How to organize an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John

    As we progress as human beings, the importance of taking care of our environment has become more and more significant. According to some estimates, if everyone in the world is to live as most North Americans do, we would need 5 planets to provide the resources we would need. The fact is, there is only one planet like ours for us. Every person on this planet has a responsibility to take care of it, for the sake of current and future generations. Now, when wanting to organize an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John, you will most likely want to hire professional movers. Now, as you hire one of the best moving companies Canada has, you should make sure to communicate your wishes and needs clearly. Be sure to ask about the company’s green policies, and what kind of efforts they make in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

    A guide to an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John

    To move from Halifax to Saint John’s will require you to move from province to province. Hence, if you decide to hire movers Halifax to Saint John, you will have to travel around 1.500km (930 miles) by car, or 900km (560 miles) by plane. Driving on average speed, this journey would require roughly 13 and a half hours to complete. Now, on its own, this makes a difficult task for someone to undertake. On the other hand, when you have to take into account all the logistics of moving an entire family – it can be downright daunting. To put it simply, being eco-friendly while relocating your family will require some advanced planning. Especially when you have such a large distance to cover and a lot of belongings to move. Hence, in this article, we will give you some tips on how to organize an eco-friendly family relocation properly and efficiently.

    Start by researching the moving companies in Canada

    You will want to ensure that the core of your process remains eco-friendly. To do so, you will have to find cross country movers Canada to help you with the process of moving. Now, when looking for long distance movers in Canada, you should take some time to do your research properly. The thing is, not every company will have the same approach to relocation.

    a woman writing down the things she researched with a cat by her side

    Conducting research is the essence of every relocation process

    Moreover, because you will want to find companies that support your eco-friendly endeavors – you will have to find those that put extra effort into being eco-friendly. The best way to start is by going online and checking out company websites. Here, you should look for mentions of “eco-friendly”, “sustainable”, or “green”. These keywords indicate that the company is trying to operate in an environmentally conscious manner. If you cannot find such mentions, you should give the company a call and ask about their policies.

    Make a list of everything you will need to pack and move

    • Toiletries
    • Clothes
    • Important documents
    • Kitchenware
    • Furniture
    • Packing supplies, etc.
    a female sitting on her bed as she makes a list of the items she moves in an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John

    Creating a list of the items you carry with you will be of great use throughout the process

    Of course, what you put on the list will greatly depend on the size of your household and what you own. Nevertheless, it is important that you make a list beforehand. This way, you will be able to plan better and avoid making impulsive decisions later on. Plus, when you know exactly what needs to go – you can start decluttering your home. And trust us, getting rid of unnecessary items will make your relocation a lot easier. Not to mention, it will be better for the environment as well. The lists you create can help you lower the number of items you move, which will directly impact the size of the moving truck you need and the amount of fuel required for the move.

    Start packing and decluttering for an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John as soon as possible

    The thing is, the sooner you start packing – the less chaotic and stressful the process will be. Moreover, if you take your time with packing – you will be able to declutter your home properly. After all, the less stuff you have to move – the smaller your carbon footprint will be. Moreover, when it comes to the items you declutter; you can choose to either sell them, donate them to a charity, or discard them in a proper manner. Selling your items will help you gain additional money for your relocation. Donating is probably one of the best ways to get rid of the items you no longer need or use. Finally, discarding should be completed in a manner that is acceptable to the environmental regulations in your area. Make sure to check with your local landfill site or recycling center for more information.

    Pack your belongings using recyclable materials where possible

    When it comes to packing materials, you will want to use those that you can reuse or recycle. This way, you will be able to lower your carbon footprint even further. For example, using recycled cardboard boxes is a great way to reduce waste. Moreover, using fabric bags or pillowcases is also a good idea. These can later be used as storage bags or for some other purpose.

    a couple packing their home in cardboard boxes and with bubble wrap

    An eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John requires adequate packing supplies

    In fact, you can even use old towels and sheets to protect your belongings when packing them. Just make sure that you do not use anything that is too valuable or delicate. In addition, you can always ask one of the long distance moving companies Halifax has, if they have any eco-friendly packing materials they could provide you with. There are many ways for you to ensure an eco-friendly approach to the process.

    Transport your belongings using an eco-friendly transport option

    Now, if you want an eco-friendly family relocation from Halifax to Saint John, you will have to ensure that the 1.500km you need to travel are completed using an environmentally conscious transport method. For example, you could choose to move by train. This would be a great option as it would allow you to avoid traffic and lower your carbon emissions. Plus, it would be a lot more comfortable than driving as well. However, if you do not have the time or the opportunity to move by train – you can always choose to rent a hybrid or an electric car. These are much more fuel-efficient than traditional petrol or diesel cars. If you choose an environmentally conscious moving company, they will also do their part of the bargain to make your relocation as eco-friendly as possible.


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