How to write a helpful moving review

    Chances are that you’ve probably picked a moving company based on a variety of reviews. So, why wouldn’t you spread the word about your moving experience? That way, you’ll help other people find some of the best relocation companies Canada has to offer much faster.  This quick guide shows how to write a helpful moving review with enough information for potential clients.

    By writing a helpful moving review, you’re helping others learn more about the company

    State the date of your move, duration, and location. For instance, emphasize it was a long-distance move if you changed states. Next, list the quality of relocation services Canada moving company you chose provided. Note whether the packing went according to the plan, if the supplies were of good quality, etc. You don’t have to go much into detail. Just be specific yet straightforward about all packing, loading, and other services.

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    How to write a helpful moving review? Give information about service quality and customer experience.

    Don’t forget to mention important facts about the company’s storage units as well:

    • Safety 
    • Size
    • Sanitization

    If you moved across the ocean, you probably had to organize a complex shipping process. Also, chances are that you searched for car shipping companies Canada has on the market and compared multiple reviews before you made a final decision. Were you happy with their services? Was there something not so great about the company? Feel free to state all of that in a single review, and therefore help someone else looking for the same service.

    Tell more about your customer experience

    Dedicate a few sentences to your overall impressions. Mention if the movers were punctual, kind, friendly, or straight-up unpleasant and rude. Also, state whether you got all the help you needed, and how was the customer support. This information show potential customers what treatment to expect from that particular company.

    Who benefits from the reviews more – moving companies or potential customers?

    Those who seek the best cross Canada movers will find informative reviews useful in one way or another. Reviews are most likely to convince a potential customer whether to hire the services or not. For reputable companies, top ratings and positive comments are excellent marketing. Not-so-great comments, on the other hand, can either serve companies as a guide for improvement.

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    Informative reviews help those planning a relocation make a sound decision.

    Some of the most reputable moving companies learn from their mishaps and make sure to level up their services. The only situation where comments can drive future customers away is when the ratings are constantly poor, followed by stacked negative experiences.

    Express dissatisfaction in a civilized manner

    Now that you know how to write a helpful moving review, it’s worth mentioning what not to include in it. Stay away from profanity, as well as passive-aggressive comments. Such expressions of dissatisfaction with the company’s services don’t help anyone. If you are to inform future customers about all the cons that come to your mind, do it decently.

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