital.

    Be sure that the two of you are always on the same page and check in on each other often!

    Lists are your friend!

    Whenever you feel like you don’t know where to go next, it’s the perfect time to sit down and create a list together. Lists make all of your tasks seem manageable, as well as keep you on track with your obligations. When all of the things that need to be done are jotted down on a list, you can go over them much quicker and set aside the time for certain tasks. These lists don’t have to be huge or definite. You can even make the smallest lists like for example “Things to do this afternoon”. Or some kind of daily list. It has been proved time and time again that by following a list a lot of tasks can be divided into smaller tasks and get done much quicker!

    A picture of a to do list

    Lists will help you keep on track.

    You can have a list for yourself and your partner a list for themselves. We advise you to go over your respective lists at the end of the day or week and see how much stuff has been taken care of. Also, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t manage everything on your list. Sometimes it will take a bit of extra time for certain tasks and that’s nothing to mope about. Just stay on track and support each other!

    Thinking about conducting a D.I.Y move from Toronto to Thunder Bay?

    For couples moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay, doing a D.I.Y move is not impossible. It is a long-distance move, but with enough time and the right tools, you can execute it. We would still like to advise you against that. You might think that by moving by yourself you will save some significant money. Unfortunately, most often than not, the cost of a D.I.Y move is the same as the cost of hiring professional movers. What people rarely take into account is all the vehicles and the moving gear needed to relocate safely.

    While moving Toronto to Thunder Bay ON, keep in mind to contact us whenever needed. Letting professionals handle something instead of you is not something to be ashamed of. Our trained movers have been working on the relation from Toronto to Thunder Bay for years. They will know exactly what to do and how to make sure your relocation is completely successful.

    We hope our tips for young couples moving from Toronto to Thunder Bay have proved useful to you. We wish you luck with your relocation and in your new life in Thunder Bay!


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