Moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan- step-by-step guide

    Whether you are moving because you are following a member of your family or because you have a new job opportunity, there are things that you will need to organize for your relocation day. From packing your belongings, transportation, to settling into your new home there are tasks that you will need to complete. Especially if you are changing a province in Canada since there will be paperwork that will need to be completed as well. To have successful relocation consider hiring one of the moving companies Canada has that will assist you with the transportation of your belongings. Apart from the organization of your belongings, there are other things that you will have to pay attention to. To help you with your relocation process we have created a step-by-step guide for moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan.

    Find the right movers for your relocation to Ontario from Saskatchewan

    As already mentioned one of the most important things for successful relocation is to have a reliable moving company. This is important since reliable movers have the experience and skills to organize the relocation of your belongings. There is a variety of Canadian moving services that you will be able to choose from, so find the company that will best suit your needs and allowance. Whether you need full moving service, labor-only, or packing services make sure to find a moving company that will be able to assist you with any type of relocation from Saskatchewan to Ontario.

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    Having professional and trustworthy movers by your side will ease your relocation process

    To find reliable movers search for the reviews online and talk with your loved ones who have experience with moving. This way you will have a reliable and trustworthy moving company to relocate you to Ontario from Saskatchewan. Relocating from one province to another can be a challenging experience because of the things that need to be done. However, having trustworthy movers will make this process easier.

    Finish up all the paperwork and apply for a driver’s license

    Whether you are moving from Canada to USA, or from one province to another in Canada, there will be administration work that you will have to finish. Even though Ontario and Saskatchewan are both in Canada and the distance between them is 1441 miles you will still have to take care of your personal identifications and other paperwork. Before moving it is important to know that some procedures and laws can differ from province to province. For example, in Canada, every province issues its own driving license. Be aware that once you relocate to Ontario you will be able to use your Saskatchewan driver’s license for 60 days. After that, you will have to exchange it for an Ontario driver’s license.

    As with a driver’s license, there are some other personal identification and paperwork that you will have to take care of. Once you move to Ontario from Saskatchewan make sure to:

    • Exchange your healthcare card
    • Find home service providers
    • Change your address

    Find an apartment in Ontario

    One of the important paperwork that you will have to finish is to change the address. But before you do that you will have to find the apartment. If you are moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario be aware that you will have to set aside a little more than you used to for the rent. Generally speaking, Ontario is ranked 2nd most expensive province to live in with a cost of living 1.17 times higher than the national average. The average rent in Ontario is 1877$ per month, while in Saskatchewan is 1057$ per month.

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    Moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan means that your monthly rent will be a little higher

    Still, even though the rent in Ontario is higher than in Saskatchewan, the average salary is also higher. The average salary in Ontario is 3108$ while in Saskatchewan is 2745$. Being the 4th best state to live in Canada, while Saskatchewan is ranked as the 8th one on the list, without a doubt, it is worth paying a little extra for the rent. Do good research before you settle for the apartment and if needed hire an agent. Do not settle for the first one that you find but make sure to find the one where you and your family will have comfort in.

    The lifestyle that you can expect after moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan

    There are many pros when relocating from Saskatchewan to Ontario, but the quality of the lifestyle is the main one. Without a doubt, living in Saskatchewan has many advantages and it is a great place to raise a family. It has an affordable cost of living, a great educational system, and diverse culture. Without a doubt, Saskatchewan is a great place to live in. However, with so many things to offer Ontario became one of the most attractive places to move to.

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    Living in Ontario will make you happy because of the quality of lifestyle that it offers

    You will not make a mistake if you decide to move to Ontario from Saskatchewan. The main proof for that is that more than half of the people that decide to emigrate to Canada, choose to move to Ontario. The particular reason for that is the high quality of lifestyle. After you get settled in Ontario you will notice how safe and clean this place is. It has a strong job market and plenty of job opportunities. The educational system is well developed so you can rest assured that your children will get proper schooling. Also, it is a four-season place that offers a lot of outside places suitable both for recreation or to relax.

    Whether you are moving locally or from one state to another, relocation can be an overwhelming process. For that reason make sure to follow the steps in this guide and moving to Ontario from Saskatchewan will become much easier. With good research, organization, and planning you will be able to enjoy the beauties of Ontario sooner than you think. 


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