Montreal or Vancouver: where to move for work

    Looking for a job is an exhausting move for everyone. If you want to change jobs or are looking for a new one, you have to choose wisely. When you are thinking about moving from Montreal to Vancouver for a job, do your best to research the cities beforehand and find the one that offers you the most business opportunities. If your dilemma is whether to move to Montreal or Vancouver for work, we will do our best to help you. We will look at all the facts when it comes to work and present to you the good and bad sides of employment in these cities. After that, choose what suits you for business and living conditions.

    Montreal or Vancouver

    The first thing to emphasize is that both cities are great! They offer plenty of opportunities for employment and a great life. As they are located at opposite ends of Canada, they also have many differences. They differ in temperature, cost of living, and many other things and therefore attract different people. But regardless of their differences, their residents chose the city that suits their wishes and needs. Regardless of whether you are moving there for work, you need to know what kind of life awaits you. It is not easy to pick up things and go to another city without prior preparation. So take your time and prepare yourself to move into a great city for work.

    A woman stands with her team after solving the Montreal or Vancouver dilemma

    When you plan to move, you need to research carefully what are the profitable jobs, before you make the decision between Montreal or Vancouver.

    Before making a decision you should research:

    • Which professions are desirable in which city
    • What is the cost of living?
    • Weather conditions
    • The lifestyle of people in the city

    The size of the city does not mean more work

    With its 2.6 million inhabitants, Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. While Vancouver is in fourth place with 600 000 residents. Although Montreal is much larger than Vancouver, it does not mean more business opportunities. What’s more, it can be just the opposite because a bigger city means more people fighting for the same position. Although Toronto is second to none as a city of jobs. Vancouver can also offer you a wide variety of jobs. You should just research which jobs are in demand in which city and see where your professional qualifications are more desirable before you call long distance movers Canada to book a move. After that, you can enjoy all the advantages of the city you have chosen.

    Language barriers can be a great problem

    If you are looking for a job and thinking about moving to Montreal with long distance movers Montreal, you are one step away from a great job. But you have to keep one important thing in mind. In Montreal, it is difficult to find a job if you do not speak French fluently. What’s more, it is almost impossible to get a great position at work here if you are not bilingual. In all of Canada, Montreal is the city where the French language is spoken the most fluently, and this is one of the main things you should know if you are thinking about moving here.

    On the other hand, English is spoken in Vancouver, which can significantly facilitate your job search. But also to enable a simpler life. If you don’t speak French and have no intention of learning it, in the duel between Montreal and Vancouver, choose to move to Vancouver.

    Tax papers and calculator

    If you are planning to move for work, you should know that Montreal has significantly higher taxes than Vancouver, while Vancouver has a higher cost of living.

    Montreal or Vancouver – taxes and cost of living

    When choosing whether to move to Montreal or Vancouver for work, you should know the taxes and expenses that await you there. Unfortunately, Quebec is the highest-taxed province in Canada. The cost of living and housing is quite affordable, but a large part of your money will go to taxes. If your salary is around 50,000, you will pay around 15% provincial income tax. And on top of that another 16% tax on the city of Montreal. On the other hand, living and housing costs in Vancouver are higher, and taxes are significantly lower than in Montreal. It is up to you to look at the whole situation and to choose the city that will suit you when the earnings and costs are taken into account.

    Weather can be challenging in Montreal

    Although not closely related to the job search, weather conditions are one of the important things to consider when planning a move. Montreal has a very challenging climate and not everyone can live there. Vancouver does not have such cold winters, they are more rainy than snowy, while the summers are milder. Some people do not like winter and react badly to the extremely cold winters in Montreal. If you are not in the mood and able to handle the Montreal winter, you might be better off moving to the city of Vancouver. There you will be able to enjoy more favorable weather conditions. So when you planning to move consider the weather condition in both cities.

    People are talking on the street

    The language barrier can be a huge problem when you’re moving for work because if you don’t speak French well, you’ll have a hard time navigating Montreal.

    To sum up – Montreal or Vancouver where to move for work?

    To conclude, moving to Montreal or Vancouver for work can be a good and life-changing decision. No matter where you decide to move, you will be able to find a job and have good living conditions. It is up to you to choose where the movers Canada will move you by your needs. If you speak French fluently and love culture and cycling, and can tolerate colder weather well, choose Montreal. And if you’re still looking for warmer weather, fewer taxes, and more diverse fun, Vancouver could be just what you’re looking for. So think well and make a decision based on your wishes and preferences.


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