Prepare for Cross Canada Moving Companies & Damages

    The hauling of goods during relocation comes with the fear of something getting damaged during the loading, transporting, and unloading process.

    Even if the packing process goes seamlessly, there is no predicting how things will go once the chattels are out of your hands and in those of the relocating crew. If you are working with professional long-distance movers in Canada, there is no need to fret since they come with the expert skills needed to handle your belongings with utmost precaution.

    Even so, it is best to know how to go about the situation if things go south.

    Be Prepared

    The last thing you want is to have your possessions delivered at your new home, and you are not sure whether the damage occurred in your hands or those of the moving team.

    Therefore, it is advisable to take some snaps of your belongings before they can be picked up by the relocating crew. Be sure to capture any imperfections it has as well, and the photos should be taken in good lighting. That way, you can take notice of any changes to your possessions and have proof to back it up.

    Additionally, make sure that you ask your chosen moving company about insurance coverage and check to see whether it is valid. Most rogue firms do not offer this option, and some even go as far as using expired insurance.

    By confirming the presence of an insurance and knowing what is covered, you dodge the bullet of having to deal with the damage on your own.

    Check Belongings Upon Arrival

    Once you get to your destination, ensure that you are there to watch as your goods are being unloaded. Most reliable companies give their clients a bingo sheet to keep track of the effects being brought out of the truck. That way, it becomes easier to confirm that everything that was loaded got to your new address.

    This process is made easier by some cross Canada movers by including number tags that match the inventory forms.

    • Be keen to inspect any container to make sure that everything is in order before ticking them off the list.
    • Keep your eyes open for any dented containers as well.
    • If the cartons used have been damaged, then there is a likelihood that their contents have suffered the same fate.
    • Point out any damage you come across to the moving crew leader so that they can report back to the agency.

    File an Online Claim

    You might have missed some damage to your possessions during the unloading process and notice it later on when the relocating crew is long gone.

    In such cases, log into the firm’s official website and file a complaint. You can also reach out to them by calling.

    Make sure that you do so as soon as you find out about the damage since the longer you wait, the smaller the likelihood of being compensated.

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