How will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle

    Thinking about moving from Toronto to Calgary? You’ve made a good choice. The annual Stampede and the city’s central role in Canada’s oil sector have helped Calgary earn a lot of fame and fans across the world. It certainly helped that the city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988. Calgary, with a population of over a million, is an attractive and diverse Canadian city. A lot smaller than Toronto, but in some ways better as well. Do you wonder how will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle? Let’s have a look.

    How will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle?

    Calgary’s location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Calgary has something for everyone, no matter what they like doing. The city is home to the Canada Olympic Park, which is often visited by both professional athletes and regular people. You can take an innertube down the slope in the winter and slide down it. Besides public skating and bobsledding, parkgoers may also go skiing and snowboarding without leaving the city. Sounds good? Contact moving companies Toronto to Calgary right away. Even if you don’t like going outside much, your lifestyle in Calgary will surely change. Take a look at some of our predictions. Let us know if some of the become true for you!

    Calgary, AB, Canada

    Calgary is even more stunning in person.

    1. You’ll spend less time in bad weather

    Plus 15 Skywalk represents a huge covered skywalk system for pedestrian stands (and it’s 15 feet above the earth). With a combined length of around 16 kilometers, this network of pedestrian bridges connects more buildings than any other in the world. The Plus 15 Skywalk allows you to walk through the downtown area with the Skywalk following you everywhere. And what’s more, shorts and a T-shirt are acceptable year-round thanks to the heating system.

    However, the Plus 15 may be under review by the city sometimes. It’s an issue since it makes it impossible for people to walk along the middle of city streets. And sustainable nightlife is hindered as a result. That doesn’t mean you won’t find any good eateries, lively nightlife, or interesting attractions in Calgary. So, if you’re looking for a location to live where you won’t have to brave the elements or the rain, Calgary is your best bet.

    Peace Bridge, Calgary, Canada

    You won’t need an umbrella here.

    2. You’ll pay less in taxes

    The absence of a provincial sales tax is one of the many benefits of calling Calgary home. Moving to Calgary will only subject you to the 5% federal Goods and Services Tax. On the other hand, residents of Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic provinces pay a total of around 15% in provincial and federal sales taxes. This translates to a decrease in the amount of money spent on necessities like food, clothing, and entertainment.

    However, in 2016, there was considerable discussion of implementing a provincial sales tax, which seems to have since gone down. There will be no new sales taxes implemented before 2023. As a result, right now Calgary is a great option if you’re trying to save money while doing some retail therapy. You may want to contact long distance moving company Calgary right away.

    3. In the winter, you may need to set your alarm twenty minutes earlier

    Icing your vehicle in the morning is a great way to get some exercise. Shoveling out a whole driveway also has the added benefit of making you forget about those four extra tacos you ate on Wednesday.

    4. Travel time is 20 minutes no matter where you want to go

    Even if you decide to settle on the outskirts, you still won’t have to spend more than twenty minutes in traffic to go anywhere in the city center. According to long distance moving companies Toronto has on offer, the many distinct neighborhoods also have excellent walkability. Calgarians are ditching their automobiles in favor of Car2Go (and eventually Uber) since it’s more convenient. So, if you are tired of Toronto’s constant traffic and waiting in lines, pack your things and get ready to move to Calgary.

    5. Stampede will become a bigger deal than Christmas

    There are a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to the annual Stampede.  Half of us locals really like Stampede; some of us even prefer it to Christmas. Half of the population enjoys it while the other half hates it and either leaves town or is miserable during the first half of July. Depending on “who you know” and your profession, you may need an additional $2,000 to $3,000 to enjoy yourself that week. You should expect to spend at least $10 on a drink and as much as an entire week’s salary (or seven hours of your life) just to get inside one of the more popular tents (plus cover).

    And we also need to mention that you won’t get anything done during the Stampede period. Those 10 days have gradually expanded into two weeks as we grew older. Since Canada Day is so close in proximity, the celebrations often begin the night before and continue until the next day.

    person at Stampede park, Calgary, thinking will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle

    Will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle? If you’re not moving during the Stampedo period, probably not. But if you are, then definitely.

    6. You may really lose some weight

    They say that the stairway is the most efficient urban exercise equipment. The Memorial Stairs on McHugh Bluff confirm this theory. This is a legendary cardio and strength-training destination. Every second of it will be unbearable for you. But the bright side is the breathtaking scenery, as well as the impressive results your butt will achieve if you stick with these exercises.

    7. You may become a homeowner

    The Beltline is the place to be if you want to be in the middle of everything happening in the city. This is excellent news since the typical Beltline home cost just $424,000 in 2021. If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a homeowner, moving to Calgary is the best decision you can make. The housing market is pretty stable here. And unlike in Toronto, you won’t see many homeless people. There’s so much less segregation here. So, will moving from Toronto to Calgary affect your lifestyle? For sure. But we think it’s going to be a very pleasant change. At least for your wallet. Once you found your dream house, our reliable movers Canada are here to get you settled in.


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