Tips for planning your Winnipeg to Calgary move

    We do not relocate very often. However, when we do, we, naturally, want to do it as effectively as possible. When it comes to planning a Winnipeg to Calgary move, you will want to give yourself time, prepare your budget, and make a plan. Furthermore, you might want to consider hiring professional moving services, like Centennial Moving Canada; because they have the expertise and tools to get your move done quickly, safely, and effectively. The relocation process is far from simple; and as such, it will always take some time. So start early, and give yourself plenty of breathing room in your timeline. You don’t want to rush and feel the pressure when you are dealing with such an important moving process. Moreover, budgeting for the move should also be done earlier rather than later. Get a good idea of what your move will cost, and work around it!

    Planning a Winnipeg to Calgary move – Everything you should think about

    The city of Calgary is a great place to relocate. If we take a look at some of the differences between Winnipeg and Calgary; we would see that Calgary is a great place for those wanting to explore the mountain range and experience some of Alberta’s cities. Of course, to move here properly, you would want to rely on relocation services Canada to help you tackle the entire process properly. Calgary is a city with nearly 1.6 million residents that is gearing itself to be a great place to work and live. The city is booming with technology, culture, lifestyle, and more! On the other hand, Winnipeg is a major city near the center of Canada. With nearly 800,000 people, Winnipeg is beautifully located in Manitoba’s prairies and forests. Whether you decide to relocate from Winnipeg or Calgary, it will take some preparation and planning.

    Give yourself time

    The distance between Winnipeg and Calgary is about 1200km. This means that it will take between 12-15 hours of driving without breaks to reach your new home. To make sure you can enjoy the journey and arrive at your destination safely, try to plan a few stops along the way. You could stay overnight in one of many hotels near the highway or explore some interesting areas on the way.

    a woman packing her clothes while listening to music to depict the process of planning the Winnipeg to Calgary move

    This Winnipeg to Calgary move should not be a race, but a process in which you do things at your own pace

    Furthermore, you will want to have enough time to properly pack everything; as well as to have time to properly unpack once you arrive at your destination. By giving yourself enough time, even if you did hire long distance movers Canada, you will be able to make sure that nothing is left behind; and that all of your items are well taken care of. Most importantly, you will have enough time to make sure your affairs are in order.

    Prepare your budget

    Tackling your expenses before the move even starts is a great way to make sure you can stay on top of the budget during your relocation process. Some of the main expenses you should consider include:

    • Travel expenses such as car repairs, gas, and lodging
    • Hiring a moving company and their services
    • Rental truck or trailer for self-moving
    • Packing materials and boxes
    • Food and drinks for the journey
    a person holding a lot of money next to a calculator on a phone

    If you want a positive relocation experience, you have to understand your expenses down to a dime

    Make sure to plan ahead and make an accurate estimate of your expenses. On average, to relocate from Winnipeg to Calgary, you would have to spend $1850-$3700 depending on the size of your relocation process. Of course, if you hire long distance moving companies Winnipeg, you should account for the added costs of their services as well. Finally, make sure to keep a record of your moving expenses for tax refunds.

    Preparing for a Winnipeg to Calgary move – Understanding the differences between the cities

    If you want to be sure you settle in nicely into your new city, it is important to understand the differences between both cities. Winnipeg and Calgary are two very different places, so expect some changes in lifestyle when you relocate here. On top of that, you should also get familiar with the new city before your arrival. This can be done by researching local services such as schools, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. You can also get an idea of what it will be like to live in Calgary by connecting with the local community. Social media and forums are great ways to connect with people who already reside in the city. Furthermore, you can also find out more about the city’s culture, customs, and other helpful tips that will ease your transition. Understanding where you are moving to will be the best way to settle in.

    This is not the time to move your entire household

    In all fairness, moving your entire household over 1200km is no easy task. This is why you should only move what you need. Before packing anything up, go through all of your items and decide what can stay behind. If possible, try to donate or sell some of the items that are not essential for your new life in Calgary. Don’t forget that hiring moving companies will be more expensive the more items you have to move. This is why it’s important to declutter and get rid of anything that won’t be of use once you arrive in Calgary.

    a man laying under a pile of cardboard boxes

    Biting on more than you can chew can often leave you overwhelmed; so you should always aim to lower the work you have to do

    Furthermore, decluttering your household will help tackle every possible aspect of the relocation. From packing and loading up the truck to setting up your new home, decluttering will help you stay organized throughout the entire process. Most importantly, it will save you time and money!

    This is a serious undertaking, so be ready

    No one can really prepare for the emotional roller coaster of relocating to a new city. This is why it’s important to be prepared for the changes and challenges that may arise. Make sure you understand how everything will work in Calgary; from healthcare services and public transportation to finding the best schools and places to hang out. Having information about all things that are important for the process will help you get a better insight into the city; and eventually, help you settle in faster. Furthermore, make sure to plan ahead and give yourself enough time to prepare for the Winnipeg to Calgary move. This way, you will have everything under control and be able to adjust with ease once you reach Calgary!


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