Positive and negative things about moving to New Brunswick

    When deciding to move to a certain place, you will always get to experience both good and bad things. Nothing in this world is perfect, and neither are any provinces, territories, or cities in Canada. New Brunswick is one of the thirteen provinces and territories in Canada, the eighth most populous of all of them. 812,061 residents call it home, and over 25,000 people migrated to this province last year alone. This is the biggest yearly increase in the past decade, and it is higher than the national average too. This shows that reputable movers like Centennial Moving Canada were busy. If you are about to join this trend, let’s learn the basics before moving to New Brunswick.

    Basic facts about New Brunswick

    New Brunswick is a perfect place for people who like open spaces. With a population density of 10.5 people per square km, this is one of the most spacious provinces in Canada. Did you also know that it is the only officially bilingual province? Only one-third of its community is French-speaking, and they are located in the northern part of the province. Moving Toronto to Fredericton New Brunswick is very rare since only 6% of its population are people from outside. Most residents have English or French ancestry, and their families have been living there for generations. But if you consider moving to New Brunswick, you will experience a warm welcome. Some of the good and bad sides of making this decision are listed below.

    1. Mild climate for Canada
    2. Affordable housing prices

    Bad sides are also present, but they greatly depend on the part of the province that you choose to move to.

    1. New Brunswick is not for the money-oriented
    2. Bilingualism might be a requirement
    Picture of an evergreen forest landscape

    New Brunswick is a spacious province

    Mild climate

    Canada is globally famous for its cold winter, with record temperature drops to -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit! The average summer temperatures are in the 70s, with the east and west coasts being a bit warmer. New Brunswick, being a coastal province, has a continental climate, with 4 extinct seasons. The average winter temperature for New Brunswick is 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and summer temperatures usually don’t exceed 77 degrees. The mild climate makes it a great choice for someone moving from Ontario to New Brunswick, due to the significantly warmer winter temperatures.

    Affordable housing is one of the main benefits of moving to New Brunswick

    It is not a lie, housing prices in New Brunswick are so low, that you could even afford to buy a home without a mortgage. The average house price is $192,000, significantly lower than the Canadian national average. Taking into consideration that the province is spacious, you will even get a good piece of land with almost every home. The dream of starting a homestead is very easy to achieve in this part of Canada.

    Money-oriented is not something that New Brunswickers are

    If you are looking for a high salary, and a vibrant, socially active lifestyle, New Brunswick might not be for you. It doesn’t have a dynamic fast growing economy, and the typical hourly earnings are $16.60, lower than in many other provinces.

    Bilingualism is a requirement

    When moving across provinces with the help of some province to province movers, you will likely need to find a new job. If you only speak English, you might have problems finding a job. Since it is officially a bilingual province, both French and English are mandatory for most jobs. Make sure to investigate this before accepting a job.

    Picture of a black board with white letters

    Moving to New Brunswick usually requires its residents to speak both of its official languages

    Moving to New Brunswick will be a breeze with the help of our team

    When you think about moving to New Brunswick, consider everything about it. The good and bad sides are equally important. Even though it might not be the same to read others’ experiences compared to living there, it can help. It will give you a general feel of the area, and we hope to have helped with this. We wish you good luck!


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