Living in Ontario as an expat

    Ontario is a stunning region of Canada that is perhaps best known as the site of Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Ottawa, the country’s capital. It has beautiful landscapes, lively towns with abundant shopping, dining, and nightlife, and picture-perfect beaches. As long as you’re prepared for the wide range of climates, Ontario is a fantastic location to call home. If you’re considering a move to Canada, we at Centennial Moving Canada have broken down all the reasons why Ontario is your best bet. Living in Ontario as an expat will offer you many new opportunities and we’re sure you’ll get the value and quality of life you’re looking for.

    Is it nice to live in Ontario?

    On average, more than half of all new Canadians settle in Ontario. Why? Quite simply, Ontario offers an exceptionally high standard of living. Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of greenery to enjoy. What a great compromise between urban life and rural tranquility.

    Toronto, Ontario

    Toronto is the most popular in Canada.

    The job market in Ontario is robust, and the province’s biggest cities provide residents with safety, cleanliness, and modern public amenities. It has a wide range of cultural experiences to offer visitors from other countries. The economy of Ontario benefits from a constant influx of tourists thanks to the province’s many tourist attractions. There are several amusement parks and other attractions available, in addition to commercial and manufacturing districts. The province of Ontario offers a dynamic and interesting lifestyle, with something to offer every kind of person.

    The vastness of the distances will need some getting accustomed to. Most Ontarians consider a five-hour journey to be rather manageable, despite the province’s size. So, you’ll want a vehicle unless you just intend to spend your time in Toronto or Ottawa. Getting out into Canada’s breathtaking nature will enrich your life. Overall, Canada is one of the best countries to be in. So if you’d like to make Canada your permanent home, get in touch with moving companies Ontario right away.

    Is it costly to live in Ontario?

    Living expenses in Ontario are rather high. Inevitable expenses are something you’ll have to budget for. If you work in the medical or IT field you won’t have much to worry about. A vehicle is not absolutely necessary, but transportation costs will be high. One-way public transportation tickets cost around CA$3, so the system is affordable, but you’ll need to utilize it often.

    Rent, obviously, is a major expenditure. Outside of the core downtown area, a one-bedroom apartment in a city will run you around CA$1,600 per month in rent. This may go up to CA$1,900 in the heart of major Canadian cities like Toronto and Ottawa. Apartments in urban areas may cost more than $5,500 CAD per square meter to purchase. Similar to renting, you may save money by moving outside of major cities.

    a couple hugging and thinking of living in Ontario as an expat

    Renting an apartment in Ontario is not a very complicated process and you’ll have so much to choose from.

    Costs of living in Ontario are generally a bit higher than in other Canadian provinces. Importing products into the province is straightforward because of the abundance of airports, ports, and roads that lead to the United States. Given that most of the country’s economic activity is located in the south, you may pay more for necessities if you happen to be in the north.

    Requirements for moving to Ontario

    In contrast to some other provinces that admit immigrants at a trickle, Ontario is quite welcoming. But don’t pack up your belongings and book a flight just yet. Before packing up and moving, there are several hurdles to jump through. Long distance moving requires quite a lot of preparation.

    You must first get a visa. Foreign nationals from the United Kingdom may remain in any of the 12 member states visa-free for up to six months. A tourist visa is required if your stay will be more than 90 days. If you are willing to put in the time at a job or school, you may easily get one of them.

    a man travelling to Canada intending to try living in Ontario as an expat

    Living in Ontario as an expat is a great choice.

    However, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program may be an option if you want to make a permanent move. If you possess special abilities that are in demand within the province, you may qualify for this program’s relocation assistance. At the moment, they include IT, healthcare, and the financial sector. The list is updated as the economy requires, so be sure to check back often.

    One other option is to apply for federal assistance via the Skilled Worker Program. If you have a score of 67 or more on this point system, you will be granted a visa. Age, profession, level of education, language proficiency, and marketability of abilities are only a few of the factors taken into account. The rest is the norm. You’ll need to show that you can pay or that you can be paid. You’ll need a passport picture, your medical records, confirmation that you don’t have a criminal background, and your identity documents. After you’ve finished all that, you may start your search for reliable long distance movers Ontario and ensure yourself a safe trip.

    Best places for living in Ontario as an expat

    Researching the many options in Ontario is a must if you are thinking about moving and living in Ontario as an expat. Cities and towns in this portion of Canada range from spectacular to terrible. The finest locations are those that are both safe and provide an exceptional quality of life. If you’re looking for a new home in Ontario, Canada, the list below can point you in the right direction.

    1. Toronto

    For many international visitors, Toronto serves as the ideal first stop in Canada. Besides this, it’s the largest city in Canada and a cultural and ethnic melting pot that draws visitors from all over the globe. Obviously, there is a wide variety of Indian grocery stores, supply stores, and restaurants in Toronto.

    Despite the fact that many Torontonians complain about the city’s public transportation system, getting anywhere in the downtown area is a snap. Toronto is the place to go if you’re searching for cheap rides on Uber or Lyft and a wide variety of nightlife options, including pubs and clubs.

    Everyone from every corner of the globe can find a place to call home in Toronto. On the northwest side of Lake Ontario is where you’ll find the most beautiful piece of real estate. And since it’s one of the world’s most cultural centers, residents enjoy a rich multicultural experience. There are some very cheap options for rent on the outskirts of the city.  Toronto has been widely recognized as Canada’s economic hub. You won’t have much trouble landing a job here.

    2. Ottawa

    Every province and territory in Canada has its own unique character and attractive features, making it difficult to choose where to settle down. Ottawa is one of the most affordable Canadian cities, and it provides residents with all the benefits of city life—including easy access to nature, a diverse job market, a secure environment, and a lively social scene—as well as all the conveniences of urban life.

    Ottawa, Canada

    Ottawa is the best starting point for anyone who wants to try living in Ontario as an expat.

    Some people may love to call Canada’s capital home, while others may find life in Ottawa to be too sluggish or dull. You get to determine whether you like it or not depending on your own tastes and motivations for making the shift. Ottawa has a relatively stable economy, there are plenty of employment opportunities, and everyone gets a fair shot. Many individuals seeking the finest areas to live abroad with their families prioritize safety.

    Aside from being one of the most desirable locations in all of Canada, this area is also home to some of the country’s top educational institutions. The downside is that life is often slower-paced than in larger cities like Toronto or Vancouver. While the cost of living is lower than in other places, some people may find it prohibitive even when compared to their current location. Be prepared for the chilly winter if you’re from a warmer region and finding life here difficult. Despite its problems, Ottawa is a lovely place to live, and the country you’re visiting is among the nicest on the planet.

    3. Hamilton

    The cost of living is very good in Hamilton. It’s not too pricey, and there are plenty of chances for work and an easy commute to Toronto. The city has a very artistic atmosphere and is home to a prestigious educational institution. Hamilton’s low cost of living draws a diverse population, including many young families. While it may not have the same level of multiculturalism as other big cities, it is nonetheless widely regarded as a place free from significant prejudice and where one may feel comfortable. There’s a lot of green space and all the conveniences you could want. There are many pet owners in the area since most houses provide yards. If you’d like to move to this part of Ontario, feel free to contact moving companies Hamilton right away.

    Hamilton, Ontario

    Hamilton is one of the best cities to settle in in Ontario.

    4. Thunder Bay

    Thunder Bay, in the northwest of Ontario, is a big enough city that you won’t ever feel like you’re missing out. This place is perfect for you if you want a peaceful environment and an appreciation for nature, while yet appreciating the advantages of urban living. You’ll want to spend all of your free time outside since it’s right on the shore of Lake Superior and surrounded by protected areas. There are several opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, canoeing, skiing, and wildlife spotting. It is also not so far from another cool place in Ontario, Kitchener. If you’d like to move to this area, the best moving companies Kitchener are at your disposal.

    Even though it’s a very small city, Thunder Bay is home to a wide variety of employers and a relatively low unemployment rate. Strong links to Canada’s indigenous peoples have helped this community evolve into one where prejudice and bigotry are less widespread. Although public transportation is convenient inside the city, a vehicle is required for any excursions beyond the downtown core. Luckily, there are many great car shipping companies Canada so you won’t have to worry a lot about moving your car.

    5. Kingston

    While it may be a large metropolis, Kingston, Ontario manages to retain a small-town charm. Having a large military post, a university, and a large population of university students all contributes to the city’s rich cultural diversity. The cultural journey of patios, music, and experiences along downtown Princess Street is unmatched. It is a very nice place for anyone who wants to try living in Ontario as an expat. And the cost of living is quite reasonable. If you’d like to move to Kingston, start looking for reliable moving companies Kingston as soon as possible.

    Kingston, Ontario

    Kingston is one of the most charming cities in Ontario.

    New residents of Kingston should familiarize themselves with the city’s noteworthy past. In fact, the home of Canada’s first prime minister is still a public attraction, so it’s no surprise that the city was chosen as the country’s future capital. Fort Henry is only one of many historic landmarks that can be seen along the shoreline.

    Final Note

    We believe living in Ontario as an expat will be some of your best years. If you love spending time in nature and exploring, it’s the perfect place for you. It has excellent transportation links, first-rate facilities, and, of course, the breathtaking Canadian countryside. Outdoorsy types will find a lot to love in Ontario. In the winter, you can hit the slopes, and in the summer, you can hit the ocean.

    Both Toronto and Ottawa, the country’s two largest cities, are vibrant hubs of contemporary urban life, and the smaller communities in between them provide a comfortable standard of living. You may find living in Ontario as an expat to be ideal. Because of Canada’s excellent immigration system, most individuals who have always wanted to live in one of the country’s most desirable provinces may now move here easily.


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