Moving for marriage: where do Canadians move for love?

    A lot of married couples choose to leave their hometown and find a new place to explore and enjoy together. Moving for marriage is an amazing opportunity to grow your bond, and create new memories together. If you and your spouse are planning to relocate to a Canadian city but aren’t sure where to go, you can learn more about popular locations for couples and young families that movers in Canada recommend by reading below. Many Canadian cities and towns can be great homes as they offer vibrant communities, high safety rankings, growing job markets, and quality housing.

    Best places in Canada if you’re moving for marriage

    If you’re looking for a new home in Canada, it’s essential to do your research before you do. Many Canadian cities offer exceptional living standards to their residents, and it just comes down to which factor you and your spouse value the most. Here are some of the best family-friendly locations, chosen by Canadian moving services, that offer high quality of life, safety, beautiful landscapes, and great career opportunities.

    A city in Canada over a body of water

    Canada has some of the best cities for couples moving for marriage.

    Ottawa, ON

    It is no surprise that many Canadians moving for marriage choose the country’s capital as their home. Ottawa is overall one of the best places to live in Canada. It is exceptionally beautiful, vibrant, and clean. Even though it is home to almost a million residents, the community is very welcoming and friendly according to long distance movers Ontario residents trust. Ottawa has great career opportunities, as well as a good work-life balance. The salaries in the city are one of the highest in Canada, and the job market is extremely competitive. Not only are jobs well-paid, but the cost of living is relatively affordable. The city has incredible culture and entertainment scene, as well as numerous fun activities to enjoy with your partner.

    Edmundson, New Brunswick

    Edmundson is located in Madawaska Country in New Brunswick, and it is one of the most densely populated cities in Canada. The city has an exceptionally high quality of life, and it is one of the best places to live in the country. It has so much to offer to its residents. Filled with beautiful landscapes, and art galleries, Edmundson has a rich culture and history that make it a hot spot for couples who are moving together. Additionally, the city has so much more to offer. A great job market, quality housing, and reliable healthcare are just some of the reasons why Edmundson is among the most loved cities in Canada. Also, the housing is really inexpensive, which can be a good thing for first-time homebuyers. The average house costs $150,622, while the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $545.

    Toronto, ON

    Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and the one with the best career opportunities as well. The booming economy and it’s being the center of the industry, make Toronto a great city for job opportunities. Additionally, it has quality education which can be important if you plan on expanding the family. Even though it’s the largest city, Toronto is exceptionally clean and safe. You can enjoy the outdoors, as there are numerous parks, picnic areas, and hiking trails all over the city. Toronto has great public transportation, and as stated by long distance movers in Toronto, a lot of residents cycle through the city so owning a car isn’t necessary. Overall, it is a city with a high quality of life, filled with opportunities for couples and young families.

    A ''Toronto" sign near a water fountain excellent for couples moving for marriage.

    Toronto is one of the best cities to grow your career.

    Vancouver, British Columbia

    If you don’t mind rainy winters and enjoy busy city living, Vancouver might be the choice for you. One of the best places in Canada, Vancouver is a vibrant city with plenty of entertainment, numerous career opportunities, a high safety ranking, and picturesque nature around the city. It is more focused on outdoor activities, rather than nightlife, and indoor entertainment. However, there are great dining options, as well as museums and theaters. Vancouver is also a bilingual city, and most residents speak both English and French. Another benefit of moving for marriage to Vancouver is the proximity to the mountains where you spend winter days enjoying skiing or snowboarding. Our long distance moving companies Vancouver always have a lot of work.

    Quebec City, Quebec

    Quebec City is one of the bilingual cities in Canada, where English and French are used interchangeably, so knowing both languages can be beneficial. This beautiful city in Quebec is home to rich culture, diversity, great food, and some of the best private schools in the area. The housing costs are reasonable both for renters and buyers, so you don’t have to worry about living expenses. Like most other Canadian cities, Quebec City is focused on active living and spending time outdoors. The beautiful nature, the city’s park, and hiking trails are some of the biggest benefits of moving here. Additionally, Quebec has a rich nightlife and bar scene to explore for a fun date night in the city. Overall, it is a great place for enjoying your marriage, but also for raising a family.

    Additional cities to consider

    Canada is filled with amazing cities that offer exceptional quality of life, and are a perfect choice for anyone looking for a family-friendly town with numerous life opportunities. Since Canada is the second largest country in the world, the opportunities are endless. Here are some of the other lovely cities to consider before moving for marriage:

    • Montreal,
    • Halifax,
    • Burlington,
    • Edmonton,
    • Boucherville.

    How to easily move your home

    If you and your spouse are moving for marriage to another city, here are some of the most useful cross country Canada moving solutions to help you start preparing.

    Make a plan

    Even though long-distance relocation is usually a stressful event, if you’re moving for marriage it can make the process much more fun and enjoyable. First of all, you need to choose the perfect location to spend your married life in. After you decide where to go, it’s time to start making a detailed plan on how to execute it perfectly. Since, relocation involves multiple tasks, including finding the right housing, packing and transporting your belongings, and moving in with your partner, having a plan in advance can help you stay organized during this stressful time period. Additionally, it is vital to have a checklist in order to determine a timeline for your move.

    A woman making a checklist about moving for marriage

    The first step to a successful relocation is planning it as detailed as possible.

    Find the right home when moving for marriage

    Every city you choose as your new home has its own unique real estate market situation that you need to research before moving. First of all, it is crucial to decide whether you’d like to rent or buy a home. This will greatly impact your relocation timeline, as homebuying takes a lot more time than simply renting a place. Not only is the homebuying process longer, but house hunting takes more time as well. If neither of you is familiar with the city, it may be worth hiring a real estate agent to assist you in finding your dream home. On the other hand, renting a home could be a convenient temporary solution that will allow you to move in quickly and live there until a house you like goes on the market.

    Declutter your belongings

    Since moving takes quite a lot of time it may be helpful to get rid of your unwanted goods to lower the workload. This will benefit you in multiple ways. First of all, you may be able to get a smaller apartment or home if you have fewer items to store. Secondly, decluttering also means fewer belongings to transport. Since the size of your shipment is detrimental to the price, it will significantly decrease your moving expenses if you declutter. Additionally, you can spend less time packing as you’ll leave behind some of your belongings. Last but least, after decluttering you can sell some of the unwanted goods that are still valuable. This is a great way to make some money and help you financially during relocation.

    Start packing early

    One of the most time-consuming parts of residential moving is packing everything before shipping, especially if you’re moving from Canada to USA. In order to avoid relocation stress it is essential to have sufficient time to finish everything. If you never packed your goods before, you will see that the first few boxes may take more time. However, don’t be discouraged as you will quickly get a grip on how to manage to pack efficiently. The most important part to execute as carefully as possible is packing fragile items. It is helpful if you and your spouse pack together, as having an additional pair of hands is always welcome. After all, you can make it a fun way to spend time together! Last but not least, obtaining quality packing supplies will make your job a lot easier.

    A woman using bubble wrap to pack an item

    It is important to take your time packing fragile belongings.

    Transport your items

    After your last moving box is sealed and ready for shipping, it is time to start transporting your items. You can ship your items on your own, or via a moving company. There are pros and cons to both options, but hiring a professional moving company can greatly simplify your relocation. Not only will they transport your belongings, but they can also help you pack, find storage solutions, and unpack upon arrival. Having movers by your side can help to relieve the stress caused by relocation. However, if DIY is more your style, you need to find reliable shipping companies for your moving boxes, as well as car shipping companies in Canada, to transport your vehicle.

    After the move

    If you’re a newlywed couple, not only do you need to find a place to live and relocate, but you also have to figure out the logistics of living together in your new place. This will take some preparation and compromise to achieve.

    Talk about finances

    Before you move in with your spouse it is important to talk about financial issues and responsibilities. It may be an uncomfortable conversion but it is one that is necessary for a comfortable and secure joint life, Especially, if you decide to buy a home together. It is vital to discuss depths, mortgages, and how are you going to divide the expenses in your new home. You may also want to open a joint bank account.

    A happily married couple having a discussion

    Talking about your finances is an important step after moving in together.

    Discuss how you’ll divide housework

    After discussing finances, you should also talk about how to divide housework and chores. This will help your household run smoothly. The best way to divide them is by communicating clearly about what you feel you can manage best, according to your knowledge and work schedule. It is good to remember that sometimes, fair does not mean equal, but other times 50/50 may be the way to go. Nevertheless, this is a good starting point when figuring out how to live together after moving.

    Decorate together

    One of the most fun parts of moving after marriage is after you arrive at your new home, and get to make your house feel like a home together. Compromise is a part of every successful marriage, and it is not any different when it comes to decorating your house to suit both of your styles. Communicate with your spouse about what would make the place that you’re living in most homely to you. You can find loads of inspiring ideas online to help you get started. However, before you start hanging your photos it is vital to figure out storage solutions in your new home.

    Enjoy your new home!

    Moving for marriage may seem stressful, but it is an utterly rewarding experience that will bring you even closer to your spouse. Choosing a city where you’ll make your memories together, and potentially raise a family is a big decision to make. It is important not to rush into anything, and take enough time to find the perfect place for you. However, with all the great options that Canada has to offer, the good news is that it is hard to make a mistake!


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