Moving from Toronto to Richmond BC: last minute tips and tricks

    Moving more than 4000km away to Richmond is a big undertaking, no matter how many items you have. If you were to drive there, it would take you around 40 hours. That’s a lot. That’s why you need every little bit of help when moving from Toronto to Richmond BC. Quality movers and a good plan are essential. Without those two, your relocation can quickly turn into a disaster. But it’s not just reliable long distance movers Ontario that make a relocation successful. There are countless little details that impact your relocation. So follow along for some valuable tips and tricks that will make the entire experience faster, more affordable, and less stressful.

    Did you research moving from Toronto to Richmond BC before scheduling your move?

    One of the first tips that are actually a necessity in every relocation is research. It is so important that it makes a huge difference when moving. Especially when you are about to go across the entire continent, all the way to the west coast. You’ve probably searched for and explored province to province movers, moving boxes, and other moving-related products and services. But have you researched what awaits you once you move to Richmond BC from Toronto? Are you going to enjoy your life there? Is there anything that you can do to make the transition easier?

    woman researching moving from Toronto to Richmond BC

    Make sure you do your research as it will make the relocation much easier

    As we already mentioned, moving across the continent brings with it a lot of change. Richmond BC is quite different than Toronto. While the latter is the largest city in Canada, the former is more relaxed and easier to digest. So moving from Toronto to Richmond BC should provide to be an interesting change for the better.

    What are the main differences between Toronto and Richmond that you will notice?

    While Toronto is a large city with over 6 million residents, Richmond is much smaller. It has a population of around 200,000 and it’s part of the Vancouver metropolitan area. That proves to be the main difference between those two cities. But whenever long distance moving is involved, you can expect certain differences. Mainly, people are different. Both cities are home to diverse populations, but Richmond has seen a much bigger Asian influence than Toronto.

    You’ll notice slight, but not-so-important climate differences. Richmond BC is a little bit warmer than Toronto but sees more rain as well. When it comes to home prices, Toronto is slightly more expensive with the median home price being around 1.2 million vs Richmond’s 1.1 million. Rent is, interestingly, more affordable in Toronto. When the cost of living is concerned, the prices are all over the place. Toronto is more expensive if you want to eat at a restaurant. Richmond has higher food prices but meat is generally more expensive in Toronto.

    There are many ways to save money when moving from Toronto to Richmond BC

    Moving across the entire country is expensive. The larger the distance, the bigger the price. Even if you are moving with an affordable moving company like Centennial Moving Canada, you still probably want to save some money on your move. But luckily, we have some great tips and tricks for you to use when moving to Richmond BC from Toronto. Tricks that will help you save some money and make your relocation more affordable.

    woman decluttering her home

    Get rid of as many items as you can before moving from Toronto to Richmond BC

    Declutter before you even begin to think about moving to Richmond BC

    We all tend to hold on to items we no longer use or need. While they don’t cost much when taking up space in our attic, they can be quite costly when moving. So the best way to save money on house relocation is to declutter. Get rid of everything you no longer need or use on a regular basis. There are many ways to do so. You can give some items to your friends, some can go to charity, and the ones that aren’t usable anymore should go straight to recycling.

    Save money on moving boxes by visiting local supermarkets

    Packing is one of the most time-consuming tasks when moving. It takes a lot to pack an entire life, both in terms of time as well as in terms of moving boxes. So as you are following your moving checklist for relocating to another province, you’ve come to a step when you need to buy moving boxes. They might seem affordable enough until you realize that you need 100 of them. When you add everything up the price can quickly skyrocket. That’s why you need to be smart about your packing. One of the best ways to save money on packing is to get your hands on some free moving boxes. But how? There are actually a few different ways:

    • Have friends that recently moved? Ask them if they have any leftover moving boxes
    • Use suitcases for your belongings and original packing boxes for your electronics
    • Visit local supermarkets and ask if you can take some of the boxes that they are discarding. Most of the time you’ll be able to get more than enough moving boxes that way
    woman sitting in front of moving boxes

    You can get plenty of moving boxes at your local supermarket

    Scout the neighborhood before moving from Toronto to Richmond BC

    Moving so far away means that you don’t have the luxury of going back and forth often. Some people move without ever setting in Richmond before. But it’s still important to scout the neighborhood before moving. What if, while unpacking, you need a lightbulb? Where would you go to buy it? There are plenty of ways to research the city of Richmond BC without having to go there personally. Go on Street View and take a look at the neighborhood. Study the maps to see where what is. Another valuable source of information is travel websites. While they don’t focus on living there, they will give you plenty of fun things to do after moving from Toronto to Richmond BC. It’s a fun activity and can get you a lot of benefits. It will make adjusting to the new environment much easier and faster.


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