The secret to staying in touch after a long distance move to London ON

    Have you been thinking of moving to London ON? But you are worried about how you can keep in contact with your loved ones. Here is the secret to staying in touch after a long distance move to London ON. Moving long-distance is exciting. After all, you are starting a new chapter of your life in a totally unfamiliar part of the world. But there are downsides to long-distance relocation. It might be difficult to continue a relationship once you are in another country across the world. But there is no need to worry. There are different ways that can help you continue communicating with your friends and family members. Our team of professional movers at Centennial Moving understands how difficult is to leave your old life behind. But as you see that doesn’t mean that you can’t hear from your besties. Continue reading to find out more about London ON, and to find out how you can stay in touch with friends.

    Let’s get to know more about London ON

    London ON is a smaller city located in southwest Ontario. Another name for it is The Forest City. The history of London ON goes way back to the 19th century, the year 1826 to be exact. But thanks to archaeological research we know that the history of the city goes back even further. People lived in this area for over 10.000 years. There are 14 museums in the city, so you can rest assured every day is going to be intriguing.

    But if you are not a fan of museums, you can easily find beautiful places to enjoy. You can take a stroll around Springbank park. After you can check out Covent Garden Market, where you can get all your need to make a delicious meal. Also, you can pay a visit to the most beautiful cathedral in the city, St. Peter’s Basilica. Finally, you can go for a hike or a camping trip to Boler Mountain. What are you waiting for? Hire one of the best movers London ON for quick and easy relocation. Remember to make sure the moving company you hire has a license and insurance. By hiring a proper moving company you ensure that all your belonging arrive safely to your new home in London ON.

    Mountain top

    Plan a camping trip to Boler Mountain.

    Use social media to your advantage

    Moving is always stressful, and long distance moving ON is often even worse. But you can make it easier for yourself by hiring professional and experienced movers. Once you arrive at your destination, you can use social media to stay in touch. Surely you have at least one form of social media. So from time to time check out what your friends and family are posting, comment on their stories, send them interesting videos. Send them a meme or two. Here are some of the social media apps you can use daily to stay in touch.

    • Instagram – As one of the most used and popular apps, you can be sure that most of your friends have it. You can use funny filters to send videos to your friends. You can share interesting reels to let your friends know you are thinking of them.
    • Facebook – Not the best option, but still quite useful. You can use Facebook to stay in touch with some of your older family members. Facebook is great because it will remind you when it’s someone’s birthday. Also, you can share memories you made throughout the years.
    • TikTok – If you want to stay in contact with your younger cousins TikTok is the best option. It’s super popular nowadays. Surely your teen cousins will appreciate a funny TikTok.

    Video chat from time to time

    It might seem difficult to stay in touch at a first glance. But remember that every single adult has a smartphone. It’s the 21st century after all! Modern technology is making things a lot easier. Even though you live in different time zones, you will talk face to face with your loved ones.  Every smartphone has a camera so you can use it to video chat.

    Woman video chatting with her friends.

    Try staying in touch after a long distance move to London ON with video chats.

    Have movie nights

    Who says that you can’t have meaningful fun with your long distance friends. Even though they live across the globe, you can organize a movie night. Sure it might not be nighttime for everyone, but it’s the thought that counts. Try to do it at least once per month. Gather your group of friends and watch some of your favorite movies or tv shows. Don’t forget to make popcorn!

    Write letters to each other

    Writing letters is another great way to keep in touch. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get creative. Consider writing short stories about your day, and maybe even poems. Surely your friends will appreciate it. You can even draw something from London ON and send the drawing in the letter.

    Plan a trip together

    We left the best for the last. You can always plan a trip together. If you are moving from Toronto to Montreal, you can organize a trip somewhere in between. You can make a stop in Ottava or go down south to lake Ontario. Or you can go outside of Canada. The world is your oyster.

    A group of friends at the beach.

    Plan a trip with your friends to stay in touch.

    Enjoy your new life in London ON

    Once you don’t have to worry about staying in touch after a long distance move to London ON you can enjoy the new chapter of your life. London ON is an exciting city. You can join different programs and courses. Whether you want to try ice-skating or golf, you will find whatever you are looking for right here in London ON. So stop troubling yourself about how you will chat with your friends and have fun in the city.

    Hopefully, by now you know what is necessary for staying in touch after a long distance move to London ON. Do your best to contact often your loved ones. But remember, nobody is going to forget about you just after a week of no contact. So relax and enjoy your life in London ON.


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