How to relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn?

    When it comes to moving with a family, it is very difficult to achieve everything. However, when you have a newborn, this problem is even bigger! Babies are sensitive and love their routine, and relocating will definitely disrupt it. Moving with a baby requires a lot of effort and leaves you with many challenges. One of the best moving companies Canada has to offer is here to help you relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn.

    A woman hugging her newborn

    When you are about to relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn, help is always needed.

    Visit your pediatrician

    Before the day of the move, there are three things to keep in mind. Get a copy of your child’s health records after making sure they’re up to date on any immunizations. Second, discuss any travel concerns with your doctor, such as car sickness, or eating or sleeping problems that may arise because of the changes. Finally, ask them for referrals in Kitchener. They may know other doctors to whom you can transfer your care. This step is essential before you decide to relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn.

    Pack for the baby first

    Essential items

    You’ll want to pick out the essential baby’s belongings, the ones you will bring with you. You can sort things ahead of time and pack them last minute. Pack everything you’ll need for travel and the first few days at the new place. You can always ask for advice from some of the movers London ON if you are not sure what to bring. Include objects such as:

    • diapers and wipes,
    • bottles and formula,
    • clothing and bibs,
    • bath stuff.

    Non-essential items

    There will be some items you will leave behind to the moving companies KitchenerThis package contains items such as playmats or a changing pad. However, this is not something that you need when traveling. You have to be aware, that there will always be a possibility that some of the items will not arrive when you get there. Make sure that you put here some of the things you won’t require immediately.

    A woman and a man ready to relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn

    Talking things through and planning is crucial.

    Make plans in advance

    It would be great if you have a friend or a babysitter to watch your child, to keep them safe and away from the chaos. If your baby is awake and at home, try setting up a safe place (such as a playpen). Don’t forget to arrange childcare at your location. When planning your travel, always plan for more time, to allow for extra pauses for feedings and diaper changes. Your planning should also include using professional Canadian moving services. If you feel overwhelmed that is normal, that is why we are here for you.

    Hire help for a smooth relocation

    Hiring help is the best option to help you relocate from London to Kitchener with a newborn. If you’re concerned about the cost of moving, get quotes from various providers. You can also save money by decluttering or selling some of your unwanted items. When relocating, take your time deciding what to keep. Follow every single moving tip on our list, and you’ll be ready and confident in your decision when the big day arrives.


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