Pros and cons of asking friends for moving help

    When moving to a new place, the hardest decision to make is how to relocate all your belongings. There are many options available. You can do it on your own, hire a moving company or ask friends for help. Since every one of us wants to save some money when relocation, the cheapest option is asking friends to assist you. This can be the best one since you won’t have to pay any money and you can be flexible with time. However, there are many advantages and disadvantages when asking friends for moving help. Centennial Moving is here to help you out and present these pros and cons. Hopefully, you will be able to make the most suitable decision.

    A man asking friends for moving help

    Asking friends for moving help can be the least expensive option when relocating.

    It is cheaper than hiring professionals

    Asking friends for moving help instead of hiring professional moving companies could save you a lot of money. This depends on the number of your belongings and whether it is a short distance or long distance moving. Your only costs will be for moving and packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and wrapping paper. Your friends will not take your money, and the only thing you can do is make a nice thank you dinner. Finding many friends to help you out means you will be able to finish everything fast. You are not under any contract, and you can freely talk to them and change anything you want.

    You can be flexible with time

    When hiring moving companies Quebec City has, you will have to arrange your move in advance. You need to have a moving date and follow the schedule that you arranged. You cannot change anything last minute, since moving companies have a lot of customers they are assisting. When working with your friends, you can be flexible and change the day of your moving the last minute. They are always here, you can postpone the relocation, slow down the entire process if needed, without spending any money.

    Two people taking out boxes from the apartment

    You can easily communicate with your friends without any constraints.

    You don’t have any kind of insurance

    When hiring moving companies Fort McMurray has, you will have an insurance policy that will cover any damage if it occurs. Accidents happen all the time, especially when moving. You probably have a lot of fragile items, large items, and appliances. Sometimes it is impossible to protect them completely, especially if you are packing them. You cannot get any insurance from your friends if something breaks. Movers have an adequate system that ensures quality and protection.

    You won’t have help in your new home

    If it is a long-distance move, you won’t have friends help you unpack when you arrive in your new home. You will need someone to unload the truck, carry the items in the house and unpack everything. You cannot do it on your own, and hiring new movers there will be an extra cost. This is why professional movers will help you out to unpack and unload all your belongings fast and safely. When moving out, you need to think about this step as well. Relocations can be simple with the right help.


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