Moving from Toronto to St John's with Family

    Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and a metropolis with a core of soaring skyscrapers. Fascinating city. Opportunities all over. But people tend to move from the city looking for a better life and better opportunities for raising kids. The stressful life of big cities is not for everyone. Some people love peace and quiet. St John’s is a place that can give you this. It is a small place compared to Toronto and it has a lot of things to offer. If you chose moving from Toronto to St John’s with family you can think about hiring movers with experience. Centennial Moving company is one of them, among others, that can help you with that.

    Moving long distance in Canada

    Moving long distance can be exhausting. A lot of things to think about. Moving can quickly become a nightmare. Planning is crucial here. Make a budget for moving and call movers. Cross country movers Canada will definitely help you with that. Their experience will help you with all the things you need when moving from one place to another. Why bother with these things and make your life stressful when you can hire someone to think about that?

    Skyscrapers and buildings and water around it

    Toronto city has beautiful skyscrapers

    What you need to know while moving from Toronto to St John’s with family

    These cities are far away. A very long distance to travel to. When you’re moving Toronto to St John’s NL a lot of things needs to be planned. The road from one place to another is not so good. 35 hours of driving. Imagine moving your precious car or something very valuable. That is one of the reasons why you need to think about hiring movers that know this route and have experience with long distance driving.  Think smart when you decide to hire a company that is going to transfer you with family from Toronto to St John’s.

    Truck on the road while moving from Toronto to St John's with family

    White truck on the road moving across Canada

    Tips on moving from province to province

    We already mentioned that you need to think about a lot of things when you go from Toronto to St John’s with family. You need to consider how are you going to move. Hiring movers is always a smart idea, but there are things that you need to do on your own. Nobody is going to manage your finances except you, or plan what you need and what you are going to bring with you. Province to province movers can help you with this but you are the one who is making a decision.

    • Decide how much money you are willing to spend on moving
    • Plan packing and find packing supplies
    • Throw away stuff that you don’t need
    • Always discuss with movers what you don’t know

    You can save money on things like packing supplies if you know where to find them or be creative with what you already have when packing.


    Moving is a difficult task and a lot needs to be taken into consideration. Especially long distance moving. Movers are always a good idea. But, when you hire movers, hire only the ones that have experience. Ask them about everything that is on your mind. Some decisions must be made by yourself so give yourself time to do the research. Moving from Toronto to St John’s with family can be a wonderful experience if you do everything right.


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