Leaving Victoria BC - things you will miss the most

    Victoria capital of British Columbia is known internationally as the city of Gardens. A city with a big history and 3.4 billion Blooms. A big number of flowers… That’s why some people adore this city. Nice weather, sunny days, dry winters. Everyday life is relaxed and calm. Seniors are enjoying this city. Walkable streets and every single one of them has a lot to offer. There are a lot of things to see and people are going to miss a lot leaving Victoria BC. People migrate from one city to another all the time. Usually, the reasons are better quality of life, better education, bigger salary, more opportunities for a better life. People hire movers when they want to move from one place to another. Centennial Moving is a company among others that can provide that service. If you decide to hire movers, always look for the best when moving.

    Main attractions of Victoria BC

    If you decide to go from Victoria BC to another city to live, you are going to miss a couple of interesting things:

    • British Columbia parliament buildings – these buildings are located in the traditional territories of the Lekwungen people.  The architectural splendour of the Parliament Buildings is amazing. You will want to return and visit them again.
    • Royal BC museum Corporation – collections, research, and presentations tell a fascinating story about BC. Museum provides a dynamic forum where people discuss.
    • Butchart Museum – 55 acres of garden, 900 bedding plant varieties, and 26 greenhouses that are going to blow your mind.
    • Maritime Museum of British Columbia – for people who love boats and marine life, this is going to be fun and educational.
    • Trans Canada Trails – as the longest trail network in the world, trails connect Canadians and visitors with nature through inclusive outdoor activities.
    Parliament building in Vicotira BC

    Parliament Building is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in Victoria

    Things you need to know when you move from Victoria BC

    People leave Victoria for different reasons that we already mentioned. Whatever the reason is you need to know some things about moving. Especially if you want to hire long distance moving companies Victoria BC. You need to make a good plan. The first thing you need to do is call professionals to help you with the job. But finding the right mover is not an easy task. Search carefully, request that they put all the costs on the paper (direct and indirect ones). Don’t hire the first one you call. Ask around, listen to other people’s experiences. If you hire someone who is not a professional, bad things can happen. You may spend more than you can afford. That means less money for spending and enjoying the good city of Victoria when you return for a visit.

    Moving stress

    When you think of moving, stress strikes in. There are good reasons for that. Preparation, organization, finding the right movers, finding packing supplies, calculating the costs… All stressful. But you should not worry about that. Moving doesn’t need to be that hard if you have the right movers. Hiring one of the cross country moving companies Canada can make your moving day much easier. Doctors say that we should not stress that much because it harms our health. Think about that. Moving doesn’t need to be stressful if other things are.

    Girl sitting on stairs and holding hand on her head and eyes

    Stress can harm your health and cause depression

    Moving valuable things when leaving

    When you decide to move you need to carry your valuable stuff with you. And this can be a challenge because you want them secured and not damaged in the process. Expensive jewelry, pictures, cars, old furniture from period of 19th or 18th century… Imagine that your old expensive piano gets damaged during moving because it wasn’t secured. That kind of thing can happen and you should be aware of that. As we said, hiring movers is never a bad idea because they have experience. If you contact Centennial Moving to take care of your relocation, you will get moving assistance that is responsible and is going to take good care of your items.

    You will want to return for a long weekend after leaving Victoria BC

    As we said, Victoria has a lot to offer. And people bond with this place. Victoria is set against the phenomenal backdrop of the Olympic Mountains. These mountains are good for hiking. Hiking as an activity is good for your heart, your spirit, and less stressful life. People don’t know how good that is until they try it. Try when you return after leaving Victoria BC.

    Victoria as a city is a relatively small place. And there are a lot of places to visit. We mentioned some of them earlier. But it is possible that this one you haven’t still visited. A lot of people haven’t. Craigdarroch Castle is an example of a “bonanza castle”. They were built for rich men who got a lot of money because of the industrial revolution. The castle is really strange and you could look at it all day long. And the inside of the castle tells a story. Stunning walls, stairs, big round rooms, and old wooden parquet.

    Girl hiking on the cliff and thinking of leaving Victoria BC

    Hiking is a good way of making your life better and healthier

    To sum up

    By leaving Victoria BC, you will miss a lot of great things. Things you will probably remember for life. And you are definitely going to return and visit the city again and enjoy its awesome life. A lot of things to see and experience. People leave Victoria for a lot of reasons and nobody can blame them. People want better opportunities, good life, better-paid jobs, better education for their children. If you decide to move you always need to think about hiring movers, especially if you need long distance moving. They are going to make your life much simpler and easier because they can help you achieve what you want. If you are moving far away, organize everything well. Long distance moving must be planned in every single detail. And of course, there are companies that have experience and that can help you with that!


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