Moving from Halifax to Calgary: costs to include in your moving budget

    So you’ve decided to move from the East coast and head towards a more continental place, West Canada. This is a long way to go and moving is never easy, especially long distance. Fun fact: the distance between Halifax and Calgary is 3001 miles, so it’s a long way to go. So we as one of the best moving companies Canada has to offer, would like to help you out. We’ll provide you with moving from Halifax to Calgary tips and costs to include in your moving budget. On the other hand, if you haven’t found your Oak Island treasure in Nova Scotia maybe you’ll have better luck in Alberta. So let’s pack our bags and hit the road together!

    Moving from Halifax to Calgary – differences and similarities

    First of all, let’s talk about some differences between Halifax and Calgary. The city isn’t as big as Calgary since the population of Halifax is 440,332  compared to the 1,481,806 in Calgary. Halifax as the capital of Nova Scotia has a reasonable cost of living.  As one of the most reliable long distance moving companies Canada can provide, we can tell you that from what we found on the road, is that Calgary is more expensive. Online it says that Calgary is about 10% more expansive than Falifax but not in all aspects. It’s understandable since Calgary is almost 4 times bigger so the competition is higher and prices are more likely to go up. But there is one thing that’s cheaper in Calgary compared to Halifax and that’s clothes! Calgary has much bigger shopping malls so you can find better deals and so for food.

    Now the average clothing store is 16% cheaper in Calgary compared to Halifax. But food is on by far the most expensive by 14% when compared to Halifax; entertainment is more expensive by only 4%, while personal care and transportation are more expensive by 12% and housing by 8%. Also, it’ll take you some time to get adjusted because Halifax is three hours ahead of Calgary. Try to find some of the best relocation services Canada can offer because this is a long way to go. Also, the movers should be skillful especially if you have a lot of things to carry with you.  If you need any extra tips you can check out our blog section; you’ll find there are a lot of DIY tips and tricks so go ahead and look’em up. But be careful since long-distance moves are usually much harder than local moving.

    One black chess piece separated from red chess pawns;

    Think about all pros and cons of moving to Calgary.

    What costs you should include in your moving budget?

    If you want to DIY move you can count on the packing materials. So this should include boxes, tape, plastic and paper wrapping materials, markers, sticky notes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. The list goes on forever but the best thing is that you can customize it to some extent. There is also some alternative eco-friendly version where for example instead of regular moving boxes you can use most of your empty containers like luggage and handbags. Moving insurance is a must too and you should get it even if the company doesn’t ask you too much about it. One of the best long distance movers Halifax will provide you with an explanation of the three most common types of moving insurance.

    • Released value coverage or basic released value protection will cover only 60 cents per pound of your overall belongings.
    • Full-value protection or declared value protection will cover about $6 per pound of your overall cargo.
    • Separate liability insurance or third-party insurance will cover any loss due to some natural disasters or technical failures during the move.

    When it comes to third-party insurance it’s provided by a third party (an insurance company) which will set an estimate on your cargo. While the full-value protection will cost you about 1 or 2% of your overall cargo weight.  These aren’t the cheapest options but they’ll come in handy especially if you want to perform DIY relocation when moving from Halifax to Calgary. One extra tip is that you should try and move now (late fall or winter) because it’s the cheapest time of the year to move.

    An insurance agent is offering a pen to a person who is thinking about moving from Halifax to Calgary;

    Insurance is another necessary cost to consider when moving from Halifax to Calgary

    Storage, car shipping, and professional movers

    Storage is something that might come in’s pretty useful especially if you didn’t declutter properly. During the decluttering phase if you didn’t throw away, recycled, sold, packed, or fixed your items, what’ll you do with them? There is only one solution for storage! Nowadays storages are advanced and they have climate and temperature controls. There is also moving storage that you can use while you’re on the road. For long-distance moves, if you don’t want to drive over 3000 miles like in this case, you better get one. This is the safest and fastest way to transport your vehicle. Another thing that we see people do is to sell their vehicles and get new ones in their new city. But since it’s a recession and it’ll be even worse in 2023, re-think your financial actions.

    Last but not least is hiring moving professionals. It’s not the cheapest option but it’s probably the one that you’ll need the most. This way you’ll cut costs on packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, cleaning, etc. These are just some of the reasons to hire professional movers.  Other reasons include the speed of packing and moving. For example, movers can fully move and pack, unpack, load, and unload a 2-bedroom house in 5-7 hrs for anywhere between $525-$900 on average. Also, don’t forget to check the prices and use free estimates before you hire your movers. A team of well-trained, young professionals who are goal driven and ready for work ASAP; if this isn’t the reason why you should consider hiring pro movers nothing is.

    Two girls throwing boxes at each other;

    If you can’t DIY for any reason think about hiring pros.

    Prepare for the move!

    These were our thoughts on moving from Halifax to Calgary: costs to include in your moving budget. So, before you decide to move, think of all the differences and similarities between the two cities. After that count in cleaning fees, car shipping,  storage, insurance, and professional moving and services. That’s about it if you need any other tips you can contact us or visit our blog section. Thank you for reading this article and we hope that it helped you. Have a nice move.



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