How to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance?

    Let’s be honest- it is hard to transport fragile items. And when you decide to hire movers London ON and move to another city, packing your fragile items becomes even more stressful. This is because moving consists of so many tasks aside from packing. However, the overall success of your upcoming move mostly depends on how did you perform packing. Although you have fragile items such as fine china and porcelain, if you know what steps to take, you will pack them properly. So, today our moving experts will share with you tips that will help you safely pack porcelain when moving long distance. We had gathered advice from professionals who work with porcelain items and know what it takes to protect them before the transport. With our help, packing porcelain items for your long distance move will become a breeze. Let’s see what steps to take!

    Remember to take enough time to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance

    Every time we need to do a certain task for the first time, we do ask our family and friends for advice. But if you ask them about packing your fragile items you will probably get different answers. For sure this will make you confused and you will not be so sure what exactly to do. For that reason, you will rather take the advice from professionals who do this job daily. Luckily, our Centennial Moving experts will remind you of the main aspect of your move when you need to protect and pack your porcelain. Although you need to move your fragile items across the country, they will stay in perfect condition. So, be ready to follow our advice, and don’t forget to skip any of the steps.

    A person who is ready to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance looks at plates.

    Don’t rush to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance.

    Whether you have a lot of porcelain or just a few items, you need to prepare each of them for moving from Saskatchewan to Ontario. And the first thing you need to remember when start preparations are to forget about the hurry. It does not matter how busy you are, when you need to safely pack porcelain when relocating long distances there is no room for the rush. And the main reason why is that is the material your fragile items are made of. As you know, porcelain is a delicate item that requires caution when handled. So instead of haste and hurry, take enough time to prepare your porcelain for the move. To do this task without mistakes, let’s see what you will need to do your packing trouble-free.

    Consider what you will need to carefully pack porcelain for long distance moving

    Now when you have the whole day or even weekend to prepare your porcelain for the move, let’s see how to perform this. Since there are also so many other tasks to do before long distance moving, you will want to have a simple strategy when it comes to packing your porcelain. To make this job as smoother as possible for you, we will remind you of crucial steps you should take in order to keep your porcelain safe during the upcoming move:

    • first thing first, make an inventory of porcelain you need to protect and pack;
    • get only quality packing materials when packing fragile items such as porcelain;
    • find a soft surface in your home to work on;
    • identify most fragile porcelain figurines and pack them separately;
    • take enough cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper;
    • do not forget to use padding;
    • pack items like plates and bowls one into another because this way you will save space and ensure their safety.

    Now when you know what are inevitable steps you should take, you can turn your packing tasks into fun. So, stick to the advice of our province to province movers and write down these steps. It will take just a few minutes and you will not have to worry did you forget anything or not.

    A couple do packing dishes for the move

    Gather all supplies you need for packing porcelain.

    Gather packing materials and prepare an area where you will pack your porcelain

    After you create an inventory, it will be easy for you to determine which packing supplies you should purchase. Some of them you can find at your nearest Walmart store or purchase online. Anyway, make sure to pick quality packing supplies, especially sturdy moving boxes. Also, remember not to pack too many items inside a cardboard box and prevent porcelain cracking this way. Another thing that is crucial when you want to pack your porcelain safely is the free space where you will work. If there are many items around you, you could trip over some box and damage or broke some of your porcelain. Also, if your friends or family members will help you, make sure there is enough space for everyone in the room. Besides, define where you will place packing materials and prevent any accidents while packing your porcelain.

    It is time to pack your porcelain safely

    Although it sounds like a task that must end up with at least one broken item, it’s not like that. Many people before you did safely pack their porcelain and transported it to a new address. With our tips, you will perform this task without stress. So, invite some of your friends to help you and take your inventory list. Then check if you have scissors, packing tape, packing paper, boxes, bubble wrap. Make sure one more time the area where you will work is clear for clutter. Also, be ready to level your boxes and write down the porcelain you did pack.

    Porcelain cups

    Wrap your fragile cups carefully.

    Now when you got all it takes for this job, you are ready to safely pack porcelain when moving long distance. Put some relaxing music on and divide tasks with your helpers. Pay attention when wrapping every single bowl, plate, cup, etc. After you place porcelain inside boxes, check if they are taped well. We will you enjoy packing your porcelain properly for the upcoming relocation!


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