Three main differences between Hamilton and Kamloops

    Hamilton and Kamloops are both wonderful cities. Renowned for their picturesque nature and beautiful weather, these cities attract many Canadians looking for a city to call home. That said, since moving is so demanding, and even bank-breaking sometimes, it’s very important to choose the perfect city for yourself. If you do so, it’s less likely that you’ll have to move over and over again. That means that aside from hiring a reputable moving company, like Centennial Moving, you should also invest time and effort in learning as much as possible about the cities you’re interested in. And since researching and making comparisons on your own can be quite hard today, we’ll tell you some key differences between Hamilton and Kamloops, and how they compare, so you can make your decision more confidently. Interested in one of these lovely cities? Then, keep on reading!

    Just another two typical Canadian cities?

    There are many stereotypes about Canada. According to half of the world, we have maple syrup even in soup, ride moose to work, wrestle, and say sorry when someone bumps into us. But the stereotypes don’t stop there. A good chunk of the world thinks that most Canadian cities are alike. And in some ways they are correct. Most of our cities are truly similar in the sense that they’re teeming with nature, are pretty well-organized and clean, as well as not as densely populated as other cities all across the world. However, saying that all of our cities are the same would be a gross over-exaggeration. Just like it would be an over-exaggeration to say that all moving companies Hamilton offers are amazing. And even though many are, there are differences between them, jut like there are numerous differences between Kamloops and Hamilton.

    A waterside picture of Toronto.

    Many people around the world think that all Canadian cities are alike!

    Just because there are numerous similarities, that doesn’t mean there also aren’t many differences between Hamilton and Kamloops

    By now, we’ve probably drilled into your head the fact that Kamloops and Hamilton are not the same. But we can’t really just put that out there without backing up our claims can we? So here’s what we think are major differences you should be aware of before deciding to move!

    Living in Kamloops is overall a lot more affordable

    Living in Canada is not very affordable in general. Compared to the rest of the world, you could even say that it’s rather expensive. However, some cities are more pricey than others. And, Hamilton and Kamloops are pretty different when it comes to affordability. Hamilton is a larger city of the two and is literally next to one of the biggest cities in the country, Toronto. Because of that, many people choose to move to Hamilton to be close to Toronto. That drives the prices up quite a bit. That though, is not the case at all with Kamloops. That’s why Kamloops is overall more affordable than Hamilton. Even moving companies Kamloops has to offer are more affordable compared to those in Hamilton. But how exactly do these cities compare? Let’s do a bit of a breakdown, shall we?

    • Groceries: One domain in which Kamloops is not more affordable is groceries. And not just that, even the restaurants are more expensive. On average, food is about 4 to 17% more expensive.
    • Activities: Unlike food, having fun and enjoying activities is a lot more affordable in Kamloops compared to Hamilton. On average, activities and leisure are between 14-85% more expensive in Hamilton.
    • Renting: Rent is 20% lower in Kamloops.
    • Buying property: This is likely where you’ll be saving the most money if you choose Kamloops. It’s 22% cheaper to buy an apartment in Kamloops than it is to buy one in Hamilton.
    • Transportation: Transportation is up to 55% cheaper in Kamloops.
    A person putting coins into a piggy bank.

    One of the biggest differences between Hamilton and Kamloops is affordability!

    Another major area where Kamloops and Hamilton differ is safety

    Both Kamloops and Hamilton offer safe and reliable long distance moving. However, that’s not the only form of safety you should look into when moving. As it appears, there are many differences between Kamloops and Hamilton when it comes to safety. There are even concrete numbers that show these differences. But before we break down these numbers, let’s get this out of the way – Kamloops is overall safer than Hamilton. And not just that, more people who live in Kamloops report feeling safe compared to those who live in Hamilton.

    Index of daylight safety is over 72 for Kamloops while it’s about 60ish for Hamilton. Nighttime safety is also higher in Kamloops with a score of about 50 compared to the score of 30 for Hamilton. Plus, most forms of crime are low to moderate in Kamloops while crime in Hamilton lingers more on the moderate to the high side. Overall, it’s safe to say that Kamloops is safer. No pun intended.

    It’s a completely different living experience

    The third, and final, the major difference between Kamloops and Hamilton is the way of living. Hamilton is a relatively large, developing, industrial city that attracts young entrepreneurs and individuals looking for those “big city vibes”. It’s also a lot more densely populated. Kamloops is nothing like that. It’s a medium to a small city with not too many people. It’s very laid back and healthy living oriented. Also, it’s quite serene and perfect for people with families or those looking to settle down and enjoy some peace. So before you start moving, you should ask yourself which one of the two is more appealing to you. That choice is completely personal and depends on your wants and needs!

    A couple posing for a photo.

    Life in Kamloops is a lot more serene and laid back!

    Differences between Hamilton and Kamloops might help you make a choice

    When moving, it’s important to look at both at similarities and differences between the cities you’re interested in. But keep in mind that that does take some time and effort. But luckily, just like you can make a moving checklist to help you out with moving tasks, you can also make a checklist of things that are very important to you in a city you live in. Doing so, while simultaneously learning about similarities and differences, could help you pick the perfect city. So before you make a final decision, it’s best to consider all of the differences between Hamilton and Kamloops, as well as their similarities. There’s no doubt that will help you choose the city that’s better suited to your needs.


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