Moving from Red Deer to Kamloops - what to expect?

    Moving between far away cities is more complicated than moving across town. There are more things to consider and more steps to take. However, it’s nothing a little timely preparation can solve. When it comes to long-distance moving, you have to know what to expect so that you can prepare better for it. To help you do so, our experts at Centennial Moving created a brief guide on what to expect when moving from Red Deer to Kamloops. Read on and get ready for a seamless and stress-free move.

    Prepare for the distance

    The distance between Red Deer, Alberta, and Kamloops, British Columbia amounts to 755 km. It takes about 8 or 9 hours to arrive if you drive non-stop. But we don’t recommend driving for such a long time. Accidents happen more frequently when people are tired from driving. A second of less than perfect concentration can have awful consequences. Therefore, if you decide to rent a moving truck and drive yourself, plan to stop to rest multiple times. Maybe even make it a two-day trip and spend the night somewhere in the middle.

    That said, your best bet is to hire movers. Since long distance moving can be difficult and exhausting, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with it, leaving it to the professionals is the most suitable option. That way, your belongings will be in the capable hands of experienced and skillful movers. Also, you wouldn’t have to drive to Kamloops and could fly there from Calgary. That is the fastest way of traveling from Red Deer to Kamloops.

    Trucks on the road from Red Deer to Kamloops

    In case you decide to drive, make sure you are well-rested at all times.

    How to choose a moving company when moving from Red Deer to Kamloops

    You want to hire a reliable moving company that has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed for a long-distance relocation. When you have people who you trust handling your precious belongings, you will be able to relax and look forward to your new home. Hence, researching the best moving companies Red Deer has to offer is definitely worth the time. Allow yourself enough time to find the company that will fulfill every one of your requirements. Here’s what to consider when choosing movers.

    1. Recommendations from people you trust. Reach out to people who have used moving companies and ask them about their experience. Both a good experience and a bad one can be helpful to you.
    2. Good reviews. If you don’t know anyone who can recommend movers, turn to Google. Even if companies come with recommendations, check the reviews anyway. People usually write reviews when they had a wonderful experience or a bad one. Find a moving company with a successful track record. Consider comments about the timeliness of their service, maintaining the condition of items, and keeping rates fair.
    3. License and insurance. Never use a company that isn’t fully licensed and insured.  Best moving companies Kamloops has will have no problem presenting their license and certifications for you to see.
    4. Customer support and good communication. Reliable movers are the ones that care about their clients, support them in any type of relocation, and answer any questions.
    5. Transparent rates. Moving companies can’t give you an exact estimate online or on the phone. But, they can give you a ballpark figure. Make sure you inquire about what constitutes an additional fee. If the company is vague about the information, move on to another one.
    Professional movers and a white moving van

    Trustworthy and skilled movers can make moving seem like a breeze.

    Make lists and create a schedule to follow

    Every successful and practical move starts with proper organization. Go through all of your belongings carefully and document everything. This will allow you to have an overview of everything that has to be done. As far as scheduling goes, set up dates for when every major part of the move. Booking movers, getting packing materials, packing, informing people about your move, will all be easier when there is a schedule to follow.

    Who to notify when moving from Red Deer to Kamloops

    An important part of the move is notifying the right people and places about your change of address. When you inform all the parties interested on time, you won’t have to face an inconvenience such as a missed bill or a service lapse. Here’s who should know about your move.

    • Personal contacts. Notify your family, friends, employer, school, the landlord (if applicable).
    • Healthcare professionals. Let your doctor, dentist, vet, and all other healthcare specialists know you’re moving.
    • Creditors and services. Your phone, cable, internet, electricity, insurance, and credit card companies should be notified. Also, tell your bank and lawyer. Cancel or forward subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, etc.
    • Government services. It is essential to inform the federal and your provincial/territorial government if your residence changes.

    Pack, pack, pack

    Well, you expected this one, didn’t you? Packing is the part of the moving process that takes the longest. Keep in mind that you’re moving far away and try to pack only the items that you need and/or love. Besides having a fresh start in your new home in Kamloops clutter-free, it will also make your relocation more affordable. The more you pack, the more expensive the move. Divide all items you won’t bring with you into piles for donations, selling, and throwing away.

    Person lying on the floor beneath cardboard boxes

    Don’t let packing overwhelm you, stay organized!

    Get to know Kamloops

    Whether it’s something you have been looking forward to or just something you have to do, for example, because of your job, try to look at moving from Red Deer to Kamloops as an opportunity for a fresh start and new adventures. In Kamloops, you’ll find an ideal climate, a mix of family-friendly neighborhoods, plenty of amenities, well-rated schools, and an abundance of outdoor activities. It is a beautiful and affordable place to live in, that offers a relaxed and balanced lifestyle. Let the best movers help you move to your new home in this attractive Canadian city. Be open to new experiences and make the best of them.


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