Things you'll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver

    Starting a new life in Vancouver obliviously will be a time of new picturesque sights and tremendous chances on everything. On the other hand, it’s quite usual to be nostalgic about Calgary. There are some things Vancouver cannot reproduce. This article is meant to showcase Calgary experiences and moments that you might truly pine for after leaving. From the grandeur of the Rockies, which stays at the back of your mind, to the cheerful vibe that comes with the Calgary Stampede, these are irreplaceable keepsakes from your hometown. You should always remember that Centennial Moving Canada is here to ensure a safe relocation. Similarly, this text will serve as a reminder of the amazing things you’ll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver, which made your years in Calgary so special.

    Sunny days and dry climates

    Upon relocating from Calgary to Vancouver, often with the right choice of Canadian moving services, many find themselves yearning for the abundant sunny days they’ve left behind. The contrast in climate between Calgary and Vancouver, particularly the higher humidity in the latter, stands out immediately. Calgary’s summers bring sizzling temperatures reaching the high 30s Celsius, perfect for outdoor activities in a dry climate. This ensures comfortable warmth for exploring the city or hiking in the mountains, even at summer’s peak.

    Male hikers walking and talking about things you'll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver.

    Calgary’s sunny, dry summers are perfect for outdoor fun.

    In December, Calgary experiences its coldest month, with an average temperature of -4.6 degrees Celsius. The lack of moisture in the air makes the cold feel less severe compared to more humid areas. Conversely, Vancouver’s winters are milder and wetter, lacking the dry, cold characteristic of Calgary. Moreover, Calgary’s residents benefit from the city’s proximity to world-class skiing and snowboarding destinations in the nearby Rocky Mountains. This easy access to premier resorts is unmatched in Vancouver’s vicinity. It provides Calgarians with a unique advantage when enjoying winter sports activities.

    Missing the Rockies

    When it comes to Calgary to Vancouver’s moving preparations, many prefer hiring long distance movers Calgary locals normally rely on to ensure a smooth transition. This journey involves not just the physical relocation of belongings but also an emotional transition. This is especially true when considering what’s left behind: an unsurpassed privilege to see the Rockies as closely as possible. Living in Calgary gives us the advantage of being in a place only a stone’s throw away from the most intricating and captivating landscapes of the Rockies. Being positioned in the closer area, it is personally straightforward to drive to hiking trails, ski slopes, and bike paths and notice majestic wildlife around. The Rockies are not just a pretty view of the landscape but a very real place of living. Moreover, they provide local people with exciting prospects and a quiet atmosphere at the same time.

    Adjusting to costs

    The costs of living may greatly vary, and moving cross country from Calgary to Vancouver is obviously not an exception. The Alberta capital typically has a lower cost of living, making it easier to find housing and pay property taxes. The financial aspect is arguably the most important to ponder for someone who is musing about this type of relocation. Meanwhile, in Vancouver, the same standard of living that is typical of Calgary society can be achieved only due to increased spending. This is broken down to 8,990.8 CAD in Vancouver, which is equivalent to the lifestyle of 7,400.0 CAD in Calgary. Of course, if you were going to be renting housing in both cities, this would be different.

    A person holding a miniature house.

    Housing affordability is a significant advantage in Calgary.

    In saying that, this is not a negligible issue that may affect daily budgeting and lifestyle decisions. The affordability of living in Calgary encompasses not only the available budget-friendly accommodation but also provides financial flexibility for residents. In other words, this will have the effect of resulting in having more to spend on groceries, savings, investments, and entertainment. Moving to Vancouver, where living expenses are higher, can throw the person into a smaller budget and a sort of financial planning process. Those relocating will have to be ready for the irrefutable implications on their budgets. In this regard, they can expect their housing and day-to-day expenses to be significantly higher when they compare them to what one would incur in Calgary.

    The Calgary Stampede’s unique spirit in the heart of former residents

    While Vancouver did provide a unique experience, one of the things you’ll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver is the colorful environment of the Calgary Stampede. Every year central to this week-long celebration, this expo, revered as the world’s number one event and festival, captures the very core of the community’s spirit and adrenaline. One week in July, the city turns into a beautiful circus. Inside it, people can appreciate top rodeo performances, listen to democratic musical projects and participate in cultural manifestations.

    A woman on the horse and men talking about things you'll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver

    The Stampede’s rodeo showcases world-class cowboy and cowgirl talent.

    Not only does this event give an unprecedented chance to get a vivid experience, but it also brings together people from different spheres of life through the common breath of sacrifice. There’s no better feeling than coming home after a long day, and those who’ve moved especially feel the absence of this familiar place. This appreciation for the unique blend of culture, adventure, and friendship can also be extremely hard to find anywhere else.

    From open spaces to urban places

    Many who move from Calgary to Vancouver miss the spacious living and openness of Calgary. Calgary’s properties and neighborhoods are expansive, providing residents with ample space. In contrast, Vancouver’s urban areas are denser, with smaller houses and less space. It’s not just about the physical buildings; the overall atmosphere changes too. Open spaces in Calgary symbolize freedom and relaxation, offering large backyards, wide streets, and green areas. Adjusting to Vancouver’s tighter quarters can be a significant transition for those accustomed to Calgary’s roomier living environment.

    Embracing change

    Things you’ll miss after moving from Calgary to Vancouver are numerous. Moving from Calgary to Vancouver opens new doors, yet memories of Calgary linger. Sun-soaked summers, the Rockies, and the Calgary Stampede’s spirit stand out. Since Calgary has what it takes to be as intriguing as Vancouver, its community, affordability, and natural beauty are undoubtedly unforgettable. Change will always come your way, but Calgary’s signature is something you will always have with you. Therefore, engaging professional Calgary to Vancouver movers can help you simplify and eventually enjoy an easy relocation, devoting attention to exploring the incoming experiences in Vancouver and reverencing memories of what you have left in Calgary.

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