Leaving Toronto for a job - simple guide

    Moving to start a new job can be both an exciting new experience and a scary venture into unknown territory. It may involve relocating the whole family, the whole office, leaving the once familiar lifestyle and adjusting to a new one. However, if planned correctly, moving can be easy and stress-free. Canada has some of the best living standards in the whole world. The country ranks above average in many categories like education, wealth, employment, environmental quality, etc. Leaving Toronto for a new job can be a stress-free task because Centennial Moving is here to help! Give us a call and make the first step of your new life!

    What to keep in mind when leaving Toronto for a job?

    Before you even start the move, you first need to have all the technical stuff covered. Here is a quick guide on some of the important things to consider when moving from Toronto for a job:

    Research the new city (especially the job market)

    You need to get familiar with the new conditions in which you will live. Check the listings for jobs in your field and visit the companies’ websites for more information. Also, you can get in contact with some locals to get true insight. Toronto is a city with a very developed business district, so it’s hard to find another place that can offer you more. This is why Vancouver might be the right choice for you. The city is a world leader in business and has very low costs for doing business. Vancouver is home to numerous major brand headquarters, so the job opportunities are endless.

    When leaving Toronto for a job, consider Vancouver business district with many major companies

    When leaving Toronto for a job, Vancouver is the ideal city to develop your career.

    Besides the business perks, Vancouver has many other benefits like:

    • Education. If you are moving with your children, consider the school they will transfer to. Vancouver provides students with the highest education standards in Canada. Also, the city is very diverse, so inclusive education is implemented in all institutions.
    • Cleanliness. Vancouver is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Environmental quality is something the whole of Canada can brag about, but in this case, Vancouver takes the cake!
    • All the food you can imagine. Vancouver is definitely a home to many food lovers and many diverse cuisines. Traditional Asian, European, and even fresh seafood from the Pacific Ocean – it has everything! Make sure to check some of the best restaurants in Vancouver to celebrate a successful relocation with your whole family.
    • Best moving support. Distance of more than 2600 miles can discourage many people who want to move from Toronto to Vancouver. However, with the right help, everything can be a piece of cake. Centennial Moving offers the best movers from Toronto to Vancouver, so you will be in safe hands during the whole process.

    Make sure your new job is the right fit for you

    Relocating is a major life change and its impact is even bigger if you are bringing the whole family with you. You need to make sure that the new job will enhance your career and provide many new advancement opportunities. Thoroughly research your new employer and make sure that all the criteria fit you.

    a man researching his new job online

    Make sure to do your research and write everything down – that way, half of the work is done!

    Take living costs into consideration

    One of the most important steps is calculating your future revenues and costs in the new environment. You should compare living costs in Toronto and the city you will work in and see if your job can cover all the expenses of the new neighborhood.

    Vancouver business district with many major companies

    It’s helpful to write down the living expenses of your new place of residence.

    If you are on a tight budget, there are cities that are full of job options, but much more affordable. One of them is Regina, the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. As for rent prices, Toronto is 86.40% more expensive than Regina. However, don’t let the low rent prices fool you – Regina is a city that has a lot to offer. There are several residential districts, so you can choose whichever suits your taste the best, while still saving money. 

    • The downtown business district. Known as the “Heart of Regina.” Known for its incredible commercial and residential growth, buildings in this area are all new and renovated. All major companies are located in the district, so why not walk to work every morning while sipping on your coffee?
    • The West End. Also called the “Cathedral Area.” If coming back from work to a peaceful and quiet neighborhood sounds good to you, then this district is the perfect place for you. There are lots of parks and beautiful churches which are perfect for afternoon walks after work.
    • The Crescents. A very popular residential area. It’s located near Wascana Centre, an urban park that surrounds Wascana Lake. Enjoying relaxing picnics on weekends with the whole family, just a few minutes away from your home.
    • South Albert Street. History and architecture lovers will enjoy this district the most. It is an area filled with mansions that were built between the First World War and the Roaring 20s.

    If you pick Regina as your choice, congratulations, the hard part is over. Now, all you have to do is give us a call and we will do the rest. Moving from Toronto to Regina SK can really be effortless with our team’s magic.

    Leaving Toronto and starting a new job: Are you ready for an adventure?

    The last piece of advice we will give you is that change is scary, but it always pays off in the end. If you are up for a challenge and want to experience something completely different, St. John’s might be the ideal place to move when leaving Toronto for a job. It is Canada’s most easterly city and the capital city of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Breathtaking historical sites, beautiful buildings, and a distinct style of architecture – this city has it all! Downtown St. John’s is a huge business district with many major companies located there. Don’t miss out on this chance and get started on moving from Toronto to St. John’s NL with our professional team.

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