How to pack for your relocation from Montreal to Vancouver?

    After the decision to move from Montreal to Vancouver, a lot of work awaits you. Organizing and preparing to move to a city about 4500km away can be a challenging job. Don’t even try to do everything yourself. Leave the relocation planning to the moving company moving companies Canada and be sure that it will make your move a lot easier. It remains for you to take care of the packing for your move. If you are not sure where to start packing, we will try to help you below. There are a few important steps you need to follow if you want to pack for your relocation from Montreal to Vancouver without stress.

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    Carefully plan how you will pack for your relocation from Montreal to Vancouver

    Make a packing plan for your relocation from Montreal to Vancouver

    Packing is a lengthy and often tedious process for inexperienced people. Don’t be fooled and get last-minute packing. Make a to-do list and schedule when to pack. Determine the time and room you will pack each day. It’s a good idea to start with items you don’t use every day, such as stored items. And most importantly, stick to a schedule. That way you will start on time and packing will not be such a burdensome process. You can always leave the packing process to the professionals by choosing one of the Canadian moving services. But if you still want to do it yourself, start on time and you won’t have any problems. The right time to start packing with relocation is at least two to three months before you plan to relocate.

    Get rid of excess stuff

    For each move, we recommend that you get rid of items you no longer need before packing. And when it comes to long-distance moving packaging, like moving from Montreal to Vancouver, it’s even more important. We suggest that you start dividing items into three piles before you start packing – the one you leave, the one you will sell, and the one you will give as a gift to someone or donate to charity. The things you leave are the ones you will use and that you pack and carry with you to your new home. A bunch to give away, you can give to friends or donate to a charity. Your surplus can come in handy to someone.

    Organize a yard sale

    Once you’ve shared things you’ll be left with a bunch to sell. You can organize a yard hall and get rid of things that way. Nowadays, a lot of things have moved online, so it’s not a bad idea to try to sell things on one of the online sites for sale. That way you will have less work and get rid of all the things that would only take up space and time when you move. In addition to saving money because you will not have to pay to move these things, you will also earn money by selling them.

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    Find adequate and safe packaging material.

    Find safe packaging material

    Once you’ve separated items you’re going to pack and take with you when moving from Montreal to Vancouver, you need the packing material. Now you can also estimate how many boxes you need. When you go in search of packaging material, you can ask friends to give you a surplus of boxes they have and look in the local store for boxes they don’t need. Be sure to check that the boxes are strong enough and not damaged somewhere so that they do not fall apart and tear when you pack stuff in them. But the easiest way to get reliable moving material is to contact one of the moving companies and request packing services. They will have strong boxes of different sizes, furniture foil, bubble wraps, wrapping paper, etc. That way you can make the packing easier for yourself.

    Leave the furniture packaging to professional movers

    As much as you think you can pack yourself, it’s better to leave some things to people with experience in moving. When you need to pack heavy and bulky furniture, it may be best to hire a moving company anyway. You will save yourself the annoyance, possible injuries, and damage to the furniture. Employees of moving companies will very easily and quickly dismantle your furniture and pack it for moving. You can also take a look at their packing course to make it easier for you to pack other things. In addition to the fact that you will not have to do the lifting and unfolding of the furniture yourself, you will be sure that it is packed in the best possible way.

    What not to pack for relocation from Montreal to Vancouver

    When it came to moving, it was hard to leave anything behind. However, when you move on long distances, there are things you don’t need to pack and carry. Your belongings must be undamaged during transport, so take care of what you pack. Do not pack flammable items, household cleaners, car batteries, or perishable items. Also, don’t forget to clean your kitchen appliances so that nothing perishable remains in them. If you pack any of these items and damage your belongings in the transport van, the carrier is not responsible. So be careful and think carefully about what you are packing to move.

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    Save your back from heavy lifting and leave the furniture packing to professional movers.

    Don’t forget to pack an essential bag for relocation from Montreal to Vancouver

    There are some other things you don’t need to pack in moving boxes, and these are the ones you need on the day of moving. It is important to pack an essential bag for relocation from Montreal to Vancouver.  Here is everything you will need along the way.
    It should contain:

    • personal documents
    • moving papers
    • Money
    • personal hygiene products
    • phone batteries
    • laptops and other small electrical appliances that you need
    • spare clothes for everyone in the house
    • snacks and drinks for the trip
    • jewelry and other items of great sentimental or material value

    Get ready for your first day in your new home

    When you pack for your relocation from Montreal to Vancouver, it is not bad to pack an essential box. That box will contain all the things that you and your family need in the first days after you arrive at your new house. These are things like bedding for everyone, towels, spare clothes, your children’s favorite toys, etc. Now that the packing is complete, enjoy your move.


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