Moving from Moncton to McMurray - what to expect

    While the majority of newcomers concentrate on the larger cities, there are other smaller cities that have a lot to offer. Typically, people relocate to the Fort McMurray region to work in the oil sands sector. Before you make a final choice, it is important to conduct a thorough research about the place you are considering moving to. These would include the housing alternatives, the local economy, and the quality of life there. For this reason, here is everything you need to know about moving from Moncton to McMurray. Only when you read about the city and learn more you can start with moving preparations. There will be time to hire Centennial Moving Canada but first here is what to expect from McMurray.

    The cost of living in McMurray

    Housing prices are typically lower while residing in a smaller town. Housing costs in Fort McMurray, however, are comparable to or even higher than those in other larger cities. The small housing market and a great demand for houses are the reasons behind this. For a one-bedroom apartment, rent starts at about $850 per month and increases from there. The range is usually between $945 and $1,645. The majority of landlords will demand that you carry renter insurance. If there is theft, fire, or water damage, you would be responsible for paying out of pocket. Your possessions and liabilities are covered by the renter’s insurance. On the other hand, if you plan to purchase a house, the average price for a single-family detached home is around $489,000. Consider all the options and choose the best one before moving with long distance movers Moncton.

    Moving from Moncton to McMurray to live in a snow covered house

    McMurray is a bit more expensive but this is due to the high demand

    Job options in McMurray

    The Athabasca Oil Sands are located close to Fort McMurray, which is regarded as the center of one of Canada’s major oil production centers. For this reason, the local economy is dominated by the oil industry and related sectors. Then, Fort McMurray’s leading industries are the following.

    • Gas
    • Oil
    • Forestry
    • Tourism

    In addition to this, the largest Companies in Fort McMurray include Shell CNOOC Petroleum North America ULC (Formerly Nexen), Stantec Syncrude, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd (CNRL), and Suncor Energy. With every long distance moving, it is important to find a job beforehand. In this case, you may search for employment in the Fort McMurray region on government websites such as and the Government of Canada Job Bank. Another choice is to cooperate with nearby recruiting companies. This will be beneficial since you can find a job in your profession easier than searching alone.

    Moving from Moncton to McMurray and getting around the city

    To move around, the majority of people use cars. The region is served by a number of highways. The sole road between Fort McMurray and Edmonton is Highway 63. This roadway carries some of the biggest and heaviest loads ever transported by trucks, as well as some of the greatest tonnage per kilometer in Canada. This is due to the needs of the oil sands sector. Moreover, it is one of Canada’s most hazardous roadways. Highway 881 is another route from Lac La Biche to Fort McMurray. Moreover, the city is reached by Highway 69, a brief detour off of Highway 63 that links Fort McMurray with its airport and a few isolated residential communities to the southeast. You should communicate with province to province movers to see what the best way to transport your household items would be.

    buildings and houses near the lake

    Moving from Moncton to McMurray is easy if you have a car

    Education in McMurray

    In Fort McMurray, there are 24 primary schools and 24 high schools. Students in Fort McMurray attend classes at the Fort McMurray Public School District. French Immersion and Islamic Schools are also part of this. The Northern Alberta region is served by the Northland School Division. It encompasses the rural region that surrounds Wood Buffalo as well as the Town of Peace River. The Northern Alberta school district teaches French as a first language. A community college, Keyano College has three sites where it provides courses. In addition to training to prepare people for employment in the oil sands sector, it provides courses ranging from general science to arts. If you are moving here with your family, these would be all the options for your children when it comes to the education system. Your first goal after relocation with moving companies in Fort Mcmurray is to find a school.

    Support from the local government

    The communities of Wood Buffalo and Fort McMurray continue to draw in new residents. With employment, counseling, translation, and community programs, the YMCA of Wood Buffalo Immigrant Settlement Services aids in the integration of newcomers. For language assistance, newcomers can turn to a number of services. Via Wood Buffalo Regional Library, Keyano College, and the YMCA of Northern Alberta, you may take language classes, get translation services, and get other educational opportunities. Every new person needs a strategy for handling their own money. In Fort McMurray, all regional banks offer assistance to newcomers. They have initiatives to assist newcomers in opening bank accounts and obtaining credit cards, mortgages, and other financial items. Start the procedure by going to a nearby bank branch. Therefore, you don’t have to worry when moving to McMurray since the local government is working hard to help all the newcomers.

    person listening to a lecture

    You can learn French at several institutions in the city

    Should you move to McMurray?

    Moving from Moncton to McMurray may not be easy since you will have to leave your old house and start again. However, McMurray is a wonderful city with great local support. For this reason, you will soon enough feel at home in your new city. If you find a good job and have the means to support yourself, you shouldn’t hesitate but start organizing your relocation. You can find reliable movers to assist you during this process so you can move all your precious belongings to McMurray stress and damage-free. Therefore, start searching for your new house, movers, and all things included for your successful relocation to McMurray.


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