How to throw a moving away party

    Saying goodbye is always hard. Especially if you are moving to another city and leaving behind friends and family members. It doesn’t have to be sad at all. You can enjoy the last night in your home with your loved ones. Throwing a moving away party can be a nice opportunity for you to gather your closest people and celebrate your new beginning. Drinks, delicious food, fun games, and activities. You don’t have to stress about it so much and spend a lot of time planning. It can be quite simple and easy to organize. Since you are already packing boxes and loading trucks, Centennial Moving is here to help you out. We will give you useful guidelines on how to throw a moving away party and enjoy as much as you can. Relax and take a deep breath and let’s do this together.

    Two people holding champagne glasses

    Throw a moving away party and celebrate with your friends your new journey.

    Set a date and invite guests to the party

    The first thing to do when preparing a moving away party is to set a date. Many people host a party very close to the moving date, but it can vary. If you think this will cause you mess and chaos, don’t do it. You can organize a party a few weeks before and then continue with your relocation tasks. You can contact long distance moving companies and arrange with them your relocation. They will pack everything for you, or store your belongings, and you can dedicate your time to the party. Secondly, make a list of guests. This is important so you know how much food and drinks you will need, how many utensils and plates you have to prepare. If you will have a lot of guests, make a spreadsheet and write names of families, friends, colleagues, etc. This way you won’t forget anyone.

    Pick a theme for the party and activities you will have

    Having a theme for the party can be helpful since you will know what kind of decorations to use, what activities to prepare. You can organize a theme according to your new destination. If you are moving to Florida, for example, you can have a party with cocktails and beach decorations. There is no need to spend a lot of money on decorations that you will use just once and throw away. If you are already packing your belongings, then buy plastic cups and plates that you can throw away and reduce waste. As for activities, you want to make this night memorable. You can create a photo booth and make wonderful photos with your loved ones. Buy some props, board games, and have an amazing night.

    People ready to throw a moving away party

    You want to spend a lot of time with your loved ones, so prepare fun activities for you to enjoy.

    Cook or order a lot of food for the party

    When you invite your guests, they will probably confirm that they will be coming to your party. You will know how much food you need and what to prepare. Always prepare extra food, because there is nothing worse than having a party and worrying about food. You can cook if you want and have time to do it. If not, you can order everything in advance. That is totally fine, especially if moving companies Quebec City has already packed your kitchen, and you don’t have the ability to cook anything. Food that goes well for a moving away party is tacos, pizza, fajitas, and other meals that your guests can serve on their own. Pick some beers or wine and enjoy the amazing taste in your mouth.

    Decide whether you will accept gifts or not

    It is completely natural that friends and family members want to get you something like a goodbye gift. Maybe they will not be able to visit your new home right away. They want to give you something you will need when you relocate. This is all up to you. You can always inform them that there is a ‘no gift’ policy and that you don’t want this for your moving away party. Maybe you don’t want to overload your already packed home. On the other hand, some people love gifts especially when they get something that they can use when they relocate. Moving companies Fort McMurray can also include these gifts into their packing task and load them into the moving truck next to your belongings. This is your choice so make a decision and indicate it in your invitation.

    People enjoying a party in the yard

    Spending the last night with your friends and family will give you a lot of energy for relocation.

    Make a speech and prepare for tears

    Every party has a speech, and when having a moving away party, it has to be a special one. Whether you are moving long-distance, or just around the corner, it can be tough and emotional. Write a speech, prepare a toast and thank everyone for their good wishes and their visit. Don’t make it too emotional and sad, make it funny and memorable. Make sure everyone knows how much you appreciate them and how much you will miss them. Sometimes, this can be pretty emotional, that is why drinks and a box of tissues need to be close by.

    Save the best for the end

    After emotional goodbyes and hugs, you want to wrap a party with an amazing moment that you will remember. You want to have a nice memory of your last night together so you can start fresh in your new home. If the party is only for adults, shots are perfect to end the night. Drinks and food are all we need! Remember, it doesn’t matter who will show up to your party, it will be a night to remember. Your friends and family will thank you that you decided to throw a moving away party and that is all that matters. Start planning your moving away party in advance following these tips.


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